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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 3.2

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Chapter 3.2 – Lionhart

A child in the family should not be armed with a blade until he or she has proven his bloodline.

Eugene did not want to respect the not-so-funny tradition, but his father Jehard could not ignore Lionarts tradition. This is because there were so many eyes on the mansion to just keep it a secret between father and son.


Eugene crumpled his expression and looked down at his wooden sword. From the age of seven he had wielded an iron sword, and by the age of twelve he had wielded a steel sword and was no longer a training sword. The wooden sword that Eugene wielded for more than a year was a heavy weapon enough to make a bone even if he swung it roughly.

But its not a weapon that established a blade. Even if he increases the amount of iron to increase the weight and grow it out of your muscles. It was just a wooden sword for now.

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Eugene has been doing it every day since he was able to control his body completely. He was not lazy even for a single day.

He has to live hard because he has reincarnated… It was not because of the idea that he reincarnated why he worked hard.

Eugene has originally this kind of personality. When he traveled with Vermouth, he had never neglected to practice unless there was a battle.

‘But that bastard made me see that even with efforts still cant surpass him.

“Vermouth, you tasteless bastard.” Eugene grated his teeth, recalling his previous memories.

In his previous life, his body was overworked till it was at breaking point. Even so, the performance of an overworked body is more than imaginable.

Vermouth. I dont know if this body, which was born as a descendant of yours is superior .

However, it was clear that it was far superior to theFool Hamel body. Even if he still hasnt start training mana, his 13-year-old body that hasnt even grown up can swing that heavy piece of iron.

“Do you have a heavier wooden sword It should be a little big.”

I think Ive swung it hundreds of times already, but I barely sweat.

Eugene crumpled his face and looked back.

“And I told you to stay in the shade over there. Why are you standing under the sun”

“Well, Im fine.”

“Its okay. You sweat like that. Dont be stubborn and sit in the shade.”

“No, its not that. Do you have any other wooden swords”

Nina looked perplexed as she was sweating profusely. His opponent is a 13-year-old boy from the countryside. Even the younger generation of his family cant be ignored. A temporary term is attached as an exclusive servant, but it is impossible for the owner to now rest in the shade while performing.

“The wooden sword… is all thats in the storage room of the mist. The other wooden sword will be in the main houses armament…”

“Cant you go get it”

“Its… I cant decide for myself. Ill go ask you if you want to, but…”

“Okay, then.”

Eugene shook his head without regret. As he heard earlier, Nina was only sixteen years old. He heard its just time for an apprenticeship ticket, but he didnt want to make an unreasonable demand and embarrass her.

Hes very outspoken.

Eugene put down his wooden sword, swallowing the ridicule he is feeling inside.

Why did they give him a girl who was just out of her apprenticeship Isnt it obvious When a clumsy servant makes a mistake or disrespect. He is persecuted, they will find a fault within him.

‘I dont know what kind of baby youre coming from, but youre so low.

Even if you swing your neck more, you wont be able to warm up. Eugene scrambled for the warehouse. Then Nina hurriedly chased after Eugene.

“Eugene, if you need anything, please let me know.”

“I dont want anything else, but I can choose what to use for training. What if you dont like what I ordered you Why bother you two or three times”

The warehouse, which is not normally used, was full of dust. Nina sweated a cold sweat in the dust. In fact, I have been trying to clean it for a few days, but it has remained this way because the mayor, who is in charge of the detached house, denied me that I dont have it.

“Sorry… Im sorry.”


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