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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Cyan was not a fool. Of course he knew that what Eugene is holding now was a spear, and he knew that he was wielding a spear to practice.

But he had never seen such an ignorant practice. Wearing a chain vest larger than his body, hanging sandbags from both arms, swinging and stabbing with the spear that has sandbags hanging. Can you even call this as practice

At least there was no such practice in Cyans head. Ignorant and violent. Without the art of balance, but only wielding and stabbing recklessly. To the point he cant even keep his body properly and stumble around

‘You are just a son from a village. Youre just seeking for attention.

That chain vest. Its big, but the iron purity must be cheap because its a mess. That means, its not as heavy as it looks.

And that sandbag. It looks thick at first glance, but seeing how much it moves while hanging from its body, it must be thick outside but almost empty inside.

‘Even if youre seeking attention, youre just an attention seeker. Ive learned how to play tricks like that. Cyan understood that country bumpkins who might be stuck somewhere, the lowest rank in the field. Maybe he heard something from his parents and did something like that from the first day.

He cant get anyones attention without making a dirty trick. Although the tricks are very funny.


He was angered because a random countryside boy dare to say he is stupid. Cyan gasped and pointed his finger at Eugene.



“Apologize for saying that I am stupid!”

“Im sorry.” Eugene answered straight away. However, the apology was not satisfactory because Cyan couldnt feel the sincerity. He raised his eyes and raised the tip of his chin.

“Bow down, respectfully!”

“Youre the same age as me, arent you”

Eugene asked without bowing.

“Youre 13 years old, too. Im 13 years old, too. Were the same age. What do I supposed to do”

“You cant be my friend!”

“I am not seeking friendship But arent you the one that talked to me first”

What am I doing now Eugene kicked his tongue feeling pathetic. If he adds up to the age before he died, he will easily be over half a hundred years old. He feels sad to argue with a 13-year-old boy as a grown up, but his opponent was a descendant of Vermouth.

‘What should I do My past life is my past life. Now Im 13 years old, too.

“Whats wrong with your accent Dont you know how I practice the spear properly but also you question me about my affairs, dont you have the proper manners”


Cyans eyes shake in constant retort of words. This kind of childish argument was unfamiliar to him because he had been growing up as a pampered boy since he was young.

“Youre so annoying…”

The biggest advantage of a child is that it is okay to force ones feelings.

Eugene was not used to this kind of verbal bickering.

Cyan strode up to Eugenes nose.

“He doesnt even know the subject. Even if your last name is Lionhart, it doesnt mean youre a pure Lionhart.”

“I know. I am a Branch member and you are direct descendant.”

Eugene raised his finger to point to the mansion house.

“Your house is over there. My house is… Either way. Anyway, stay away from here.”

“You know that, but youre so arrogant”

“Ive never poked around. Im just telling you the truth that you asked for. You asked me what I was doing. So I told you what I was doing. You asked me to apologize I apologized.”

“Youre so cheeky.”

Cyan put his nose near Eugene.

“And your body smells bad. It smell of cow dung from the countryside! The smell of sweat! Very, very bad.”

“Ive never been near cow dung in my whole life, and I never smelled like a cow dung.”

“Then it smells like your poop! Anyway, its very dry.”

“Im going to wash up a little later.”

“No, wash up now. Wash up! Also, clean up the carriage were you came from.”


“Because the smell of your bodys poo is on the sheet! Clean it up!”

“Why would I do that”

“Because youre making our familys carriage smell very bad!”

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Cyan gave a deep shout. Because the distance was close, saliva splashes whenever he shouts.

Eugene took a step back, frowning in his eyes.

He just stepped back because he didnt want to get soaked with saliva, but Cyan thought otherwise and gave a superior smile at Eugene.

“You must bow your head and apologize. I havent accepted your apology yet. You called me stupid and I didnt know manners. Everything…”


Eugene looked back at Nina without listening to Cyan until the end.

“Yes, yes.”

“Youre my only servant, arent you”

“Yes… I may not be of your help, but Im temporarily serving as your exclusive servant.”

“Then go clean the carriage I rode in. Dont just stand there blanking out in the sun.”


Of course, if Cyan and Ciel were to step down, Nina would come forward and clean the wagon first. Before that, it is reasonable for Eugene to order her.

But Nina couldnt understand giving such an order under the circumstances. She wonders if those evil twins are just around the corner. Eugenes behavior was a blatant disregard for Cyans orders.

“What did you order her to do”

“Cleaning the carriage.”

“You do it yourself!”

“Why would I do that myself”

“I told you to do it!”

“Who are you to command me”

“Im… Im Cyan Lionhart.”

“Yes, Im Eugene Lionhart. Lets get along well.”

Eugene shook his hand with a look of annoyance. Then Ciel grinned with her hands around her mouth.

“Im Ciel Lionheart.” said Ciel, while giggling. Cyan took a deep breath only after a glimpse of his mean Sister.

“I… dont get along with you.”

“Thats too bad.”

“You ignored my orders.”

“Im not in a position to take your orders.”

“And… and you insulted me.”

“Oh, my God.”

Eugene responded to his words sarcastically as if he were adding a few more salt to the wound. The more so, the more anger wriggled in Cyans heart.

Why am I doing this with him 

Im not facing that country boy to do this. 

If I told him to do so, he should not talk back and just followed my orders.

Cyans head was filled with stubbornness.

“What are you going to do” Ciel clung to his brothers side and blinked her eyes full of expectations.


I didnt want to be ignored rather than to live up to my sisters expectations.

That country boy ignored me this much, and if I didnt do anything, my sister would tease me for days. 

“You ignored me and insulted me. Thats why we have to fight.”

“Thats a lot of logic.”

Eugene was dumbfounded with laughter. He didnt know that a 13-year-old boy would ask for a duel.

“Friend, duel isnt that easy to do.”

“Whos your friend”

“So I am not a friend Anyway, dont say anything unnecessary and just go. Dont bother me.”

“Are you scared”

Cyan raised his chin as if he knew it. It was an obvious provocation, but Eugene kept his eyes open and stared at Cyan.


“Yeah, youre scared. If youre afraid to fight with me, apologize quickly.”

“What if I am not scared, I just dont want to fight and I dont want to apologize”

“You dont even know what honor is”

“I know its not something you should say easily with your mouth.”

“Youre insulting me again”

He felt insulted every time the country boy talked back to him. Cyan put his hand in his arms without holding back any longer.

“Dont.” Eugene said with a grimace in his eyes.

“Duel isnt something you should carelessly do.”

‘Whats wrong with you Whats wrong with me

Cyan took out his handkerchief, staring at Eugene with his eyes wide open.

“If youre afraid, tell me youre afraid! I dont like it. I dont like it. Dont run away with it! Did you not learn what honor is from your parents!”


Eugenes head tilted at the shouting. When he stared at him, Cyan was inwardly pleased at the thought that the provocation had worked. Then he opened his handkerchief wide open and held out.

“This is really the last time. Ask for forgiveness. And…”

“Throw it.”

Eugene said, loosening the knot in the sandbag.

“You said you want a duel. Then throw it quickly.”


“Throw it.”

Thump! The sandbag in the left arm fell to the ground. Cyans expression hardened by the muddy dust.


“That handkerchief. Arent you going to throw it”

Thump! The sandbag from his right arm fell, too. Eugene even took off his chain vest and threw it in the back. The far-fetched vest falls to the floor and makes a heavy sound. Cyan opened his mouth at the sight.


Note: For the first translation I was using Sean as Cyans name but because I wanted it to be paired with her twin, Ciel, I changed it to Cyan. So if there are Sean remaining, they are Cyan.

Ciel, who was enjoying herself like a stranger, also exclaimed at the sight. Eugene leaned down and took off the sandbag hung on his legs.

“…Youve trained your mana…”

Cyan was surprised and open-mouthed until just now. His  face twisted and got angry. A child in Countryside should not train Mana until the blood ceremony. It was a long tradition of the Lionnhart family. Only the children of their home could train Mana from an early age and take real weapons.

Now, the tradition was trampled on before his eyes. It was impossible to deal with simple meanness and anger.

“I didnt train.”

Eugene replied with a sour look. It wasnt a lie.

Mana training. Ive been able to do it since I was a toddler, but I havent trained for it.

It was because he didnt want to make his father, Jehard, be in a difficult position for no reason, and because he was reborn as a descendant of Vermouth, he wanted to use his mana training method.

“The obvious lie…! How can you handle the weight without Mana training!”

“Ive been doing it since I was seven.”

“Dont lie!”

“Why do you keep lying to me even though you havent done it before. If you doubt it, check it out with a duel.”

Eugene sat on the floor and unpacked the sandbag from the spear. Cyan, who was glaring at the scene, felt her sisters anticipated gaze. He was terrified and felt Ninas gaze. The servants of the detached house were also standing by the window, showing interest in the disturbance of the banquet hall.

It was Cyan who put the duel in his mouth first. It was Cyan who took out a handkerchief first, and Eugene who said no and spoke of honor. So now he have not been able to retreat, and the crime of training Mana before the blood ceremony has been added to the subject of dissipation.

So he should punish them. If he shut his mouth here and step back, it was clear that his sister would teased him for life, not just for a few days. First, Cyan picked up a wooden sword that was around him. It was a wooden sword that Eugene had wielded so far.

“…Its a duel!”

Cyan shouted and threw a handkerchief at Eugene. The flying handkerchief falls on Eugenes shoulder. It was only around that time that Eugene was able to release all the sandbags that were hanging from the Spear.

“I accept it.”

Eugene accepted with a nod.

Cyan was excited about his first duel in his life.

Cyans heart pounded with excitement.

‘An insolent, sinner who disrespected the family tradition, how should I punish him How can my sister admire his brothers brilliance when he scolds me

Such thought was cut off.

Eugene stabbed the spear as soon as he stood up.

Cyan, who was taking a few steps back conscious of the wooden sword held in his right hand, failed to respond properly to the movement of the spear.

Cuckoo! The tip of the spear stuck in Seans abdomen.

“Oh, my gosh!”

Cyan rolled the ground with a scream.


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