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When Li Haos voice fell into Ye Yongshengs ears, Ye Yongshengs eyes narrowed.

“Huh Is what he said true”

Ye Yongsheng suddenly looked at Ye Tian.

What Ye Tian said was a little different from what he had said.

“Dad, hes talking nonsense! This guy and Ye Shiyun are in cahoots! The two of them live together! Perhaps Ye Shiyun has already been slept with by him! If the Qin family finds out…”

Ye Tians expression changed again.

“Shut up!”

Ye Yongsheng interrupted Ye Tian.

He knew his sons character and knew that he was probably telling the truth, but at this moment, his attention was on Ye Tians last sentence.

Ye Shiyun lived with this guy Ye Shiyun had already slept with him

That was a big deal.

The Ye family had long been married to the Qin family.

Ye Shiyun was also the fiancée of the Qin familys young master, Qin Feng.

If the Qin family knew about this, they would fall out with the Ye family.

Although his Ye family was also a large family in Shanghai, they were still inferior to the Qin family.

The Qin family could not be offended, so he had to take down this guy in front of him just in case.

If the Qin family did not know about this, it would be fine.

If the Qin family knew about this, they could also hand this guy over and push the blame to his brother, Ye Shiyuns father.

Ye Yongsheng looked at Li Hao coldly again and said sternly, “Kid, is what my son said true Are you and Ye Shiyun already living together”

“Why Is there a problem” said Li Hao calmly again.

“If you want to attack, attack.

Theres no point in talking.”

The other party was really talkative.

Li Hao did not want to waste his breath.

It was best to use his fists to solve things.

“Great!” When Ye Yongsheng heard Li Haos words, his eyes flickered with a sharp glint as he said in a low voice.

Then, Ye Yongsheng looked at the two Master Zang beside him and said to them, “Master Qiang Ba, Master Nima, Ill leave it to you!”

These two were both gurus of Zangdi.

They had received guidance from Dharma King Zangdi and were half a step into the Foundation Establishment realm.

They had also been given powerful Dharma artifacts and could even fight against Foundation Establishment cultivators.

This guy in front of him was definitely not his match.

“Patriarch Ye, dont worry.

Ill attack together with my junior.

This guy is doomed.” One of the lamas immediately spoke to the other lama beside him.

“Junior Nima, I havent practiced for a long time! Let me try this guy first…”

“Alright, Senior!”

Master Ni Ma nodded.

In the next moment, Master Qiang Ba glared angrily.

A complete force erupted from his body, like an angry monkey.


Immediately after, Master Qiang Ba stomped heavily on the ground, creating a huge footprint hole.

Then, he saw Master Qiang Ba attack Li Hao.

His attack was extremely brazen and fast.

Li Haos expression did not change when he saw this.

He was fast, but Li Hao was faster.

Li Hao easily dodged to the side.

Then, he raised his hand and slapped Master Qiang Ba.


Master Qiang Bas body was immediately slapped back.


Master Qiang Ba spat out a mouthful of blood and was a little stunned.

“Damn it!”

Master Qiang Ba immediately shouted.

He knew that he could not deal with them alone.

“Senior Brother Qiang Ba! Im here!”

Then, Master Ni Ma suddenly attacked.

He even pulled off the clothes on his upper body, revealing his strong muscles.

His body flowed with spiritual light and was filled with power.

On his neck was a string of prayer beads.

The prayer beads were engraved with strange runes that exuded mystery.

“Aiyaya! Take this!”

Master Ni Ma pulled the prayer beads around his neck with one hand and turned his other hand into a palm.

He even shouted and erupted with an all-out attack towards Li Hao.

There was a faint strange power augmenting his body, making the power he erupted with exceed the scope of a martial artist.

A strange look flashed across Li Haos eyes.

It was a Dharma artifact!

Moreover, his body was quite strong! His slap did not severely injure the other party and only made him vomit blood.

After wiping the blood from his mouth, Master Qiang Ba tore his clothes apart.

He tore off his clothes at the slightest disagreement, revealing his bare upper body.


Their bodies were a little dark.

This might be a characteristic of the Zang Land, but at the moment, it felt explosive.

Moreover, Qiang Ba was wearing a string of Buddhist beads on his wrist.

The Buddhist beads flickered with a Buddhist light, and a strange power augmented Master Qiang Ba.


The aura on Master Qiang Bas body suddenly trembled, and he was even stronger than before.

The two of them attacked Li Hao again.

“Is this the power of a Dharma artifact Its really powerful.” Seeing this scene, Ye Yongshengs eyes lit up as he exclaimed.

“The attacks of the two guru are indeed extraordinary,” an exclaim was heard.

“Haha, youre dead meat!”

Beside him, Ye Tian sneered, as if he had already seen Li Haos miserable state.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you something.

Qin Feng of the Qin family has already gone to Jiangbei.

If youre not in Jiangbei, lets see who can still protect Ye Shiyun.”

At this moment, Ye Tian suddenly said to Li Hao.

He had just received news that Qin Feng of the Qin family seemed to have already gone to Jiangbei.

He should have gone for Ye Shiyun.

In fact, when he returned, he had already told Qin Feng about this.

Li Haos expression froze.

What Qin Feng of the Qin family had gone to Jiangbei

If he was not around, wouldnt Ye Shiyun be alone…

Li Hao was really a little worried.


At this moment, a shocking aura was released from Li Haos body.

At this moment, everyone felt as if the sky had stepped on them.

It pressed down on them, and a suffocating feeling filled their bodies.

Everyones expressions changed drastically in shock.

Li Hao could not help but release his cultivation aura.

Although it was not all, it was the aura of a true cultivator.

Li Haos eyes lit up.

He looked at Master Qiang Ba and Master Ni Ma and waved his hand again.

At this moment, as Li Haos palm raised in the air, a large palm print landed on Qiang Ba and Nima.


Qiang Ba and Ni Ma only felt an irresistible force pressing down on them.

Then, their bodies were sent flying as if they had suffered a heavy blow.

He was seriously injured.

Master Zang was nothing more than that.

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