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At this moment, Li Hao exuded a terrifying aura.

Ye Changhes expression changed drastically.

The other party had such a powerful aura.

However, although the other partys aura was strong, he himself was not weak either.

Moreover, he had been a cultivator for decades and was already at the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

Although the other party was also a cultivator, he was so young.

He had probably just become a cultivator.

“How arrogant,” said Ye Changhe sternly when he heard Li Haos words.

It seemed that Li Hao was about to attack.

However, he was not afraid.

He had to strike first.

As Ye Changhe finished speaking, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

Endless spiritual power rose from Ye Changhes body again, and a powerful cultivation aura was instantly released from his body.


“Go!” In the next moment, Ye Changhe shouted coldly again.

He raised his hand and pointed at Li Hao.

On Ye Changhes finger, a vast power instantly condensed.

The entire wind and clouds changed color.

A force pierced through space and turned into a finger sword that pierced towards Li Hao.

When Li Hao saw this scene, he did not move.

Spiritual power flowed around his body, instantly forming a spiritual power barrier.


A boom immediately sounded.

Ye Changhes finger sword hit Li Haos spiritual power barrier and shattered.

A look of shock flashed across Ye Changhes eyes.

Then, he saw the guy in front of him move.

Li Hao took a step forward.


The entire ground shook.

Li Hao raised his palm and slapped Ye Changhe.


A large palm print condensed from spiritual power immediately appeared in the sky.

It descended from the sky and pressed down on Ye Changhe.

When Ye Changhe saw this scene, his eyes were filled with shock.

He felt a hint of threat from the other partys attack.

Ye Changhes reaction was fast.

On his body, the power of the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm had already been completely released.

It instantly condensed on his body and turned into a huge power shield.

“What a futile effort.”

When Li Hao saw this scene, a mocking smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, everyone around them looked ahead in a daze.

Looking at the large palm print that appeared, they were shocked to the extreme.

“Is this a cultivator”

“How powerful.”

“What a terrifying feeling…”


Shocked voices came from these people.

In the next moment, everyone saw a shocking scene.

The large palm print struck Ye Changhe.

It was devastating.

It was unstoppable.


The spiritual energy protection on Ye Changhes body instantly shattered.

“Huh How… how is that possible”

Ye Changhe let out a roar of disbelief.


A majestic power struck Ye Changhe, as if the power of heaven and earth was suppressing him.


Ye Changhe spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

He slammed into the wall hundreds of feet away from the building, creating a hole.



“How is that possible”

Ye Yongsheng, Ye Tian, and the others were even more shocked when they saw this.

The number one expert of their Ye family, Ye Changhe, was actually sent flying by a palm.

Defeat! This was a complete defeat!

How could he be so strong

A moment later, a figure crawled up from the ruins.

It was Ye Changhe.

However, at this moment, Ye Changhe no longer had the demeanor of a cultivator.

Even his clothes were tattered and countless injuries appeared on his body.

However, just as Ye Changhe stood up, Li Haos figure moved again.

In a flash, he appeared beside Ye Changhe.

Li Hao raised his hand and slapped again.



Although Ye Changhe, who had just stood up, circulated his cultivation power, he was sent flying again.

He immediately spat out another mouthful of blood.

Ye Changhe suffered a heavy blow and felt extreme pain and powerlessness.

Even though he was a cultivator and was very powerful, he was already covered in injuries and countless bones and meridians were broken.

Just as Ye Changhe was about to get up again, a proud figure stood beside him and looked down at him.

“Dont you want an explanation This is an explanation.

Is this enough” Li Hao looked at Ye Changhe coldly and slowly grabbed his neck.

However, there was an incomparable coldness in this voice.

Ye Changhe was picked up by Li Hao like a chicken, just like how Ye Tian was picked up.

“Enough… enough.

Fellow daoist, spare… my life!”

Ye Changhe felt that he was about to die at any moment and felt suffocated.

His bodys strength was completely suppressed and he could not lift it at all.

He struggled to say a few words.

He really regretted it.

He should have let the other partys friend go just now.

What explanation did he need Now, he was going to lose his life.

He had lived for so many years and was still a cultivator.

He did not want to die at all.

Cultivators had a long lifespan.

Even as a Foundation Establishment cultivator, he could still live for hundreds of years.

If his cultivation improved further, it would not be a problem for him to live for a thousand years.

“Spare upi Hehe, you know how to ask me to spare you now Its too late…” said Li Hao calmly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

He had already offended a cultivator.

If he let him live, Li Hao would be worried.

Although he was not a threat to him, he still had so many friends.

Therefore, Li Hao decided to nip this potential threat in the bud.

Even if he did not kill him, he had to at least cripple him.

However, at this moment…

“Please, spare my fathers life!”

When Ye Yongsheng saw this scene, he begged Li Hao.


Li Hao was stunned.

This guy was adaptable.

“Unfilial son, kneel down.

Its all your fault.”

“Hurry up and kowtow and admit your mistake.”

Ye Yongsheng grabbed Ye Tian and pressed him to the ground.


Ye Tians knee hit the ground and he fell to his knees.

At the same time, Ye Yongsheng also fell to his knees, along with the Ye Family guard.

Ye Tian no longer had the arrogance from before.

There was only endless fear, and his body was trembling.

“Im… Im sorry.

I was wrong! Please spare our lives.” Ye Tian said to Li Hao in fear.

“If theres a next time, the Ye family will cease to exist,” Li Hao glanced at these people indifferently and said coldly, letting go of Ye Changhes neck.

In the next moment, Li Hao suddenly pointed at Ye Changhes glabella.

“Although Ill spare your life, theres a price.”

As Li Hao spoke slowly, a drop of blood appeared between Ye Changhes eyebrows.

It was a different blood.

This was Ye Changhes blood essence.


Immediately after, Li Hao circulated his cultivation power.

Suddenly, spiritual light appeared on Li Haos palm.

A strange rune immediately appeared.

The rune shone on Li Haos palm and wrapped around Ye Changhes blood essence.

In the next moment, the drop of blood essence disappeared and entered Li Haos body.

The soul contract was completed.

Ye Changhe became the second person besides Sanyang to sign a soul contract with Li Hao.

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