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(This Arc) Epilogue



“Rin-chan! Anju-chan!”

It had already been three days since Rina’s kidnapping incident.

After some time after that, Rina woke up, but she did not remember what happened when the demon took over her body.

At one point, they checked her body for any abnormalities, but there were no problems, and she was finally able to leave the hospital today.

Three days later, she had to be taken to the hospital for tests as soon as reinforcements arrived.

And if Rina doesn’t remember, I’m the only one who knows the truth about the incident, so I had to go along with the interview for the past three days.

Of course, I told the police that I had fought with a demon, but they didn’t believe me, and I wasted a lot of time until someone with the skills to see through the lies came along.

Rina couldn’t attend school for the past three days, and since she had no visitors, she only showed up safe and sound with Rin and her parents.

“Rina, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“It’s true! We worried about you since the kidnapping!”

“I’m sorry.”

“But I’m glad you’re safe~!

Rin and Anju both cried and hugged Rina, while Rina’s parents and a man and woman who looked like Rin and Anju’s parents watched them smiling.

Then Rina’s parents, who were a short distance away, came toward me.

“Amemiya-san, once again, thank you for saving Rina.”


Thank you so much.”

Rina’s mother and father bowed toward me.

Her father is a tall middle-aged man, and her mother is a petite woman.

Both of them called me to thank me on the day I saved Rina, and they thanked me many times too but meeting them in person like this, I could feel their feelings for Rina.

“No, by the way, is Rina alright now”

“Yes, she is.

Fortunately, she didn’t have any injuries.

She was just unconscious from the mental shock.

“I see.”

I’m glad I could Rina, but I still couldn’t ask her about her symptoms.

I’m not a doctor, so all I knew was that her life was not in danger.

“So I am very grateful to Amemiya-kun.



Don’t tell me she was left with some after-effect.

With such anxiety, I looked at the father, and his expression became serious, unlike what I expected.

But in contrast, the mother’s expression is bitter.

“Rina, I won’t give you Rina!”


“Eh, what did you say”

“I said I’ll never give you Rina! She’s our precious, precious daughter!”

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t understand what he’s saying.

I mean, why is he suddenly talking about handing Rina over

“That means our Rin, too!”

“My Anju, too.”


Rin’s father, who was a little far away from me earlier, and even Anju’s father joined us, and for some reason, I was surrounded by the four of them.

What is this Scary.

“He, hey! Dad!”

“Papa! What are you talking about”


As expected, with Rin’s father making so much noise, Rin and the others seemed to have noticed and approached us.

Rin and the others were surprised, their faces reddening, but something else bothered them more than that.


The mothers of the Rin family, including Rina’s mother, who was silently smiling earlier, are standing behind the fathers, who are still arguing with the Rin family, with frightened looks on their faces.

Then, the mothers slowly put their arms around the fathers’ necks and squeeze them!




They held the fathers’ necks tightly and strangled all three of them.


And after a while, the fathers’ faces turn bright red, and they start blowing bubbles.

“Um, what is this”

I ask as I mutter, and Rin and the others’ mothers smile and turn to me.

But their eyes were not smiling.

They looked like the eyes of a ravenous beast hunting its prey.

“I’m sorry.

My husband just started to say strange things.

Please get along with the rest of you young people.”

And then all three grabbed their husbands by the neck and dragged them away.

I, Rin, and Anju were left behind.

Rin was the first one to come to her senses.

“Oh, um, Kaede-san.

You don’t have to worry too much about my dad and the others.”


I’m confused because of all the chaos in the situation, but I’ll believe Rin’s words for now.

If I don’t, I feel like I’ll be hunted this time.

I’ll stop.

Let’s not do that.

“Excuse me.”


While I was stunned by the behavior of Rin’s mother and the others, I heard the voice of a woman who was neither Rin nor the mothers.

I turned toward the voice and there was a woman I recognized.

“Who is it”

Did she come up behind us with no sign of us

As expected, even though the woman looked familiar, it was impossible to say that she was unguarded after what had happened to Rina recently.

For now, I’ll just step forward to protect Rin and the others and be ready to move at any time.

“Don’t be so defensive.

I’m not the kind of existence that will harm you guys.”

“Even if you say so.”

“Besides, I believe I met you once, didn’t I”

“Even if I had…”

I’ve indeed met her once at the association, not quite once, but we still met face to face.

It was also an association, so I guess I can at least guarantee his identity, but even so, I’m not stupid enough to trust her so easily.

“───This idiot…”


While I was having trouble dealing with the woman, she was hit on the head by a man who approached her from behind.

Behind the woman holding her head stood a man in a suit.

The man was wearing glasses, was tall, and looked like he could do the job.

“Hey, you.

These people, especiallyKanazaki-san, are the victims of the incident.

I told you not to alarm them, didn’t I”

“That’s right.

I’m sorry, it’s just a habit.”

“Oh, well, that’s okay.

No, I’m sorry she startled you.

She’s always like this.”


I felt like a fool for being so cautious.

And I’m at a loss for a response even if he suddenly apologizes.

I mean, what kind of relationship do these two have

“Well, I know you must be confused by our sudden appearance, but please rest assured that we have no intention of harming you in any way.

“Oh, um.

We don’t care that much about it, you know Kaede, Rin, Anju-chan.”

Rina says she’s fine, but she looks at me a little uneasy.

Well, I certainly can’t let my guard down completely yet, and Rin and the others are looking at him suspiciously.

“For now, we’ll talk about the details later, but for now, please listen to me for a moment.

Oh, here’s my business card.

Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

I take the card and look at the name on it.

When I looked at the business card I received, it read, “Tsukasa Kamisaka, President and CEO of Astral Co., Ltd.”

“President of Astral”


Oh, please come in, Kanazaki-san and the others.”

“Ye, yes.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank you.”

It seems that the president himself will be explaining the situation to us.

Rin and the others also received business cards.

“Well, let me introduce myself.

I am the president of Astral Corporation, and my name is Kamisaka.

I’m sorry to start so soon, but Amamiya-san, Akagi-san, Kanazaki-san, and Takanashi-san, would you like to come with us”



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