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The heartbeat of something within the sphere that the Genie was enchanting with his Miasma began to echo across the interior of his Dungeon.

However, he paid no attention to this, as he looked into the distance, his eyes narrowing.

The Primordial Light that Luminous emanated… it was the same that his Creators held.

The Genie grew restless, making him remember those that created him always made him go mad.

“I knew there was something out of the ordinary with that Dragon I once encountered.

It wasnt enough as he was an ally of that bug… Is he also a creation of the gods, and one that is capable of taking over their entire power and even take upon the Laws of this World…” The Genie muttered in anger.

“I should had killed that feathered lizard when I had the chance!”

The Genie knew more about the Gods than Luminous himself and knew that Luminous was actually something very similar to him, in actuality.

He was a creation of them, the Gods of Ancient Times were trying to create a powerful descendant that could inherit this world before they died.

The Genies were actually four of them, the Blue Genie, Red Genie, Green Genie, and Gold Genie.

The Blue Genie does not know what has happened to the other three, but he knows they were all failed creations that went out of control.

They didnt obeyed the Gods, were chaotic by nature, and malignant.

Luminous is a “perfected” creation, someone good hearted, with a strong sense of responsibility and the desire to protect this world and the people in it.

However, because of this, they knew that giving him enormous amounts of power would only had been detrimental for his personal growth and decided to limit the power he had.

He would only get the power he was intended to get when he “matured” both mentally and also physically, meaning that he had to do a good deal of combat to level up enough but also to develop as a person and to develop in the right path…

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Meanwhile, the Genies were given power instantly, and their unstable minds simply took everything for granted.

Even after being sealed and weakened and then slowly regaining his former power alongside brand new ones, the Blue Genie continued being the same insane prick that caused his creators to seal him.

Nonetheless, he took Luminous existence as big middle finger by the Gods themselves, pissing him off tremendously.

“Killing the last God in existence sounds like a good plan…” He smiled.


(Kireinas POV)

A lot of things happened!

Several of my allies suddenly awakened their Divine Powers further, and even Daos were added to the mix of power ups.

And of course, Luminous evolved in the middle of a battle against an Evil Dragon, the leader of the Black Wyverns.

Honestly, I could had gone to help him, even as swarmed by enormous Mutated Wyverns as I was… But I knew he could handle it.

Luminous simply needed a push, well, a very BIG push.

But ultimately, he managed to handle it himself, and even evolved! I never imagined he could go this far.

Apparently he was always a “Juvenile”, upon reaching a certain level and also upon developing more mentally, he was able to evolve.

And he got one hell of a power up, his stats skyrocketed, he gained new Daos, new Divine Authorities, and he was even crowned as the God of this World… though he still seems a bit too weak for that, but I am sure hell eventually get to it.

I even felt as if his very soul was connected with the world now, in the same way Supreme Gods connect to their original worlds Laws… But this world is too much for him to handle with his current stats, so he gotta Level Up some more and gain even more of his innate powers.

But now… well, hes something of a Primordial Light Dragon God King or something.

He lost all his plumage, which seemed to represent he was like a bird chick, and he gained silver scales, enormous golden horns, blue eyes, another pair of arms, another pair of wings, and he grew to like… 220 meters He was titanic.

Nonetheless, once the boss of the Wyverns was dealt with, the Mutant Wyverns lost a buff that the boss was giving to them, their strength was lowered a bit, but it was good enough for our attacks to pierce through most of their defenses.

In less than an hour, they were all gone, dead meat.

And obviously, I collected their remains inside my Item Box for later usage on cooking or… alchemy and forging, as I was planning to regain those powers and use the materials we had been getting through our journey to enhance not only my strength but those of the rest of my companions.

Franks display of Alchemy Powers really gave me some good ideas.

The whole fight was rather intense, but at the end we came on top.

It was mostly all thanks to our newly awakened powers.

The Monsters were too mighty, if we hadnt awakened these new powers, we would had gotten slaughtered, especially by that S- Rank Evil Dragon that Luminous and Brunhild defeated together… well, Luminous one-shotted that thing at the end, but Brunhild helped plenty.

I quickly made my Chaotic Domain dissipate, as my Supreme Domain quickly went back to my body.

I was still in my grotesque bug-like and aberrant form which became even more monstrous as I used Embodiment of Primordial Chaos… and we were allowed a small break time.

However, I wasnt done yet, just because I noticed too much Miasma everywhere, I decided to quickly plant another Lesser Yggdrasil Seed here just for good measure.

These big ol trees emanate a Spiritual Barrier that keep monsters away, maybe if I leave this one here, monsters wont get as close to the Village of the Giants, aside from the one tree I made there as well.

And… Huh Whats this

As I looked into the distance while everyone else rested, I noticed a city, an enormous city, a human or elven made one!

“Oh, thats the city of the Goldsand Empire, where our village belongs to! And thats the capital! We have never come there so we never thought it was so close to these mountains! Maybe we could go there for supplies!” Ariant and Eriant seemed excited.

“We dont really need to though…” I sighed.

However, the two looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Ugh, fine… But we are only going there to take a small stroll.” I told the two of them.




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