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Zhuang Xian was disgusted by these money-grubbing, nonsense-spewing, immoral news maggots!

Therefore, when she was analyzing, she asked everyone to speak with the facts and be an objective news person instead of going with the flow and conspiring with the current impetuous and snobbishnews person.

This was also one of the reasons why hergolden pen head identity could stand tall and have such strong appeal!

Yan An was a clear stream in the news industry.

Her brothers management team was very efficient in doing things.

This kind of foresight to quickly grasp the trend of public opinion into their own hands was very good!

Public opinion was a double-edged sword.

When used well, it was a good sword that could bring him popularity, fame, and benefits.

But when it was not used well, a sharp blade was inserted into his chest, causing him to be drowned by the netizens saliva even faster and quickly fall into a low!

The trending searches about Zhuang Huai were probably Lin Yis management companys wishful thinking of trying to frame Zhuang Huai!

It wasnt easy for them to still think of fishing in troubled waters.

After all, Lin Yi was still in the hospital with unknown injuries!

Just as Zhuang Xian was getting bored, someone knocked on her door.

She switched off her phone and walked over to open the door.

When she saw Zhuang Huai at the door, Zhuang Xian wasnt surprised at all.

She called out, “Third brother, come in and sit.”

Zhuang Huai lifted the thermal food container with his left hand and gestured for Zhuang Xian to look over.

He pursed his lips and said in a weird tone, “President Mo is so considerate.

He even asked someone to send you some ginger soup and snacks so late at night.

Are you afraid that Ill starve you”

Zhuang Xian was slightly taken aback and asked in confusion, “He got someone to send it over When was that”

“Just now, Mo Xi was standing at the door of your room.

After I bumped into him, he handed it to me.

He said that the old Auntie in the village was very good at making ginger soup.

It was cold in the rain in the mountains at night, so he drank it to prevent himself from catching a cold! I touched it, and it was still hot!” As Zhuang Huai spoke, he stuffed the food box in his hands into Zhuang Xians arms and slipped into her room in his slippers.

Zhuang Xian hugged the heavy and warm lunchbox, not knowing how to react.

Mo Qians concern was always so meticulous and aggressive.

On returning to the hotel, Mo Qian didnt invite Zhuang Xian to stay in his Manor again.

He was probably worried that the incident in the afternoon would make things difficult for Zhuang Xian.

The price list of the Ferrari that had been scrapped sent by Mo Xi was also Mo Qians gentleness.

With Zhuang Xians secret identity, she would not lack this amount of money.

Mo Qian accepted Zhuang Xians compensation so readily because he cared for her feelings.

Mo Qian seemed to know Zhuang Xian very well.

He knew she was not a woman who would blindly rely on others.

Zhuang Xian had her own independent and tough side!

As for Mo Qian, he needed to recognize this and give appropriate respect and concern.

That would be enough!

He seemed to have been enlightened in an instant.

A certain someones gentlemanly actions and careful consideration made Zhuang Xians closed heart stir.

A gracefulold man was the most deadly because they knew how to judge the situation and identify the targets weakness before attacking and hitting it in one blow!

Zhuang Xian sat on the sofa opposite Zhuang Huai and opened the lunchbox.

As expected, the slightly spicy smell of ginger soup rushed into her nose.

Zhuang Xian also poured a bowl for Zhuang Huai and handed it to him.

Only then did Zhuang Huai shut his mouth in satisfaction.

“Its not bad, and its delicious!” Zhuang Huai complimented.

Looking at the steaming hot ginger soup, Zhuang Huai asked curiously, “But whats your relationship with President Mo Youre still young, dont be fooled by him!”


Zhuang Xian took a sip, and her heart felt warm.

She raised her eyes and glared at Zhuang Huai.

“Hurry up and drink it.

This cant even shut your mouth.”

“Little sister! I realized youve been getting fiercer and fiercer towards me these days.

Why Does third brother not treat you well” Zhuang Huai protested.

Zhuang Xian ignored Zhuang Huais protests and complaints.

Without lifting her head, she said, “Hurry up and drink it.

After youre done, go to bed.

I think you still have things to do at the production team tomorrow!”

Alright! His sister still loved him, but it was mainly in her actions.

She didnt express it verbally.

He could understand.

Zhuang Huai consoled himself after hearing Zhuang Xians words.

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