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Although it was already midnight, the bustling City H was still full of life.

There was a lot of noise at the lively and noisy barbecue stall on the street.

Li Feng impatiently pushed away the wine his companions brought to his mouth.

Once there were too many people, he would feel noisy and irritated.

The man who was pushed away by Li Feng was not happy.

He put his hand on Li Fengs shoulder and disapprovingly, “I say, whats wrong with you, crazy Everyone came out happily because they wanted to help you celebrate the huge bonus you received this time! Youve been putting on a cold face since the beginning.

Did someone offend you”

“Yup! Ever since the competition ended, Ive noticed that hes out of it.

Why Did your soul fall into the Er Mountain” Another man sitting beside Li Feng asked.

Li Feng looked at them indifferently.

He raised his glass and took a sip of beer.

A depressed expression appeared on his face.

“Hey, I heard that Ma An and the organizers are giving out quite a lot of money this time! How many are there Why do you look so depressed after winning money Is it because the first place was snatched by that woman who suddenly appeared, so youre feeling uncomfortable” His companion tried to guess the reason for Li Fengs bad mood.

When he thought of that godly woman, he couldnt help but feel apprehensive.

“Where do you think this woman came from Ma Ans team was strong, but none came down from the Er Mountain in one piece! I heard that Ma An is still in the hospital.

He cant be dead, right”

“I heard that the car goddess was invited by that big star Zhuang Huai! His goal was to eliminate Lin Yi, who was in the same production team as him.

Tsk tsk tsk, the things in the entertainment industry are much more complicated than those in our racing industry! I cant say for sure.”

“Did you guys see the Entertainment News tonight Lin Yis studio and Zhuang Huais management company are having a heated discussion online! Its a great show!”

As the man spoke, he took out his phone and was about to show the news to others.

Li Feng had been silently enduring their noisy discussion.

When he heard them talking about Zhuang Xian, he threw the glass in his hand away, and his unruly brows were filled with coldness.

“Are you done Cant you guys stuff your mouths with food What does it have to do with you, who they are, and what they do What does it matter to you whether I win or lose Youre so annoying!”

His sudden scolding stunned the men around him.

Wasnt this a topic everyone casually thought of when eating and drinking How could they have offended Li Feng for no reason It was as if they had stepped on his weak spot!

“You … Drank too much Are you drunk Wasnt everyone having a casual chat Whats the matter with you” His companion asked in a puzzled and warm voice.

Li Feng glanced at him and suddenly sighed, feeling conflicted.

He couldnt tell them about the matter that he was depressed about!

Why did Boss want to participate in such a competition What was her relationship with Zhuang Huai Why was she taking his place in the competition Since she had already participated in the competition, why did she have to go into hiding and not attend the award ceremony later on Did she even leave directly

What was the Boss trying to do Her aggressive appearance on the field didnt seem like she was low profile! She wouldnt be angry with him for helping her so openly, would she So, did she realize that he had helped her

Li Fengs mind was filled with all these questions.

His sharp brows were locked together, and there was an inexplicable depression in his heart.

He didnt know why he was so frustrated.

It couldnt be because Zhuang Xian didnt even look back at him when he crossed the finish line with her!

This kind of feeling was uncomfortable.

Lin En felt that in the two days that her precious daughter and youngest son were not at home, the house had returned to its former cold and cheerless feeling.

Fewer people in the house could talk to her, and there were not many people at the dining table.

She could not even eat in high spirits.

Zhuang Ming looked at his wife, who was suddenly depressed, and shook his head helplessly.

Recently, Zhuang Xian had been by her side.

This time, she had been gone for two days and was not used to it.

However, she was his wife, and Zhuang Ming still doted on her.

He immediately decided to take a two-day break and take his wife to the suburbs to play with his precious daughter!

Lin En held Zhuang Xians hand as they strolled around the Amusement Park with a smile

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