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Zhuang Ming reacted momentarily, feeling that he had said something wrong.

However, when he saw Mo Qians calm and relaxed expression, he threw this strange feeling back into his mind.

Zhuang Xian came out of the e-Sports Zone after playing one round.

Her little face was red, and she looked thrilled.

Mo Qian handed her the drink in his hand and said softly, “Take a sip.

Youre hot.”

Zhuang Xian reached out to take it and thanked him.

When she was about to turn around to look at her mother, Zhuang Ming was already holding her bag.

He was helping her wipe her sweat and wringing a water bottle.

He was highly attentive.

Zhuang Xian and Xiang Nan didnt know what to say.

“Sister Xian, your parents sure are close! Weve had quite a lot of dog food today.” Xiang Nan joked in a low voice.

Zhuang Xian looked at him from the side and chuckled.

“Itll be fine once you get used to it,”

Mo Qian looked at the time on his watch and suggested to Zhuang Xian gently, “Its almost 6 Oclock.

You guys must be hungry after playing for a day.

Ive booked a private room in the restaurant.

Lets hurry over.”

Zhuang Xian nodded slightly.


“As expected of you, brother Qian.

You were able to book a private room in this restaurant just because you said so! Amazing.” Xiang Nan said in surprise, “Eh Well still have to head towards the city on the way there.

Should we call Zhuang Huai and Si Rong along”

Lin En and Zhuang Ming also heard Mo Qians suggestion and took two steps toward him.

When Lin En heard Xiang Nan mention Zhuang Huai, she suddenly remembered her youngest son, who had been forgotten the entire day.

She looked at Zhuang Xian and asked, “Has your third brother already started filming today They had found another female lead for their movie so quickly Theyre pretty efficient.”

Zhuang Xian thought about the message Zhuang Huai had sent her and said to Lin en, “I guess it hasnt started yet.

The production team should be busy with Lin Yis contract termination.

Third brother must be tired from following them around the whole day, lets call him.

Lin En nodded in agreement.

Lin En was already immune to Zhuang Huais appearance on the previous nights hot search.

After all, this was something that couldnt be avoided.

It was easy to attract jealousy when one was outstanding, and it wasnt easy to be a big star!

After Xiang Nan finished asking, he kept looking at Mo Qian.

Mo Qian explained, “Si Rong was called back to the hospital in the afternoon.

They said that there was an emergency operation.”

Xiang Nan seemed to have guessed it.

He rolled his eyes slightly.

“I knew it.

But why didnt he tell me before he left”

“You were sleeping like a pig.

Who can wake you up” Mo Qian spat out the truth.

This kind of ridicule was often the most fatal.

Xiang Nan choked and didnt say anything else because what Mo Qian said was true.

After watching such a great car race last night, Xiang Nan was so excited that he fell asleep late.

As a result, he woke up at 11 am and came to the Amusement Park in a daze.

It was no wonder he didnt know that Si Rong had already returned.

He didnt even remember having such a friend when he was having so much fun at the amusement park.

To think that he remembered Si Rong when they were having dinner-at least he had some conscience.

However, it didnt seem like much!

At 7 pm, The restaurant in City H was still packed with people.

The first floor was where the ordinary guests sat and ate.

The higher one went, the more expensive the seats were and the more distinguished the guests were.

A well-mannered waiter led the group to a private room on the ninth floor.

Xiang Nan found a place to sit down with a calm expression and even invited Zhuang Xian to join him.

Lin En glanced at Mo Qian with a smile.

“Ive been here before, but that was many years ago.

Its getting better and better now.”

Zhuang Ming nodded and chimed in with a smile, “Yup! Its mealtime now, so the only person who could book this private room between us is Mo Qian!”

Zhuang Xian smiled and sat down beside Xiang Nan.

After spending so much time with him, Zhuang Xian felt that only Xiang Nan was more straightforward and honest among Mo Qians friends.

Si Rong was brilliant, and intelligent people often did not become friends!

“A while ago, I heard from a friend that an excellent pastry chef has recently come to the restaurant.

I dont know if shes Shire.

I was once fortunate enough to eat her desserts, and I wanted to swallow my tongue!” As Xiang Nan spoke, his eyes glowed as if he had recalled the delicious taste.

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