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“Ive never had such delicious western desserts before.

Shire is indeed the master of desserts in F Country! ” Seeing that everyone was looking at him with interest, Xiang Nan added.

Hearing Xiang Nan mention the pastry.

Mo Qian subconsciously looked at Zhuang Xian beside him.

Zhuang Xian was an expert at making desserts.

He had always liked the sweet but not greasy desserts that Zhuang Xian made.

Mo Qians interest was piqued, and he asked, “Is this Shire French”

Xiang Nan shook his head, “No way! I dont know the details, but I know it should be a woman.”

“Our Xianers pastry is also very delicious.

Mo Qian, havent you tried it a few times” Zhuang Ming looked at Mo Qian with a faint smile, “You even said it was delicious! Do you still remember You were the one who cleared out all the food boxes I brought to the company! Hahaha, this is the first time Ive seen someone who loves pastries as much as I do!”

Mo Qian was slightly stunned.

He didnt expect Zhuang Ming to bring this up so directly.

It seemed a little awkward!

Mo Xi looked at the young masters stunned expression.

He lowered his head and smiled in amusement.

He knew it.

President Zhuang must have known.

How could President Zhuang not know that a few pieces of pastries were missing from the lunchbox

Zhuang Xian looked at Mo Qian in surprise.

She had no idea about this.

Did Mo Qian like to eat desserts too

Under Zhuang Xians curious gaze, Mo Qian cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“Yes, Zhuang Xians cooking skills are indeed not bad.”

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Mo Xi.

“Go see why the appetizer hasnt been served after so long.”

Mo Xi lowered his head respectfully.

He thought bitterly in his heart that he had just sneaked a smile, and the young master could even notice it.

His eyesight was getting better and better, but his mouth had already respectfully replied, “Yes.”

“Theres no rush.

Lets take it slowly.” Lin En said with a smile, raising her hand to pour Mo Qian a cup of tea.

However, as soon as Lin Ens voice fell, the private room door opened, and a few harsh curses came from outside.

“Zhuang Huai! Youll die a horrible death.

Do you think you can kill me like this Im telling you, dont even think about it!” Lin Yis assistant grabbed her wrist tightly.

Her hair was messy, but her expression was fierce as she pointed the finger at Zhuang Huais nose and scolded, “You and that B*tch caused Ma An to be in such a terrible state.

Do you think the Ma family will let you off You can wait for their revenge!”

Ye Xin rushed out of the elevator and rushed up.

When she saw the Zhuang family, she was stunned.

‘What … Whats going on Why are they here Even Zhuang Xian was here! Arent we having a meal together with Zhuang Huais crew

Zhuang Huai crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled at Lin Yi, but there was no kindness in his eyes, “Whats the point of you barking in front of me Did I cause you to be like this You only have yourself to blame for this!

If I were the one who lost last night, you would probably be even more arrogant, right You must have spent a lot of money on those public relations and announcements to clear your name, right If someone else takes a picture of you in your current state, youll be finished! Dont you think so”

As Zhuang Huai spoke, the smile on his face disappeared.

He looked at Lin Yi coldly as if he was looking at trash.

This morning, Lin Yi brought her injuries to the production team and argued with the director.

She didnt agree to the production team replacing her and even supported herself with Ma Ans investment.

She went crazy on the production team!

Zhuang Huai didnt expect this crazy woman to follow him here.

When he was blocked at the private room door, he was outraged.

Lin Yi thought she was a famous actress! People who didnt know their limitations were always so funny!

Right now, she was just a joke in the entertainment industry, and it was the kind that could only be used once! After laughing once, no one would remember her anymore.

Zhuang Xian and Lin En were standing behind Zhuang Huai.

When Lin Yi saw Zhuang Xian, she was so angry that she wanted to eat her alive!

It was all because of this B*tch!

If she hadnt attacked her and Ma An like crazy yesterday, they wouldnt have gotten into a car accident, and this incident wouldnt have reached the media!

She had only wanted Zhuang Huai to back off, but she didnt expect him to be such a stubborn person.

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