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Shen Min also took a fancy to this dress.

She stood in front of the display window and said to the shop assistant, “I want this one! Wrap it up.”

 Shen Min said as she turned around to talk to Ye Xin.

 The shop assistant looked at her with a smile and said,” Mrs.

Ye, Mrs.

Zhuang has already decided on this gown.

You can take a look at our other new products.”

 Shen Min impatiently turned her head and said, “I want this one.

Dont you understand”


Ye, this has indeed just been decided by Mrs.


Our other new products are pretty good.

You can have a look at them again.” The sales assistant showed her professionalism.

She knew that she had encountered a difficult customer here.

 Shen Min was already looking at Lin En and ignored the shop assistants words, “So its sister Lin! I thought it was another Mrs.

Zhuang who wanted to snatch this gown from me!”

 Zhuang Xian looked at Ye Xin and Shen Min as she tried her best to suppress the hatred in her heart.

Now was not the time to reveal her true self.

 Lin En smiled and replied, “Yes, but Mrs.

Ye, youre still a step too late!”

 Shen Min sized up Lin En and smiled, “Do you think you can wear this dress with your body Why dont you let me have it”

 Shen Min was indeed a very beautiful woman.

If she did not have such a good foundation, she would not have been able to give birth to Zhuang Xian, who was an extremely beautiful woman.

 “Then theres no need for Mrs.

Ye to worry.” As Lin En spoke, there was no more kindness in her eyes.

She meant, “I wont let you.”

 Shen Min was deliberately looking for trouble! Lin En did not take the initiative to cause trouble, but she was not afraid of trouble either! She was in the right in this matter, so there was even less to worry about.

 Shen Min rolled her eyes at Lin En and said to the shop assistant beside her, “Get your manager here.

I want to talk to him.

Ill pay double for this gown.

Let me take it away!”

 She was determined to get her hands on this gown today.

After all, no one would go against money!

 The Zhuang familys business had been doing very well recently, and they were about to cooperate with the Mo family! Ye Zheng had been so worried about this matter recently that he almost lost his hair.

She could use Lin En to vent her anger today.

 The people around them slowly noticed that there was a show to watch, and they surrounded them in twos and threes.

 After Zhuang Xian sent a message to her subordinate who was in charge of the store, she looked at Shen Min with a smile.

The rules of the Judge were not something that could be ruled by money.

 This was her territory, so how could she let them be comfortable It was impossible.

 At this moment, Ye Xin, who was standing beside Shen Min, spoke up, “Aunty Lin, my mother is a straightforward person!” How about this, well pay for all your expenses at Judge today, and you let mom have this gown, okay She likes this gown.

 A gentle smile hung on Ye Xins face.

She was good-looking and had a pure appearance, which made her very lovable.

 The onlookers changed the way they looked at Lin En.

It was as if she didnt know what was good for her if she didnt agree.

 Zhuang Hang chuckled.

“Why Does the Zhuang family lack money that you have to pay for us My mom likes this gown, and she placed an order for it before you guys.

Theres no reason for her to give it to you.

 Zhuang Xian glanced at Ye Xin and said indifferently, “This dress is designed to be elegant and quiet.

Its very selective of peoples temperament.

It should suit my mother more.”

 After a short pause, Zhuang Xian continued, “If Mrs.

Ye and Miss Ye want to make a big deal out of this, were not afraid! Judge is a very bold brand, and I think it has its reasons for its success.

 When Shen Min heard this, she immediately exploded, “What do you mean Are you saying that Lin En is more elegant than me Are you blind”

 As she spoke, she sized Zhuang Xian up.

“Youre Lin Ens newly adopted daughter” Go away, you have no right to speak here!”

 Shen Min was still as vulgar and shallow as before.

She did not understand Zhuang Xians meaning at all and had gotten the main points wrong.

Zhuang Xian was saying that she was shallow, did not see the big picture, and her actions were vulgar, only knowing how to use power and money to suppress others! However, she only heard the most superficial layer of meaning.

 Her unreasonable behavior might have worked if it were someone else, but Lin En was also a rich lady.

She did not lack money and was not afraid of trouble.

In the judges shop were all manner of rich and powerful people, and there was no lack of smart people among them, so they all had a higher opinion of Zhuang Xian.

 “I think shes right.

This gown is indeed more suitable for Mrs.


Judge is a famous brand with a lot of personality.


Ye cant cause trouble here!”

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