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When Lin En and Zhuang Ming heard this, they shook their heads and smiled helplessly.

The children and Xiang were excited.

They were getting on in years and liked such lively and adorable children.

Mo Qian retracted his gaze from Zhuang Xian, curved corners of his mouth as he chuckled, “Of course its good; you order it.”

He was dazed when he saw Zhuang Xians side profile.

He did not know what the Zhuang family thought of Zhuang Xian, but he felt that she was a little strange.

Logically speaking, Zhuang Xian and Ye Xin shouldnt have known each other well.

The rivalry between the Ye Corporation and the Zhuang family was limited to business and had nothing to do with Ye Xin and Zhuang Xian.

However, judging from Zhuang Xians attitude towards Ye Xin, she was so cold and indifferent that it could even be described as hatred! Why was this so

Zhuang Xians attitude towards Lin Yi was much better than Ye Xins! Lin Yi had been going against Zhuang Xian since last night and had even verbally abused her.

However, Zhuang Xian seemed to hate Ye Xin even more, who had appeared out of nowhere and stood up for Lin Yi.

This did not make sense.

Could it be that Zhuang Xian and Ye Xin had a personal grudge against each other that they didnt know about

Zhuang Xians conversation with Ye Xin earlier didnt seem right either.

It was as if she had been wrapped in an invisible black mist.

Her entire being was shrouded in dark gray, and even an unknown hatred surrounded her.

She was like a malicious ghost that had crawled out of hell, sending chills down everyones spine!

However, when Mo Qian returned to his senses and looked at Zhuang Xian, he realized that all of those things had disappeared.

It had only been a few minutes, but Zhuang Xian seemed to have changed into a different person.

Zhuang Xian was still unaware that Mo Qian had taken in all the emotions she was hiding.

As Mo Qian kept staring at her, Zhuang Xian tried to turn back to look at Mo Qian.

However, she realized she could not hold on for more than five seconds under Mo Qians deep affectionate gaze.

Mo Qians silent intelligent eyes seemed to be able to see through her.

Mo Qian only restrained himself slightly after all the delicacies on the table had been served.

Zhuang Xian quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

She had not felt this kind of inexplicable feeling of embarrassment from someone in a long time.

“Mm! This Kung Pao Chicken was well done! Its delicious!” Xiang Nan took a bite of the food and even wanted to swallow his tongue.

He looked at the food on the table with bright eyes and mumbled excitedly.

There was a reason why the eatery was so famous, and difficult to get a space.

Their food was highly authentic and was recognized as the best and most traditional eatery in the entire City H!

As Zhuang Xian looked at her happy family, the depression in her heart slowly dissipated.

Mo Qian sat beside Zhuang Xian and picked up a piece of fish for her with ordinary chopsticks.

This was Zhuang Xians favorite dish among all the dishes.

She did not expect Mo Qian to be so meticulous that he could tell she had picked up a few extra times.

“Indeed! This masters cooking is amazing.

Should we invite him up” Lin En nodded in agreement with Xiang Nan and suggested.

She didnt overthink anything else.

She wanted to ask him how to cook the steamed bass because Zhuang Xian had picked up that dish many times.

Upon hearing this, Mo Qian turned to look at the assistant behind him.

The assistant understood and nodded respectfully, “Alright, Mrs.


Ill invite this master up now.”

“AI! Invite the pastry chef who makes western desserts up here.

I want to ask if he has the same master as Shire!” Xiang Nan added excitedly.

He still didnt let go of the master Shire he had been dreaming of!

Zhuang Xian tilted her head slightly and looked at Xiang Nan.

She was a little depressed and puzzled.

Why did Xiang Nan not let go of Shire She wouldnt reveal her identity again today.

Yes, the world-famous pastry chef Xiang Nan had longed for the perfect high-end western pastry Chef selected in Country F was, Zhuang Xian!

Zhuang Xian did not expect to meet her loyal fan in City H after returning from France.

Furthermore, the other party was Mo Qians friend! When Xiang Nan first mentioned Shire, she had a bad feeling.

When Lin En and Zhuang Ming came to the orphanage to pick her up, she had already received an invitation from the restaurant.

They wanted to invite Shire over to be the Executive Head Chef of their entire West Point District.

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