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Because Mo Qian likes Zhuang Xian, he can see all those shining points on Zhuang Xians body, and what is even more rare is that Mo Qian can also discover the small thoughts and secrets that Zhuang Xian hides beneath her beautiful appearance.Mo Qians assistant quickly brought up the two chefs.

They seem to be used to this kind of thing, being invited up by guests to be praised in person, they are all looking at the table with decent faces filled with pampering and generosity.

Especially Mr.

Magee, who is in charge of the pastry section.

He is always very confident, but looking at the food he made being left on the plates at the table, he was a little upset.

The waste of food is inexcusable.

“You are the pastry chef who came from the same school as Shire How come you look more like Shires teacher” Xiang Nan asked strangely.

In fact, just listening to the surface meaning of Xiang Nans words, it seems like a compliment to Magee.

But Magee read Xiang Nans expression.

He was not praising him, but was amazed at his age!

The good thing is that Magee was not offended by Xiang Nan,but was looking excited at Xiangnan, and loudly asking: “Oh my God! You mean that freak Shire

Do you know her How can I compare with her Shes our teachers most prized student, and we all admire her natural acumen for ingredients! Shes a genius, and I like her a lot! I hear you saying that you have met Shire Can I have the pleasure of getting to know her through you” It was as if Magee had completely misunderstood Xiangnans meaning.

He thought Xiang Nan knew Shire and thats why he said that!

Xiangnan, “…”

Zhuang Huai was shocked to realize that this seemed to be a big oops, this Mr.

Magee, Master Shires fellow disciple, didnt seem to know Shire personally either, he even thought Xiang Nan did and wanted Xiang Nan to introduce him!

Lin En and Zhuang Ming looked at each other with a smile and understood what was going on here! It was a funny thing to see.

Zhuang Xian quietly breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Magee enter the room, she hadnt seen this person when she was studying pastry with teacher Jason, he must have followed Jason later.

Its good that she didnt recognize him, else she barely escaped a disaster.

Zhuang Xian thought.

Listening to Xiang Nan and Magees enthusiastic conversation, Zhuang Xian was in a happy mood and ate an extra piece of fish, Mo Qian watched from the side and raised his hand to fill Zhuang Xians plate with chopsticks, he dotingly asked, “Why are you suddenly happy again”

Zhuang Xian looked at him sideways and asked with a slight frown, “Where am I happy”

Mo Qian looked at her tenderly, and there was suddenly some ridicule under his eyes, he laughed: “If youre happy, then be happy! Why are you still black-faced and bluffing”

Zhuang Xian had a feeling that she had been seen through by Mo Qian, she had just slightly let go of the stone hanging in her heart, how could Mo Qian also see this

Is there any special skill that Mo Qian has that can see through peoples hearts Can he

The meal was very satisfying for everyone, even the slight dissatisfaction with the dessert was dispelled by Mr.

McGonagalls humor and hilarity seeing his warmth and honesty!

What food is meant to bring is always pleasure and satisfaction, isnt it

Lin En also got another chefs instructions.

She was fist pumping ready to show the family her hand tomorrow.

Zhuang Ming looked like a chicken blood wife, doting, shaking his head and smiling lightly.

Mo Xi returned to Mo Qians side after he had finished eating.

He looked at Mo Qian and Zhuang Huai and respectfully reported, “Young master, young master Zhuang Huai! Lin Yi has already been taken to the police station by me, and the surveillance video of her cursing in the corridor of the food building has also been handed over to the police by me.

The police said that they will seriously deal with Lin Yis slander and insult of Young Master Zhuang Huai and Fourth Miss!”

Mo Qian nodded slightly, indicating that he knew, he glanced at Zhuang Xian, and then opened his mouth to ask Mo Xi, “Where is Ye Xin She followed you downstairs, did she follow you to the police station”

Mo Xi shook his head a little, “No, she seemed to have left directly to go home.”

When Zhuang Xian heard Mo Xis words, she laughed coldly in her heart, secretly saying,

‘This Ye Xins heavy heartedness is really funny!

Zhuang Huai nodded slightly to Mo Qian and said a few words of thanks.

He was just about to talk to Mo Qian for a few more minutes when the phone in his pocket rang, he took it out and looked at it and said to himself with some surprise,Big brother Why did he suddenly remember to call me

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