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“This girl is not old, but she is very organized, neither humble nor arrogant, and her speech is also very good.”

 Shen Mins face turned red with anger as she listened to the discussions of the people around her.

She glared at Zhuang Xian.

This little B*tch really can fan the flames! However, she was not afraid of this at all.

 When the store manager rushed over, Shen Min raised her chin and said arrogantly, “Im sure you know who I am.

Im taking this gown today.

I can fork out more money, so you can settle them!”


The manager had just received instructions from his superiors.

He was a very alert person and knew what he should do.

He looked at Shen Min with a smile and said politely, “Hello, Ms.


As the manager of the store, Im very grateful for your patronage of Judge.”

 He paused for a moment and continued, “The right to purchase this gown requires an S-rank member position.

You dont seem to be a member of our group, right”

 When Shen Min heard the store managers words, she thought that she had a chance.

However, she did not expect him to suddenly change the topic.

Shen Min was stunned, “What do you mean”


Zhuang is our S-Class VIP and has just been promoted to a member.

She has the priority to purchase the items.

Please forgive her.”

 Ye Xin had already sensed that something was amiss.

Lin En and Zhuang Xian, who was by her side, were not as easy to bully as the people they had met before.

The Zhuang familys new adopted daughter did have some tricks up her sleeve.


Zhuang was the one who took a fancy to it first.

Dont they understand the simple concept of first come, first served”


Zhuang had already fancied it before them.

Its a simple logic of first come, first served.

Dont they understand”

 “Why are the Ye familys Madam and daughter so unbearable It is too ugly! Youre an embarrassment to boss Ye!”

 As she watched the people around her pointing at her, Ye Xin realized that she had kicked an iron plate today.

 The manager turned to look at Lin En and smiled.


Zhuang, well send the gown youve purchased to your house later.

Were very sorry for the inconvenience today.

Judge has prepared some small gifts along with the gown.

Please forgive us for not being respectful.”

 Zhuang Xian looked at the store manager, who had arrived promptly, and was very satisfied.

It seemed like she could give him a raise forthwith.

 Lin En was a little surprised.

She did not know that this so-called S-Class VIP had the priority to choose.

What kind of character member did Judge promote her to It sounded very special!


 In front of Shen Min and so many people, Lin En suppressed the surprise in her heart and smiled politely, “I know, thank you.”

 The store manager bowed slightly to her.

“That is what we should do.

Ill take my leave.”

 Lin En indicated that he could go and do other things.

He turned around and looked at Shen Mins face which was red from anger.

He smiled sarcastically and said slowly, “How is it, Mrs.

Ye You cant think that you can do whatever you want here just because you have some filthy money, right Boss Yes business is hard to do.

Youre outside, so its better to make fewer enemies for him! Take this as my advice to you, no need to thank me!”

 Zhuang Xian laughed lightly.

Her mothers sharp tongue was something that few could match.

Shen Min originally wanted to use Lin En to help Ye Zheng vent his anger, but it had the opposite effect.

She failed to bully her with her power and was instead ridiculed by Lin En!

 “What are you so proud of You just snatched a piece of clothing!” Shen Min flew into a rage out of humiliation and shouted, “This Judge is not a reasonable person! There must be something wrong with his brain if he doesnt want to earn money!”

 “Yes, even if its something thats not popular, its something that Mrs.

Ye cant even get.” This was called adding oil to the fire by Zhuang Xian.

 Ye Xin stepped forward and blocked Shen Mins path, discreetly holding onto her wrist.

She looked at Lin En and Zhuang Xian apologetically with her large eyes, “Im sorry, Aunty Lin! My Mom isnt feeling well today.

She didnt do it on purpose.

Im sorry!”

 Shen Mins dignity that was shattered today could not be restored! If it werent for Ye Xins presence and consideration for the Ye familys reputation, the Ye family would probably be in deep trouble today.

 She looked at Zhuang Xian and her eyes lit up.

“Are you the fourth young mistress that Aunt Lins family just adopted Hello, Im Ye Xin.

 Zhuang Xian looked at Ye Xin and suppressed the hatred and anger in her heart.

She didnt show it on her face, but her eyes were frighteningly deep.

“Im Zhuang Xian.”

 A chill ran down Ye Xins spine from Zhuang Xians gaze.

It seemed like there were many things hidden in her eyes.

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