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Zhuang Huai, who had messy short hair and was still wearing his pajamas, looked like he had just gotten out of bed.

He held his phone excitedly and walked down the stairs from the second floor.

He walked up to Zhuang Ming and said excitedly, “Dad, Ive received a membership invitation from the Lanwei restaurant! Oh my God! Do they think that my temperament suits their corporate image You want to work with me”

The crowd was speechless.

Seeing everyones calm and slightly speechless expressions, Zhuang Huai felt very strange.

He asked, “Whats with your expressions Isnt it great that I got this invitation Didnt Dad always want to go to Lanwei to try their western desserts This is a good opportunity!”

Zhuang Ming smiled at Zhuang Huai.

He didnt say anything as he took the package from the servant.

Whos the delivery man so early in the morning

Zhuang Huai was taken aback by his fathers smile.

He turned to look at Lin En.

“Whats wrong with you guys Thats Lanwei were talking about!”

“Perhaps, youre not the only one who has received this item!” Zhuang Hang raised his brows slightly and looked at Zhuang Huai with a bit of mischief.

He smiled and said, “Of course, its not because of your outstanding temperament that they sent you an invitation.

We should be thanking our good big brother! So, dont be so cocky, okay My silly little brother!”

Zhuang Huai was stunned.

He turned to look at Zhuang Xian in confusion, wanting to hear his sisters explanation.

Zhuang Xian could no longer hide the smile in her eyes.

She had never thought a small invitation could make her family happy!

In the past, she had indeed neglected this point.

She did not know that her father liked Lanwei so much! If she had known about this earlier, her brother would not need to visit Jason.

All she needed to do was to make a phone call.

“Heavens! Is this the paper version of the Lanwei 3S membership card” Lin En exclaimed, her eyes filled with excitement.

Seeing Zhuang Mings stunned expression, she continued, “Lanweis efficiency is so high Weve just received their e-invitation, and the membership card is already here”

For some branded stores that paid a lot of attention to aura and appearance, the matter of becoming a member was very cumbersome.

The process of application, approval, approval from the higher-ups, and so on were all very troublesome!

Lin En did not expect Lanwei to be so friendly and efficient.

When Zhuang Ming opened the package, he didnt expect it to be this.

His eyes widened, and he looked in disbelief at the thing in his hand.

After the exquisite and neat gift box was opened, six gorgeous small envelope bags were inside.

After opening one of the envelopes, there was a beautiful silver magnetic card with a floating and beautiful blue logo printed on the card.

Zhuang Huai stepped forward and picked up one of the cards to look closer.

The gorgeous and exquisite card felt slightly cool to the touch.

This exquisite craftsmanship was something that others could not imitate!

Zhuang Huai was utterly stunned.

Was Lanweis 3S membership that easy to get Didnt the outside world say that Lanwei only had a single-digit number of 3s members in the entire Country Z How did they suddenly have so many tickets Were they doing wholesale here

Zhuang Huai was shocked.

That was Lanwei! It was a world-famous Western food and beverage giant, not some random street corner store.

How could Zhuang Huai not be surprised

It had to be said that Lanweis appearance was quite impressive!

Looking at this luxurious and exquisite invitation card and membership card, as well as the sense of ceremony, really made people feel proud! No wonder many people would fight to buy this membership every year.

Lin En looked at Zhuang Huais dazed and confused expression and chuckled as she explained the whole story and what they had just been discussing.

Zhuang Huai was pleasantly surprised.

“Big brother, is that amazing”

“AI! That didnt seem right! If the big brother was behind this, why didnt he make it clear on the phone yesterday” As he said this, he suddenly felt a little strange.

With his big brothers calm personality, would he do something like this surprise That didnt seem possible.

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