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“Aiya! Big brother might just want to give us a surprise! What are you trying to do with that look of disbelief Would big brother lie to you Would Lanwei joke with you” Zhuang Hang chuckled.

He did not show any mercy when he picked on his brother.

Zhuang Hang had always been a meticulous and low-key person.

He didnt know when it started, but he also learned how to control people.

He especially liked to tease Zhuang Huai!

Zhuang Huai did not realize that his mischievous side was similar to Lin Ens.

This mother and son duo would never get tired of bullying Zhuang Huai!

“It is! Why do you care so much Lanwei wouldnt play tricks on you, right” Lin En glanced at Zhuang Huai before looking back at the others.

“Im also very curious about what kind of god-like restaurant Lanwei is,” she suggested in a good mood.

“Why dont we go there for lunch today Do you think its a good idea”

Zhuang Ming was naturally happy at Lin Ens proposal.

He couldnt wait to rush over and have a meal at the Lanwei restaurant he had longed for.

Zhuang Xian looked at her excited parents and laughed helplessly in her heart, but she still had to pretend that nothing had happened.

She had said earlier to draw everyones attention to her brother.

Then, she would use the fact that her brother and Jason knew each other to prove that her brother had created this surprise himself!

At the same time, it could also conceal her identity.

As it turned out, she had used this trick very well! Everyone thought that this was a surprise Zhuang Bai had prepared for them.

Zhuang Xian felt that this was good enough.

As long as it was a surprise, why would she care who gave it to her They would always be one family anyway.

Everyone agreed with Lin Ens suggestion.

They were planning a family dinner at Lanwei this afternoon to have a good taste of this famous western pastry that had been in their dreams for a long time.

When Auntie Jiang saw how excited the family was, she quickly smiled and asked everyone to sit down for breakfast.

Zhuang Huai sat down, holding the glass of milk in his hand.

He was about to take a sip when he was interrupted by Lin Ens question.

After Lin En sat beside Zhuang Ming, she regained her senses.

She recalled what happened last night, and there were still some parts she did not understand.

She looked at Zhuang Huai and asked, “Third brother, now that your movie has come to this, when will you start shooting again When we were at the restaurant yesterday, your father and I didnt ask you in detail because Ye Xin and Mo Qian were there …”

As Lin En spoke, she turned to look at Zhuang Xian.

From what Lin Yi had said yesterday, it seemed like her precious daughter was also involved in this.

“Whats with that car race and life and death agreement Tell me!” Said Lin En.

Zhuang Huais heart skipped a beat.

He knew that this matter would not be able to escape his mothers sharp eyes!

He turned to look at Zhuang Xian and sighed.

Then, he told her honestly, “Lin Yi and I have an old grudge.

I dont know the ill-fated relationship this time, but Ma An and Lin Yi took a liking to this movie.

Ma An used money to get Lin Yi into the production team!”

“I cant stand Lin Yi and Ma Ans behavior, and I didnt want them to interfere and ruin the movie.

So, I secretly gave them some obstacles.”

As Zhuang Huai spoke, he quickly explained as if he was afraid that everyone would misunderstand, “Of course, its just some little tricks.

The purpose is to make Ma An and Lin Yi give up on the film, but …”

Zhuang Huai helplessly spread his hands and continued sadly, “Youve all seen it.

It was impossible! Lin Yi still came and still had to act as the female lead! When we started shooting that day, I was still thinking of putting up with her and letting it pass after the shoot! But that day, when she saw Mo Qian and my sister, she went up and started a conversation.

Ive seen all those tricks and stunts of sucking up to someone, and I was so annoyed! So …”

“She was the one who came to provoke us first! Lin Yi is too arrogant.

Third brother couldnt stand it anymore, so he came up to help.” Zhuang Xian interrupted Zhuang Huais words and continued to explain.

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