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“This service staff ignores the principle ofcustomers are the most important and directly acquiesced to their behavior.

Isnt this bullying of consumers” Mrs.

Chen shouted.

Lanweis location was challenging to book.

This was a well-known fact.

If one wanted to have a meal here, one had to make a reservation a long time in advance.

Lanweis way of treating guests had always been rigorous and thoughtful.

He had never encountered such a thing as someone cutting the queue.

Most people who could come here to spend money were from the upper class.

Everyone was cultured and elegant.

They would not do such a shameful thing.

Hence, when everyone heard about this, they looked at the Zhuang family in surprise.

“Cut the queue In a high-end restaurant like Lanwei, was someone who could cut the queue This was the biggest joke in the world! Who are they”

“What kind of weird things happened these days Werent the nouveau riche like this They take a few pieces of stinky money and brag about it worldwide.

They werent afraid that the stench of money would affect others! You have no class!”

“Logically speaking, this Zhuang family is also a hundred-year-old noble family.

Why do they still have such a poor air about them Come to think of it, could the person standing beside Lin En be theirfamous adopted daughter Shes good-looking!”

“Whats wrong You know them”

“You dont know Zhuang Ming Hes the third son of the old Zhuang family.

Hes young and promising.

Hes considered the most capable person among the brothers!”

“Then hes embarrassing himself today! Cutting the queue was small, but it was a huge embarrassment! How could they still have the face to stand here If someone finds out, Ive done such an embarrassing thing.

Ill be too embarrassed to go out again!”

Their discussion was not soft, and Mrs.

Chen could hear it.

She looked up at Lin En and Zhuang Xian with an arrogant expression, and as if she had suddenly gained some confidence, she shouted, “Did you guys hear that This place is not a suburban market! You should quickly apologize to me and get out of here.

And …”

She looked at the waiter and said coldly, “And you! Ill complain to your manager, and you can forget about working here in the future! People like you who cant understand things are not worthy of working here!”

When the waitress beside Zhuang Xian heard this, her heart skipped.

She did not expect things to turn out this way.

She was following the managers instructions in the morning.

Why was this happening

Just as she was about to defend herself, Zhuang Xian suddenly spoke.

“Are you done” Zhuang Xians expression was indifferent, as if she was not bothered by the current situation.

She looked at Mrs.

Chen coldly, then turned her head to the few people who had just been gossiping.

“Dont treat your ignorance as speaking up for justice! Who among you saw us cutting the line Lanweis staff should come out and point at my nose and say that we cut the queue.

Did they let us leave” After Zhuang Xian finished her words, she looked at Mrs.

Chen with a cold gaze.

Glancing at the people behind Mrs.

Chen, Zhuang Xian sneered coldly and said, “Youve been humiliated by others, so you should go and get it back! If others insult or scold you, then go and scold them back! It was rare for a person to be so terrified! It doesnt seem right to say youre a coward! Youre afraid of her familys Dingsheng group, but youre not afraid of our Ming En.

This is strange.” Zhuang Xian laughed coldly.


Chens whole body turned cold from Zhuang Xians gaze.

After hearing Zhuang Xians words, she was even more confused.

She said anxiously, “What did you say Are you the Zhuang family of Ming En Corporation”

She had only been Mrs.

Chen for two months, so she didnt know much about the people in City Hs business circle.

Although she had never met Lin En and Zhuang Ming, she had heard Ming Ens name from her husband!


Chen, you look like youre in a daze, arent you Hahaha.” Mrs.

Liu was amused by Mrs.

Chens reaction and shrieked, “You dont know Mr.

And Mrs.

Zhuang from the famous Ming En group Were surprised.”

After she finished, she pulled the people around her to laugh at Mrs.


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