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 Ye Xin couldnt help but take a step back.

She suppressed the unknown panic that rose in her heart and chuckled, “Well make a move first.

 When Ye Xin returned to the car, she recalled the strange look Zhuang Xian had given her.

She was bewildered.

She was sure that she had never met Zhuang Xian before.

They were strangers, so why would Zhuang Xian look at her like that

 While Ye Xin was still puzzled, Lin En was in an extremely good mood.

“Judges service is really good! I like them very much, and it would be even better if I had the opportunity to meet their boss.”

 ‘Their boss is right in front of you, Mom, Zhuang Xian thought.

 “Weve been out long enough today, lets go home!” Zhuang Xian suggested after looking at the time.

 “Alright, lets go home!” Lin En nodded.

 Zhuang Hang looked at her and almost cried tears of joy when he realized that he was finally going to return home.

Lets hurry home.

 However, when they reached the entrance of the shopping mall, An Ye scuttled in front of Zhuang Jie without her noticing.

 “Brother Zhuang Hang What a coincidence, I wasnt so sure just now, I didnt think it was you.

Are you out shopping too”

 An Ye pretended to be surprised.

She tugged at Zhuang Hangs clothes and turned her head as if she had just seen Lin En and Zhuang Xian.

“Hello, Auntie Lin! And this is”

 Looking at An Yes perfectly timed question, Zhuang Xian wanted to applaud her.

 Compared to her, Zhuang Jie was far inferior.

 Her enemies popped up one after another like bamboo shoots after the rain.

Zhuang Xian rubbed her fists and wiped her palms.

She was afraid that they would not show up!

 Looking at An Ye, who was still acting, Zhuang Xians eyes narrowed slightly.

She directly locked her gaze on Zhuang Jie, who was standing some distance away from them.

She pretended to be confused and asked, “Didnt cousin go home Why are you still here Did you follow us here”

 With Zhuang Xians reminder, Lin En also noticed Zhuang Jies figure.

“Yes, didnt your uncle get someone to send you back”

 Seeing that she couldnt avoid it, Zhuang Jie could only suppress the guilt in her heart.

She took small steps forward and pretended to be calm as she explained, “I came here to shop with An Ye.

Who knew that you would be in this shopping mall too”

 As she said this, she glared at Zhuang Xian, thinking to herself, “Your eyes are so good.

If you dont speak, do you think others will think youre mute”

 Zhuang Xian was not angry at being glared at for no reason.

Zhuang Jie did not like her anyway, so what could she do if she made the other party hate her even more

 “What a coincidence!” Zhuang Xian raised her eyebrows.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Zhuang Hang push An Yes hand away and felt a little more comfortable.

 “Were not that close, dont get all touchy the moment you come up.

” Zhuang Hang frowned, his eyes unhappy.

 An Ye retracted her hand and looked at him with a wronged expression.

“Brother Zhuang Hang!”

 She wanted to continue acting sad, but Zhuang Xian blocked her view.

Zhuang Xian looked in the direction of the underground parking lot and said coldly, “Im sorry, were tired from shopping today.

We dont want to stand here and reminisce about the old days.

Were going home.”

 An Ye ignored Zhuang Xian and continued to look at Zhuang Hang innocently.

Seeing that the other party was ignoring her, she knew that her act of pretending to be weak and pitiful was useless against Zhuang Hang.

An Ye then unwillingly took a step back.

 At the same time, she secretly glared at Zhuang Xian, angry at her for being so meddlesome!

 Zhuang Jie saw that Zhuang Hang was ignoring An Ye and quickly spoke up to create an opportunity for her friend.

“Second brother, didnt you go to the same university as An Ye She just happened to have a question to ask you!”

 An Ye and Zhuang Jie looked at each other and quickly agreed, “Thats right, brother Zhuang Hang, we even had the same mentor! Professor Brians research project is really difficult, so I wanted to get some information from you!”

 An Ye was a sweet-looking girl.

When she raised her head and looked at people with her eyes, she had a pure allure.

 Zhuang Hang had thought that she was like the other girls in school, sticking to him like a blood-sucking bug and wanting to fall in love with him.

He didnt expect her to have something serious to do.

This made Zhuang Hang touch his nose in embarrassment, and his tone softened a little.

“Then send me the questions, and Ill take a look.”

 An Yes smile widened.

“Okay, brother Zhuang Hang, Ill send it to you when I get back.”

 Seeing that Zhuang Hang had let down his guard, Zhuang Xian quickly said, “Second brother has already graduated from school for two to three years, what kind of information can he possibly give you Why dont you tell me Maybe Ill know more!”

 She could not give this woman any chance!

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