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When Lily saw that Shire had left with the guests, she turned to look at the Manager.

Her eyes were a little dark and unclear.

If he could not handle the situation, she would have to consider who to replace him with as the Shop Manager.

Naturally, the Manager understood what Lily meant.

He led the crowd behind him and bowed slightly to the departing Zhuang Xian and the rest.

The Manager only straightened his body when he saw the guests entering the elevator.

He turned to look at Mrs.

Liu and Mrs.

Chen and said in a deep voice, “Lanwei has always been determined to become the worlds number one Western food and beverage brand.

Our customers are from all over the world, and there has never been anyone like the two madams who caused trouble in the store and insulted other distinguished guests! Now, on behalf of the shop, Im informing you that from today onwards, youre no longer welcome to dine in the store!”

“What Youre impudent!” After hearing the Managers words, Mrs.

Lius eyes widened.

She had never thought she would be involved in this matter and would be kicked out as well.

The more Mrs.

Liu thought about it, the angrier she became.

She couldnt control herself and wanted to argue with the Manager, but the waiter behind her stopped her.

She turned to look at them in surprise.

Was the Shop manager for real

The Shop manager looked at her indifferently and continued to say politely, “If it has caused you any inconvenience, please understand.”

The Manager looked at Mrs.

Chen, but he was interrupted before he could say anything.

She took a deep breath, raised her head slightly, and said in a good mood, “Lanwei is indeed a brand with a backbone.

Im impressed! Im in the wrong today.

Ill accept your decision and leave on my own.”


Chen seemed to have understood what Zhuang Xian and Lin En had just said.

One must have a backbone and courage to live.

If one did not dare to fight back when bullied, one would be too cowardly!

Correcting ones mistakes would not cause others to laugh at them.

On the contrary, a dark and despicable person like Mrs.

Liu should be scorned by others!

Lanweis fair punishment also made her feel fair and convinced.

She felt much better as she watched Mrs.

Liu thrown out of the door!

Seeing that Mrs.

Chen was about to leave after speaking, the Shop Manager quickly stopped her.


Chen, please wait!”


Chen stopped and turned back to him.

“Whats the matter”

The Manager looked at her and smiled.

“Because you accepted our Department Heads suggestion and apologized to Mr.

Zhuang Mings family! Mrs.

Zhuang also said that knowing ones mistake would make one change for the better.

So, our shop still welcomes sincere and cultured customers to come again!”


Chen understood what the Manager meant and smiled in surprise.

“I understand, thank you.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

The other customers in the shop nodded in satisfaction when they saw how Lanweis Manager handled the situation.

Lan Wei had its reasons for being able to stand tall for so many years!

Such spirit and breadth of mind were indeed convincing! Its leader must also be a very charming and generous person.

Lanweis leader, admired by the guests, was sitting in a bright and spacious private room, accompanying her father, who was ordering food in high spirits!

“How about this What kind of tea and snacks should I go with Ill have another portion of this seven-colored macaron! Its their little sign!” Zhuang Mings fingers slid back and forth on the exquisite menu, as excited as a child.

Zhuang Xian smiled and nodded at him.

She exchanged a look with Lin En and shook her head helplessly.

Zhuang Huai glanced at the lists in the waiters hand and hurriedly said to Zhuang Ming, “Enough, father! There were too many! We wont be able to finish it later, so dont waste it!”

Zhuang Ming tilted his head to look at him, frowned, and said severely, “Im here.

Whats there to be afraid of”

As he spoke, he looked at the menu and realized that he had ordered too much.

He added, “I saw that we had more people, so I wanted to order more! What are you so nervous about I dont need you to pay!”

Zhuang Huai was speechless.

“Ask your father to open up to you today.

Hes been waiting for this day for a long time! Cant you just shut your mouth and wait to eat He deserves it for trying to get back at him.” Lin En laughed as he looked at Zhuang Huai and scolded him

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