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Zhuang Xians footsteps were light and agile as she shuttled through the kitchen, instructing Lily to prepare the ingredients for her.

Her mind was clear, and her hands were agile.

It was as if she had never left Lanweis position as the Executive Head Chef!

Zhuang Xian thought that since her father loved Lanweis western food from Country F so much, she would have to make it herself.

Other than Jason, no one else in the world could be better than her!

Since she was going to give, she should give the best.

As Zhuang Xian thought about this, she became more focused and meticulous in her actions.

Lily looked at the severe and focused side view of her face and could not help but look forward to the final product.

This was the first product he had produced after not seeing Lanwei for a long time, and she wanted to try it too.

Zhuang Xian efficiently settled everything in the kitchen and followed Lily to the lucky draw area.

She carried on the spirit of acting and smashing a giant golden egg herself.

Lily was very interested in checking the prize for her.

After he was done, she surprisedly said, “Its a grand prize!”

“Yo! I was wondering who it was.

Isnt this Zhuang Xian Why did you come to such a high-end place Shes doing such a petty thing.

Isnt she afraid of losing face for our Zhuang family” Zhuang Jie crossed her arms in front of her chest and said arrogantly with her chin slightly raised.

An Ye stood behind her and looked at Zhuang Xian indifferently.

One look and one could tell that they had come with ill intentions!

Zhuang Xian calmly put down the hammer in her hand and slowly inched closer to Lily.

She was more interested in seeing what the golden egg she had smashed had hit than answering some stupid questions.

She was unlucky today.

She just wanted to take her family to have a quiet lunch.

Why did so many annoying people appear It stirred up ones peace!

“Hey! Are you deaf Im talking to you.

“Zhuang Xian ignored her and was only interested in the item in front of her, Zhuang Jie asked in a highly displeased tone.

Because Zhuang Xian did not care about the two of them, An Ye also felt a little uncomfortable.

Zhuang Xian was still not looking at them, so Zhuang Jie snorted and said sarcastically, “Youre indeed a low-class person from an orphanage.

Only people like you would care so much about such a small favor! Some people! Even if you enter a rich family, you wont be able to become a young lady.

You cant even wash away that shabby air!”

“Its not your place to gossip about whether my sister is a rich young lady or not!” Zhuang Hang frowned and looked at Zhuang Jie coldly.

Zhuang Xian heard her second brothers voice and turned around to look at him.

Zhuang Hang stood a few steps away from them, exuding a cold aura.

An Ye turned her head and saw that it was Zhuang Hang.

A faint look of surprise flashed in her eyes.

A sweet smile appeared on her face as she looked straight at Zhuang Hang.

When Zhuang Jie heard Zhuang Hangs words, she said indignantly, “Did I say something wrong Zhuang Xian is so petty.

Isnt she just embarrassing the Zhuang family Whats wrong with me saying a few words to her!”

Zhuang Hang walked over to Zhuang Xian and said coldly, “Put away the bad habits of your young miss and the little princess.

Dont show off and do stupid things here! You dont have any ability, yet youre always nitpicking this and nitpicking that.

What right do you have to say this Whats wrong with the lottery Is it illegal”

Zhuang Xian raised her eyebrows and looked at her second brother, who had an unrivaled sharp tongue.

She wanted to give him a round of applause!

“Second brother, you …” Zhuang Jie was speechless by Zhuang Hangs rebuttal, and her face turned red with anger.

Seeing this, An Ye pretended to be understanding and looked at him.

She said obediently, “Second brother, youre wrong to blame her! Shes just reminding Zhuang Xian out of goodwill.

Shes never been good with words, you know that too, right”

Lily clenched the paper in her hand tightly.

Several times, she wanted to speak up for the young lady, but the young ladys eyes stopped her.

Hearing this, Zhuang Hang glanced at An Ye indifferently.

“Really You sound like you know her better than she does herself.

Zhuang Jie has always been speaking without thinking.”

“I …” An Ye choked on Zhuang Hangs words and received an unhappy look from Zhuang Hang.

After Zhuang Hang finished speaking, he ignored the two of them and looked at Zhuang Xian instead.

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