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Zhuang Jing only had one daughter! Zhuang Jie! And she usually protected her like a precious treasure.

If she found out they didnt care about Zhuang Jies life and just had a family dinner here, she would probably cause a huge ruckus!

Moreover, An Ye was good at pestering people.

Although Zhuang Hang might not be afraid of her, it was still very annoying to be disgusted by flies!

Zhuang Hang knew that An Ye harbored ill intentions toward him.

Todays situation was unique.

If he left them here, it would be morally unacceptable.

Zhuang Hang felt that it was better to stay away from An Ye.

His sisters worry was not without reason!

Zhuang Hang looked at the bloodstain on his chest with disgust as he thought about this.

His brows were so tightly knitted that it seemed like he wanted to kill a fly.

“You, come over.” Zhuang Hang said to the waiter behind him, “Is there any way to quickly get rid of these bloodstains”

The waiter thought for a moment and said, “Sir, its not easy to clean up!” We have spare new shirts for our customers.

Tell me your size, and Ill bring them to you!”

Zhuang Hang nodded and gave him the measurements.

He thought his sister was smart to know that Lanwei had such a service.

When he thought of Zhuang Xian, he felt a sense of tenderness in his heart.

In this matter, Zhuang Xian had considered everyones feelings and the overall situation, but she had neglected herself!

She didnt seem to like them either, but she had to do something that would make her unhappy for her family.

She was sensible, adorable, and intelligent.

At this moment, Zhuang Xian, her second brother was praising, was sitting behind Zhuang Jie and An Yes emergency bed.

She looked coldly at the doctor in the ambulance who was starting to stop their bleeding.

Zhuang Xian looked at An Ye and Zhuang Jies deathly pale faces, her heart unmoved.

If she could, she even wanted to get rid of the two of them directly to resolve the blood feud of being slandered, framed, and used by them in her previous life!

However, on second thought, Zhuang Xian felt that letting them die so quickly was a little too easy on them.

Cunning and scheming women like them did not deserve to die!

She wanted to let them taste the inhuman pain she had suffered in her previous life.

Only then would it be fair!

“Eh It was bizarre! Their blood pressure and heart rate were normal, but why did the bleeding not stop Its too strange!” The doctor in the ambulance looked at Zhuang Jie and An Yes heart rate monitors and felt very strange.

He turned to Zhuang Xian, sitting in the car, and asked, “Can you tell me in detail what happened when they first started to have a nosebleed Ill be able to make a judgment.”

Zhuang Xian pretended to be in deep thought and told the doctor everything that had just happened.

She looked at the doctors doubtful and worried face, and a faint smile appeared in the depths of her eyes.

She thought that if such an ordinary emergency doctor could see through her means, all the years she had spent in Saint Valley Medicine would have been in vain.

She wore a beautiful silver necklace on her exquisite neck.

The pendant on the necklace was a unique style of “Di cut grass”.

The pendant was hollow inside, and Zhuang Xian usually used it to store some of her medicinal powder!

Just now in the elevator, the strange smell that Zhuang Jie had smelled but quickly dissipated was a special powder made by Zhuang Xian.

This powder could rapidly damage a persons nasal mucous membrane and skin.

It would also affect the efficiency of blood platelets, directly affecting the human bodys coagulosis function, which was why they were bleeding non-stop.

As for why Zhuang Hang did not fall for it, it was all thanks to the food that Zhuang Xian usually cooked for her family.

She would use many precious medicinal herbs and ingredients to make medicinal cuisines and tonic soups for her family members.

Apart from strengthening their bodies, they also had the effect of resisting some toxins from invading their bodies.

Just now, Zhuang Xian had only used a little powder on Zhuang Jie and An Ye to test her skills, so it would not affect Zhuang Hangs physical condition!

Because of their greed and self-deception, only Zhuang Jie and An Ye were defeated by Zhuang Xian.

If they wanted to blame someone, they could only blame themselves!

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