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Zhuang Jie couldnt help but laugh at Zhuang Xians words.

It was as if she had just heard a funny joke.

She said, “You A person from the orphanage wants to tutor An Ye in her studies at Saint Capital University Dont be funny, alright Do you know what Saint Capital University is Do you know where the gate of the University is”

 Zhuang Jie finally found an opportunity to mock Zhuang Xian.

 “Enough!” Lin En stopped her.

“A persons family background is not a reason for you to laugh at her.”

 Was Zhuang Jie mocking Zhuang Xian

 No, she was stabbing a knife into her heart.

Lin Ens heart ached at the thought of her precious daughter suffering so much and not being able to receive a better education.

 Zhuang Xian patted Lin Ens hand, feeling touched by how protective she was of her.

 She didnt care what others thought of her or what they said about her, but she couldnt accept the people she cared about being sad for her!

 “How do you know I dont understand I have acceptance letters from several famous universities in the country.

I know more than you can imagine!”

 Looking at Zhuang Xians calm expression, Zhuang Jie felt her throat go dry.

 This woman couldnt be telling the truth, right

 No, she was born in an orphanage.

How could she have the chance to receive a high-end education Zhuang Jie convinced herself.

 “Hmph, who doesnt know how to brag! Who knows if youre lying or not.

” Zhuang Jie said sarcastically.

 Seeing the two of them facing each other, An Ye quickly ran out to be the peacemaker.

“Alright, its a good thing that someone is helping! Dont say that about her.” She looked at Zhuang Xian and smiled gently.

“Then, lets find a place to talk about it”

 Just like Zhuang Jie, she did not believe Zhuang Xians words at all and was even waiting to see her make a fool of herself.


 On the way home, Lin En held onto Zhuang Xians hand and said with a pained tone, “Good child, mother knows that youve had a hard time all these years! Tell me which university you want to go to and Ill arrange it for you.”

 She felt that Zhuang Xian was just bluffing Zhuang Jie and An Ye.

How could this child have an admission letter from a famous university

 When Zhuang Xian heard this, she knew that Lin En had misunderstood and quickly explained,” Mom! I wasnt lying just now.

There are a few universities that have offered me admission.

I just havent thought about where to go!”

 Lin En grabbed her hand and said in surprise, “Really”

 Zhuang Hang also looked at her.

“Werent you lying to them”

 Zhuang Xian smiled helplessly, her eyes darting back and forth between the two of them.

“Do I look like the kind of person who would lie Besides, why would I lie to them Am I not afraid of being slapped in the face”

 As she spoke, she took out her phone and showed them the photos of the acceptance letters sent to her by East China University, Capital University, and Saint Capital University.

 The evidence was in front of them, and Lin Ens mouth was wide open in shock.

“My God, baby! How did you do it How can you be so outstanding! Mom is about to cry!”

 Zhuang Xian held Lin Ens hand and explained slowly, “My grades were already very good when I was in the orphanage.

I often represented City H in some domestic quiz competitions.

Its probably because my grades were too good that they wanted me to go to their school.”

 As soon as she said that she was participating in the competition, Zhuang Hang believed her.

After all, these things could be found on the internet.

There was no need to lie about this.

 It was just that when Lin En and Zhuang Ming went to the orphanage, they had not paid much attention to this aspect.

Moreover, Zhuang Xian was a low-key person, so they overlooked this point.

Now that Zhuang Xian had brought it up, Lin En also thought about it.

 “I almost forgot.

Director Zhang told me and your father that Xians grades are pretty good!”

 Lin En looked at Hang beside her, her eyes were excited.

“Its more than justnot bad, my precious daughter is an invisible and low-key super university nerd!”

 Lin Ens excitement did not last long.

As soon as she thought about how much effort Zhuang Xian had put behind all these outstanding achievements, her heart ached.

 As she thought of this, she hugged Zhuang Xian tightly.

“Mommys good girl! Its been hard on you all these years.

 Zhuang Xians actual situation was not as difficult as Lin en had thought.

The old man had been helping her all this time, and she was also an extremely smart person.

It was not difficult for her to get such good results.

 However, she had too many disguises on her, and she couldnt tell them anything else yet, so she could only choose to keep her mouth shut.

 Coming out of Lin Ens arms, Zhuang Xian said to her in a serious tone, “Its the luckiest thing in my life to have met you.

Thank you, Mom!”

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