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 Zhuang Hang looked at the mother-daughter pair and teased, “Alright, alright.

This is a good thing.

Why do you make it so sad”

 “You little brat, what do you know!” Lin En glared at her son, but in the end, she held back the tears that were about to flow out.

 By the time they reached home, Judge had already sent the gown over, along with all the new items for this season that Zhuang Xian had given to Lin En.

She had found an excuse to give back to the members, and Lin En did not suspect anything.

Looking at her mothers happy face, Zhuang Xian also smiled.

These were all small matters.

As long as her family was happy, she was willing to do anything.

 When it was time for dinner, Zhuang Xian noticed that Zhuang Ming was still not home.

She took the initiative to ask, “Mom, is Dad going to work overtime today and not come back for dinner”

 Lin En was holding her phone and thinking about this matter.

Just as she was about to speak to Zhuang Xian, the Butler at the door walked in.

“Madam! An important guest has arrived!”

 Honored guest

 Lin En was puzzled.

Although she did not know who it was, she still tidied her clothes, got up, and walked out.

She asked in a low voice, “Who is it” Are they the old masters guests”

 “Its the chairman of the Mo group, Mo Qian, President Mo!” Uncle Chang replied in a low voice.


 Lin Ens heart skipped a beat.

This was an impressive figure!

 If the Ming En group under Zhuang Ming was the rising star of City H and was one of the top 100 companies in the country, then Mo Qians Mo Group was the most prosperous and towering tree in the domestic business circle! He was the boss of the dragon and a hundred-year legend!


As she hurried to the front hall, Zhuang Ming had already come in with Mo Qian.

Lin Ens heart slowly calmed down when he saw the two of them talking and laughing.


 Mo Qian was the legend of the entire Mo Corporation.

He was already ranked on the worlds richest list at a young age, and he was also the crown of the top ten young entrepreneurs in the country.

 There were many legends about this person.

They said that he was a business genius, the pride of City H, and the pride of the Mo family! He was handsome and clean.

Although he had many admirers, he had never had any scandals!

 Such a person had too much light on him, and ordinary people might not be able to reach him even in a few lifetimes.

 The only flaw was that he had a strange disease at the age of 16.

His calf would stiffen from time to time and he would not be able to move.

In serious cases, he would fall to the ground.

 The Mo family had found famous doctors from all over the world for him, but none of them could cure his illness.

In order not to let others see his ugly state when he fell, Mo Qian chose to place himself in a wheelchair.

Other than the necessary rehabilitation training, he didnt walk.


 Lin En walked toward them in a dignified and magnanimous manner.

She nodded to Mo Qian to express her goodwill and greeted him politely, “Boss Mo!”

 She glared at Zhuang Ming as she said, “Why didnt you tell me that President Mo was coming over to our house What if we disregard him”

 Zhuang Ming touched the back of his head and said naively, “Its my fault.

During the meeting in the afternoon, President Mo said that he wanted to come over and visit! I forgot to tell you, haha!”

 “Its my fault.

I ate a few of CEO Zhuangs cookies in the afternoon and guessed that the Zhuang familys food must be delicious too, so I shamelessly followed him here.

I hope you dont mind, Madam Zhuang.” Mo Qian said.

 Lin En led the way.

“What are you saying, President Mo its our honor to have you here.”

 Looking at the polite exchanges between these upper-class people, Mo Xi had become accustomed to it.

After all, wherever their President Mo went, he would have this kind of ostentatious display.

 However, this Zhuang couple was different from those people who flattered and fawned over them.

They were neither humble nor arrogant, and there was a tacit understanding and beauty between the couple.

 Although the Mo family had a large business, Mo Qian had never seen his parents get along with each other in a really friendly manner.

Deep down, he yearned for a harmonious and beautiful relationship like Zhuang Ming and Lin Ens, where they supported and relied on each other.

 So, the main reason Mo Qian came was to see what the famous model couple in City H looked like.

He also wanted more of the cookie that he had eaten in the afternoon, which suited his taste.

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