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Zhuang Xian and Zhuang Hangs morning exercise today had become highly chaotic because of Zhuang Huais participation.

Lin En and Auntie Jiang, who were in the living room, could hear their laughter and scold from the gym.

Lin En exchanged looks with her and smiled helplessly.

Thanks to the Zhuang familys big business, the gym was big enough to fit the three of them!

When they returned to the living room on the first floor, Zhuang Ming had already woken up.

Lin En looked at her three energetic children, especially the beautiful Zhuang Xian, and could not help but smile.

She pulled out the chair in front of her and said to Zhuang Xian, “Xianer, come and have breakfast! The two of you, come over.”

When she said the second half of her sentence, she raised her chin slightly at Zhuang Hang and Zhuang Huai, but her eyes were still fixed on Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Huai felt helpless when he saw his mothers blatant discrimination.

He followed his sister over and sat down beside her.

He couldnt help but say sourly, “As expected, my position as the youngest and the favorite of the Zhuang family is gone forever!”

“Dont be so smug.

Didnt you self-proclaim yourself as the groups pet Other than you, who else in our family has admitted to it” Zhuang Hang, sitting opposite him, picked up a glass of milk and calmly took a sip.

Zhuang Huai smiled indifferently, shrugged his shoulders, and moved closer to Zhuang Hang.

He said with a smile, “Second brother, dont be in a hurry to scold me! Cant you tell In moms eyes, were just worthless weeds, not as precious as a sister! So, lets not hurt each other.

I request peaceful coexistence and work together against the outside world!”

Zhuang Hang expressionlessly glanced at his third brother, who was playing around.

When he turned his head to look at Lin En and Zhuang Xian, he saw his mother smiling at her younger sister, and her smile was as gentle as water!

The three brothers rarely saw such a motherly look on Lin Ens face.

In front of them, their mother was more like a little girl who would act coquettishly and blame others.

She rarely showed them such a doting feeling.

Zhuang Hang chuckled and shook his head.

He thought that his third brother was right.

His mothers attitude towards the three brothers and his sister differed significantly.

He smiled helplessly.

“Peaceful coexistence is possible, but lets forget about being united against external forces! After all, a wise man submits to circumstances.”

Zhuang Ming was sitting in the main seat, looking at the days schedule on his phone.

He looked up at Zhuang Hang and praised him, “Its still the second brother who can see the situation clearly and has a pattern!”

As Zhuang Ming spoke, he looked at Zhuang Huai on the other side.

He raised his eyebrows and tried to persuade him, “In our family, your mothers position is first, so your sister has to be second.

Theres no harm in understanding this rule early!”

Zhuang Xian initially watched her two brothers bicker with each other with great interest, but after hearing Zhuang Mings words, she laughed helplessly.

She looked at Zhuang Ming and said gently, “Dad, youre wrong.

Moms authority in this family is the first, but in my heart, youre second.”

With Zhuang Mings love for Lin En, he would not fight for first place with Lin En.

In his heart, he was even hoping that the whole world would come together to cheer Lin En up.

“People always say daughters are the parents most intimate little cotton-padded jacket.

This saying is correct!” Zhuang Ming laughed out loud and turned to look at Lin En lovingly.

“Our precious daughter is so good at talking.

I like it.”

Lin En looked at him with gentle eyes and said, “Its fine if the children are fooling around, but why are you also following suit Dont you have a regular meeting today Hurry up and go after breakfast, dont be late.”

Zhuang Ming looked at Lin En dotingly and nodded.

“Alright, alright, alright, I know! Its the shareholders meeting today, so you should come along.

Tell me, how long has it been since you last went to the company”

“Why should I go Its so wet today; wouldnt it be nice for me to have a beauty sleep at home” Lin En said proudly as she raised her head slightly.

Lin En felt it was wise to retire from the company and be a full-time housewife.

Finally, she no longer had to worry about the companys business.

With Zhuang Ming around, she didnt have to worry about anything.

However, Zhuang Ming just wanted to stick to Lin En.

When he heard what Lin En said, he immediately put on a pitiful expression.

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