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Ming En Corporation.

Lin En helplessly watched Zhuang Ming leave the office reluctantly.

She took a light breath and looked at Zhuang Mings office.

It had been a long time since she last came to the office.

“Are these two pots of green plants not watered Why are the leaves all yellow” Lin En looked at the plants by the glass window and asked.

Zhuang Xian sat on the sofa in the reception area, sipping on a glass of warm water.

She smiled at Lin En.

“Maybe its because you didnt come, Mom, so Dad didnt have time to take care of them!”


Your father has so many assistants.

Dont tell me none of them remembered to water his plants ” Lin En retorted.

Zhuang Xian quietly looked at her mother, who had a harsh mouth but a soft heart.

She chuckled and didnt say anything.

In the past few decades of Zhuang Mings life, Lin En seemed to have been manipulating him all the time.

In the eyes of others, he was a wife-doting maniac and was always obedient to his wife.

However, only they knew the actual situation.

Zhuang Ming loved Lin En deeply, and so did Lin En!

It was also tricky for Lin En to reject Zhuang Ming.

Between her and Zhuang Ming, everything had its weakness.

Because they loved each other, they couldnt do anything to each other.

Lin En seemed unable to stand Zhuang Xians teasing gaze and reproached her softly, “I didnt know what to do with your father, so I was forced to follow him! Youre just looking at me like youre watching a show, so quickly get rid of that look!”

Zhuang Xian chuckled, blinked her eyes, and said cheekily, “I know that Mom was forcefully dragged here by Dad.

Its not because shes soft-hearted or cant bear to see Dad!”

“You little brat, youre still teasing me …” Lin En laughed.

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by a knock on the office door.

Zhuang Xian and Lin En looked at the door at the same time.

Lin En said gently, “Who is it Please come in!”

“Eh Is Chief Zhuang not here” Mo Qian, pushed in by Mo Xi, seemed to have just seen the people in the room and asked doubtfully.

He gave Lin En a slight nod and greeted, ” Mrs.

Zhuang, Fourth Miss.”

“Hes probably in the big conference room for a meeting now,” explained Lin En with a smile.

Did President Mo have something urgent to do If youre in a hurry, Ill call him over.”

“Since CEO Zhuang is busy, Ill wait for him here! Dont disturb him.

Its not something significant, so theres no need to rush.” Mo Qian looked at Lin En and explained in a gentle voice.

Hearing this, Lin En smiled and nodded.

She stood up and said, “Then Ill go out and get the assistant to make a cup of tea for President Mo!”

“Ill go with you.” Mo Xi said respectfully to Lin En and naturally left the place.

Mo Qian watched Lin En leave the office from the corner of his eye.

He turned to look at Zhuang Xian and said softly, “Why did the fourth Miss come to the company today ”

“I accompanied my mother here.” Zhuang Xian glanced at Mo Qian and explained in a calm voice.

Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xians face, which had suddenly turned cold, and he furrowed his brows in confusion.

When he pushed the door open and came in, this little girl was still talking and laughing with her mother! Why was she so cold to him after Lin En left

“Whats wrong with you You dont look happy to see me.” Mo Qian propped his chin on his hand and asked in a gentle voice.

Seeing Zhuang Xians calm expression, Mo Qian chuckled.

“I dont think Ive done anything to make you unhappy, right Why arent you smiling when you see me”

“I didnt smile, not that Im unhappy! President Mo, youre too sensitive!” Zhuang Xians eyes were fixed on the things on the table as she said expressionlessly.

Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xian with a deep gaze.

Since they had separated in his courtyard, Zhuang Xian had been avoiding him, intentionally or otherwise.

Since then, the two of them had become less natural and easy-going.

When they spoke, there would be awkwardness for a period.

Even if they happened to be in the same room, Zhuang Xian would look cold and cut her words short, just like what she was doing now.

Mo Qians intuition was not wrong.

Zhuang Xian was indeed a little unhappy.

As for a reason, perhaps even she was not sure.

Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xian for a long while before replying, “Alright, lets not talk about this now.

I heard from Si Rong that he saw you at the hospital yesterday and said something that made you unhappy …”

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