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Zhuang Xian silently looked at Lin Ens back as she left.

To be honest with her mother, she did not know whether she should be glad that she had escaped this calamity or regret that she had lost this opportunity.

In reality, Zhuang Xian was not afraid of her family finding out about her secret.

She had never thought of hiding it from them.

She hoped that she would never have to bear the blood feud of her previous life if she could.

She also wanted to live a peaceful, honest, and happy life with her family.

However, the concept of reincarnation was too absurd.

How could she ask them to cast aside science and reality and choose to believe in her

Ever since she was reborn, she had gone through too many things.

After all kinds of trials and tribulations, she finally became the Zhuang Xian, who was full of secrets and had countless identities and skills.

If she wanted revenge, she had to go through all this!

However, being honest with her family required a gradual process.

Zhuang Xian also believed that the Zhuang family would love her forever, which was why she was so fearless.

After she thought this through, Zhuang Xians panic slowly disappeared.

She sat back on the sofa and took a deep breath.

She was thinking about how to explain to her mother later.

Which could be said now and which could be said later.

But before she could figure this out, her phone rang.

Zhuang Xian took the phone and saw who was calling.

She was pleasantly surprised.


The tall and slender Yan Zuo, with an outstanding temperament, was standing not far from the main entrance of Ming En Corporation.

He was holding a phone and talking to his lovely junior.

His gentle voice was deep and melodic, like a first-class medicine that could cure a humans old illness.

“Im downstairs at your Dads company.

Come down quickly; Ill take you to eat something good.” Yan Zuo said gently.

At this moment, in the worlds limited edition Rolls-Royce super-luxury car sliding past him, Mo Qians face was pale as he endured the pain of his old injurys relapse.

Mo Xi looked at him with a worried expression.

Yan Zuo, sliding past the window, caught his attention for a second.

Yan Zuo was dressed in a fresh, refined green Daoist robe, and he exuded a domineering and superior aura.

Passersby could tell that he was not a simple person.

He was like a banished immortal who had descended from a high mountain.

Mo Qians muffled groan brought the dazed Mo Xi back to his senses.

With an anxious expression, he said, “Young master, please hold on a little longer.

Well be home soon.”

“The massage technique she used on me just now is very effective in relieving pain and spasms.

Bring the masseuses home tomorrow and let them learn from her.

Even though its just a temporary solution, its better than nothing!” Mo Qian used his left hand to support his forehead, slightly covering his pale face so that others could not see his pained and embarrassed expression.

He only spoke in a weak voice.

Mo Xis heart felt like a hundred ghosts were scratching it, and he wished he could bear the pain and torture in his young masters place.

He lowered his head and said in a low voice, ” “Yes.”

In Mo Xis gloomy heart, he had already begun to plan for the auction at the Soul Devouring Bureau tonight.

He must find a way to relieve the young masters torture.

Mo Xi and the rest of the Mo family had no idea that two of the disciples of the Sage Valley Medicine, whom they had been searching for, had appeared in City H.

As for the Azure-robed apothecary that grandma Mo had begged to cure her grandson, Mo Qian, she had been hiding her identity all this while and hanging around Mo Qian.

However, everyone was blinded by Zhuang Xians superb concealment skills.

Under the building of Ming En Corporation, Yan Zuo looked tenderly at the figure of his little junior sister, who had been longing for, running towards him.

When the beautiful girl was in front of him, the smile on Yan Zuos lips deepened.

“I havent seen you in a long time, Qing Yi.

Why Did you grow taller Youve also become more good-looking!”

Zhuang Xian raised her head slightly to look at Yan Zuo and said softly, “Lets not be so polite! These are the only two sentences youve ever praised me with!”


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