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Chapter 158: Chapter 158.

The Strange Self

“You guys dont know! Then, Xianer used her skillful and unique massage techniques to stop Mo Qians pain.

From the looks of it, it wasnt something that could be mastered in a day! Ai! Why didnt Xianer tell us about this Does she have such capabilities” Lin En frowned and said in distress.

Zhuang Hang listened carefully and thought for a moment before saying, “So, Mom, youre just upset that sister didnt tell you about her abilities, right”

Lin En gave it some serious thought.

It seemed to be the case.

Zhuang Xian had such unique skills, and she was more than happy.

Why would she be angry at her

“I dont know if you guys feel the same way, but Xianer is very mature and mysterious! Shes like a solid female lead in a TV series!” Lin En added.

After she finished, she nodded her head in acknowledgment.

Zhuang Ming smiled at Lin En and said lovingly, “I think youre just too worried about Xianer! Wasnt it a good thing that she was so capable As a mother, why are you worried What do you think about all day Have you watched too many TV shows recently”

Lin En pretended to glare at him and retorted, “I did have that feeling! Besides, whats wrong with me watching some TV shows Theres a popular male lead in a recent drama, and he looks like you when you were young! Hes so handsome!”

Zhuang Ming looked at Lin En helplessly and asked, “Am I only handsome when I was young Im not handsome anymore”

Lin En laughed and held his face in her hands, softly coaxing her childish husband.

Lin En and Zhuang Ming were very open-minded parents, which was clear from how they raised their three outstanding sons.

Therefore, they invested more in Zhuang Xians care and love for her.

In the past, they had let the three Zhuang brothers go free.

Zhuang Hang was stunned.

He looked at his parents in a daze.

Werent they talking about his sister just a second ago How did the topic of conversation change in an instant

Zhuang Hang felt a little uncomfortable after being fed dog food (distracted) by his parents.

Judge was a fashion brand that did include not only womens clothing but also adult mens clothing.

Zhuang Xian led her senior into the Judges mens section, where there were mens suits and casual clothes.

She quickly found two sets of clothes for Yan Zuo and urged him into the fitting room.

Yan Zuo helplessly took the clothes and walked in.

He didnt forget to turn around and say to his little junior sister, “You should go and choose! If theres anything you like, Ill buy it for you.”

Zhuang Xian smiled and waved at him, urging him to go in and try on the clothes.

Zhuang Xian treated Judge as her own home, so why would she need senior Yan Zuo to pay for her

Zhuang Xian was not idle while waiting for Yan Zuo to try on the clothes.

She had been swamped recently and had not handed in her design drafts for a while.

Judges design studio was on the verge of going crazy with anxiety.

Zhuang Xians fashion philosophy was a money-making weapon for Judge.

If she continued like this, Judges new collection for this season would probably be over!

She strolled around aimlessly, and the shop assistant followed her at a distance that was neither too far nor too close.

It was unlike other places, where she could not wait to stick to the customers and recommend things to them in a hurry.

Zhuang Xians eyes lit up when she saw the suit in the large display window.

The sales assistant was a brilliant person.

Seeing that Zhuang Xian was interested, she immediately stepped forward and explained, “Judges most experienced designer designed this set for the fall season.

Its more suitable for men with a strong aura and experience.

Its not suitable for your friend!”

Zhuang Xian nodded her head slightly.

She liked this sales assistants honesty and sincerity.

When she saw this outfit, the first person she thought of was not senior Yan Zuo but Mo Qian!

Mo Qians aura was powerful and supported the suits heavy aura.

Zhuang Xians experienced and precise eyes could tell at a glance that the suit size was just right for Mo Qian.

Mo Qians face flashed across Zhuang Xians mind.

After a while, she suddenly came back to her senses.

Zhuang Xian felt a little strange.

Why would she suddenly think of Mo Qian She even wanted to buy something for him.

She could almost see Mo Qian wearing this!

But why Why did she have such a reaction Could it be that she had fallen in love with Mo Qian

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