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Chapter 164: Chapter 164.

Broken Avatar

Mo Qians body exuded a monstrous cold intently, making him look like hells most powerful god of death.

The cold and ruthless messenger of death.

The other people in the venue had already fled in a frenzy when Zhuang Xian and the others started to make their move.

Now, in this huge venue, there were only Zhuang Xian and Yan Zuo, the devil-masked mans subordinates and bodyguards, and Mo Xi, standing behind Zhuang Xian and was shocked to see his young master.

“Young master What are you doing here …” Mo Xi strode forward and said incoherently.

More than a dozen armed bodyguards quickly emerged from behind Mo Qian.

The moment they rushed over, they took control of all the devil-masked mans subordinates and bodyguards.

The few bodyguards of the devil-masked man still standing threw away their weapons and surrendered on the spot when they saw the fully armed opponents.

The devil-faced man seemed to be shocked by this scene.

In disbelief, he said to Zhuang Xian and Yan Zuo, “The Saint Valleys methods are truly impressive! You mobilized so many people to catch me!”

As he spoke, he looked at Mo Qian, who was slowly approaching in a wheelchair, and said coldly, “Who are you How dare you kill someone with a gun Do you know that I have my men in the police station of City H If you want to die, then help the Saint Valley Medicine people catch me!”

“Saint Valley Medicine” Mo Qians expression was cold as he grasped the most important word in the devil-masked mans words.

Seeing the situation, Mo Xi bowed and hurriedly explained, “Young master! Ive already found out a few things about Saint Valley Medicine.

The fourth lady has a close relationship with Saint Valley Medicine!”

Mo Xis young master had also realized that the masked woman in red in the middle of the venue was the Zhuang familys fourth daughter.

Otherwise, he would not have shot the bodyguard when he was rude to Zhuang Xian!

Therefore, Mo Xi directly exposed Zhuang Xian.

Although he had not had the time to confirm her identity, his intuition had already told him the answer!

Zhuang Xians heart was alarmed.

After exchanging a look with Yan Zuo in the distance, she helplessly let go of the iron bar in her hand.

She turned back to look at Mo Qian, and after a long silence, she asked, “Why are you here Did you put a tracking device on me”

Mo Qians deep eyes flashed with many complicated and indecipherable emotions.

He sized up Zhuang Xian a few times, and his eyes, which no one could read, finally landed on Zhuang Xians bare ankles.

He moved his wheelchair closer to Zhuang Xian.

Facing Zhuang Xians inquiring eyes, he chuckled and said, “Arent your feet cold You dont even wear your shoes for a fight”

Zhuang Xian was taken aback.

She was a little speechless at Mo Qians strange focus.

She felt that Mo Qian should have a lot of questions for her! She was also very curious as to why he was there.

And why was he so interested in Saint Valley Medicine It wasnt enough to send Mo Xi to spy on the situation, and he followed her.

Was he determined to win this auction

Zhuang Xian was overthinking things.

Mo Qian had no idea about the Soul Devouring Bureaus auction.

Mo Xi had acted on his own without telling him!

Mo Qian was here because Mo Xi was acting very strangely this afternoon.

He even went around where Lan Ling was locked up and interrogated her again.

Didnt this prove that Mo Xi was hiding something from him Moreover, it was related to the Soul Devouring Bureau and the pharmaceutical industry.

He only needed to sort out his thoughts a little, and he could guess Mo Xis thoughts!

In the end, he saw Zhuang Xian here! This was something he had not expected.

He had been sitting in a luxury car outside the venue, watching the surveillance video his subordinate had handed him.

Zhuang Xian had rushed into the group of bodyguards in her red dress.

It didnt look like she was fighting, but more like she was dancing a beautiful dance! That was his girl, who could always bring him all kinds of surprises!

Therefore, Mo Qian would never allow anyone to hurt or insult her! The bodyguard lying in a pool of blood was the best reference.

Zhuang Xian looked at Mo Qian and remained silent for a long time.

Then, she frowned and stared at him, asking again, “You still havent answered my question.”

She didnt know why, but the feeling of panic in her heart, where her avatar was shattered to pieces, had disappeared.

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