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Chapter 165: Chapter 165 Jealous

Zhuang Xian had an inexplicable intuition in her heart.

She felt that even if Mo Qian knew all her secrets now, he would not do anything to hurt or harm her.

Mo Qian seemed to be trustworthy, right Zhuang Xian asked herself.

This feeling was extraordinary.

If he were to describe it more specifically, it was a kind of inexplicable feeling of not caring about anything, like having too many lice and not biting.

If Zhuang Xian could put herself in Mo Qians shoes, her thoughts and emotions would become very clear! This kind of behavior shouldnt be called “breaking a broken jar and throwing it away,” but instead being fearless or arrogant because of being pampered.

The extent of Mo Qians affection for Zhuang Xian had far exceeded her expectations.

Even if Zhuang Xian had suddenly turned into an unpardonable murderer, Mo Qian would probably continue to like her.

However, he would lock her up, lock her up in a domain that only belonged to him.

Only he would be able to see her and feel her!

Mo Qians eyes were filled with a strange possessiveness as he looked at Zhuang Xian.

However, he hid it so well that the slow-witted Zhuang Xian did not notice it.

Zhuang Xian had too many secrets.

She was too outstanding, and this exceeded Mo Qians expectations of her! This loss of control made Mo Qian suddenly feel a sense of powerlessness and loss as if he would never restrain Zhuang Xian!

That was why he looked at Zhuang Xian with such a strange and complicated expression.

“Do you want me to answer your question Thats good! Well exchange.” Mo Qian suppressed the complicated emotions in his heart and chuckled as he spoke to Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xian no longer felt the embarrassment of having her identity exposed.

Instead, she felt more at ease.

She thought about it and replied softly, “Sure.”

Mo Xi watched the conversation between Mo Qian and Zhuang Xian and heaved a sigh of relief as if a huge rock had been put down!

He thought the Zhuang familys fourth daughter must have a close relationship with Saint Valley Medicine.

With her relationship with the young master, it should not be difficult to ask her to introduce the young master to Saint Valley Medicine and find the famous green-robed apothecary.

Although the Zhuang familys fourth young mistress seemed cold, she should still be very kind deep down, Mo Xi thought.

Even though Yan Zuo was unsure of the situation, he could guess from the conversation between Zhuang Xian and this man that they were friends and not enemies!

He heaved a sigh of relief and looked at his allies, which were subduing them with their guns.

He felt that it was good to have real people around.

It was better than them fighting hard for a long time.

Mo Xi took the initiative to clean up the follow-up work of the venue.

He looked at the young masters silent face and felt a faint uneasiness in his heart.

Yan Zuo threw the masked man into the car.

The Mo family didnt say anything, probably because of Zhuang Xian!

He still felt that the man in the wheelchair treated his little sister very differently.

‘ The night view of the Northern city Manor is pretty good.

It would be even better if the temperature at night werent so low, Zhuang Xian thought as she sat on the bench in the courtyard.

The next second, a coat with a mans fragrance and body heat was placed on her shoulder.

Zhuang Xian subconsciously looked down and saw Mo Qians wheelchair behind her.

She held the coat with her hand and said thank you softly.

“I came here to find clues about Saint Valley Medicine.

My family has been looking for them for a long time, and only they have a way to cure my leg!” Mo Qian was indeed a man of his word.

He took the initiative to explain to Zhuang Xian when he said they would exchange information.

When he saw Yan Zuos gaze in the distance, Mo Qian suddenly felt a trace of wariness in his heart.

He pretended to ask casually, “Who was the man you were fighting with just now Can you tell me And why are you here”

Zhuang Xian frowned and looked up at him.

“What do the last few questions have to do with the first few Also, who told you Saint Valley Medicine can cure your injuries”

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