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Chapter 167: Chapter 167.

Heart-to-heart talk time

Saint Valley Medicine had many influential doctors, and Qing Yi was one of the best.

She was very interested in this strange and challenging disease.

But even so, Zhuang Xian did not choose to reveal her identity directly.

Instead, she secretly held back a trick.

Mo Qians Phoenix eyes were filled with a deep dark light as he stared at Zhuang Xian for a long time.

Just as Zhuang Xian suspected that she had missed out on something, causing Mo Qian to continue to question her, Mo Qian nodded slightly and replied softly, “Okay, Ill give you the medical record tomorrow! In addition, if apothecary Qing needs me to do anything, you can also tell me directly.”

Zhuang Xian heaved a sigh of relief and gave Mo Qian an ” OK ” gesture before leaving.

She paused for a moment, turned around, and was about to remind Mo Qian to keep todays events a secret, but before she could speak, Mo Qian interrupted her.

“Secret I know, dont worry, I wont tell anyone that I met you here today.

Ive also covered up all the surveillance cameras in this villa about you and that gentleman.” Mo Qian seemed able to read Zhuang Xians mind as he replied with a smile.

Zhuang Xians movements froze.

A few seconds later, she cleared her throat and said unnaturally, “Yes, I am.

You … Youve done well.

Thank you for what you did just now!”

Mo Qian smiled faintly and nodded at her.

Yan Zuo leaned against their car and looked at Zhuang Xian, who was walking towards him, with a teasing look.

He asked softly, “Who is this young master Hes helped us so much the moment he arrived, and you dont even let me thank him.

What kind of logic is this”

Zhuang Xian looked at her senior brother, who had a strange expression, and asked, “Senior brother, you still want to go up and thank him Do we still need to hide our identities Im doing this so that we wont reveal any flaws!”

“Todays matter has been completed too smoothly, and I feel a little uneasy.” Zhuang Xian looked at the tightly shut door of the cars back seat and said with a frown, “Senior, when you go back, you must interrogate this person properly.

Dont miss out on anything.”

Yan Zuo also looked in the direction of the devil-masked man.

After a moment of silence, he turned to Zhuang Xian and said, “Ive already used truth-telling powder on him just now.

He has also admitted that he is the boss of the Soul Devouring Bureau.

Theres no mistake.”

Zhuang Xian was taken aback.

She slowly regained her senses and looked at Yan Zuo in surprise.

“Senior, are you that fast You are even using truth-spitting powder!”

Yan Zuo nodded silently.

After looking at Zhuang Xian, he said, “Since your senior brother has already come over, you can directly hand this matter to me.

Little junior sister, you dont have to worry so much! But then again, when will you be able to change your suspicious and cautious personality Isnt it tiring to live so tensely all the time”

Yan Zuo had always been worried about Zhuang Xians psychological state.

Her kindness to this world seemed to be limited.

She had always carried on with doing things alone for her benefit.

She seemed to believe in nothing, and no one could get close to her.

He and his master had spent a long time before they got closer to her!

When he met his junior sister again, he found she had become much more cheerful.

To be more specific, she was more popular.

Qing Yis attitude towards that person just now seemed a little special.

At least she would never been so close to others in the past, and it was even more impossible for her to wear clothes that others had worn.

When Zhuang Xian heard her Seniors question, she knew he was concerned about her, so she smiled and said softly, “Im used to it.

Lets go back first! My mom is probably waiting anxiously.”

When Yan Zuo heard this, he sighed lightly.

“Do you need me to go back with you to explain After all, its getting late.”

As Yan Zuo spoke, he raised his hand to look at the time.

It was almost midnight.

Zhuang Xian shook her head and opened the door of the drivers seat.

She explained to her Senior, “My family doesnt know my identity for the time being.

Its not good for you to go! If theres a chance next time, Ill invite you to our house!”

“Oh Didnt you tell them the truth Then you have been hiding it from them all this time” Yan Zuo also opened the car door and sat beside Zhuang Xian.

He asked curiously.

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