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176 Chapter 176.

Whos Afraid of Whom

Seeing that Zhuang Jing was still indignant, Dr.

Zhang added sternly, “Its already the best result that we didnt find any serious illness.

So, please be rational and dont insult or attack our hospital and medical staff! If you insist on causing trouble, I can only choose to call the police!”

He had done an excellent job of using peaceful means before resorting to force.

To deal with someone like Zhuang Jing, who was impervious to anything and was good at pestering others, it was impossible to be too gentle and polite.

As expected, Zhuang Jing immediately exploded when she heard this.

She shouted, “What do you mean Do you want to call the police Alright! Well let the police judge and see if this is your hospitals negligence!”

When Zhang Ting heard Zhuang Jings words, he hurriedly stepped forward and pulled her over.

After glancing sideways at Si Rong behind her, he consoled her in a low voice, feeling guilty, “Alright! Dont mess around! The doctor was right.

If it werent for you and Zhuang Jie, who didnt cooperate with us during the past two days, complaining here and there, we would have gotten the results long ago!”

“Zhang Ting! Whose side are you on Zhuang Jie and I are your family; cant you tell whos close to you Why are you helping them” Zhuang Jing angrily said.

Zhang Ting had always been angry at Zhuang Jing, but he didnt dare to speak up.

Seeing that Zhuang Jing had started to vent her anger on him, he didnt dare talk back either.

He mumbled a few words in a low voice, but at this time, he couldnt talk back to Zhuang Jing anymore.

He ran away with extraordinary speed.

An Yes mother was also a person who used to intimidate others.

After hearing Dr.

Zhangs warning and Zhang Tings advice, she also gave up the idea of continuing to make a scene and scamming the hospital for mental damage compensation!

She went up to Zhuang Jing and coyly said, “Sister Zhuang, I think brother-in-law makes sense! The children are fine.

This is the best result!”

“What do you know” Zhuang Jing glanced at Madam An and said softly, “Theyre just bullying us.

If I dont give them a good scolding, they wont know who they shouldnt neglect and offend! Our Zhuang family is famous in City H.

These people should be scolded for being so blind!”

Si Rong took two steps forward and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

He looked at Zhuang Jing indifferently and said sarcastically, “Hmph! What a big tone! Even if old Madam Zhuang were here today, with me, she would still have to abide by the hospitals rules, let alone the fact that youre just a daughter of the Zhuang family who married another man! Its already the 21st century.

Which feudalistic era are you from Do you think that others are your familys slaves Cant you be a little less shameless”

Zhuang Jing turned around and saw that he was the son of the Si family.

The anger in her heart subsided a little, but she still said in a strange tone, “Young master Sis tone is not small! Our familys old lady is of the same generation as your grandfather.

When your grandfather sees her, he must smile and greet her.

Are you so disrespectful to your elders Where have your manners gone”

“Dont you use other peoples status to pressure me This is a hospital, a place where everyone is equal, not a feudal family like yours!” Si Rong put down his crossed arms and looked at Zhuang Jing coldly, his eyes filled with disgust and disdain.

If Zhuang Jing had her capabilities, it would have been fine, but this kind of behavior that only knew how to rely on the Zhuang family to oppress others was disgusting.

Other people might be polite to her, but Si Rong wasnt afraid of such things.

Although the Si family couldnt compare to a large family like Mo Qians, they were still people that ordinary families like the Zhuang family didnt dare to offend!

What he hated the most was this incompetent person who only knew how to use her connections to intimidate others.

She was shallow and ugly.

He raised his hand and gestured to the head nurse beside him.

“Go and call the security office over and get these scoundrels out! If anything happens, Ill take responsibility.”

Si Rongs voice was cold and stern, and the imposing aura of a noble young master exuded from him, causing the people around him to freeze.

Zhuang Jing glared at Si Rong, her face red with anger.

She had also been spoiled rotten by old Madam Zhuang.

Even though she was already someones wife and mother, she still didnt know how to restrain her arrogance.

Because of this, she offended many people.

Today, she met Si Rong, and it could be said that she had met an iron plate.

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