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178 Chapter 178.


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Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xians slightly raised brows and the mocking expression on her little face, and his mood suddenly brightened up.

He moved his wheelchair closer and explained with a smile, “Im sorry, I went to the hospital to get my examination report.

I didnt mean to leave you alone at home.

I think youll need this detailed information.”

As Mo Qian spoke, he gestured for Mo Xi to place the thick stack of documents in his hands on the coffee table in front of Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xian looked at these things and was slightly embarrassed.

How should he put it She felt that Mo Qian was being a little too serious.

Saint Valley Medicine was famous for its traditional Chinese medicine, so the rigorous and complicated tests of Western medicine were not necessary for Zhuang Xians eyes.

However, when she saw Mo Qians serious expression, Zhuang Xian could not say anything.

Alright, its better to take preventive measures.

Perhaps she might need it later!

Zhuang Xian thought about it and lifted her hand to rub her nose.


The main purpose of my visit today is to pass on medicine master Qing Yis message.”

Mo Qian looked at her with great interest.

“Really Youre quite efficient.

What is the apothecary in green saying”

Perhaps she was overly sensitive, but Zhuang Xian felt something was wrong with Mo Qians tone.

Compared to yesterday, he was not as agitated.

Zhuang Xian felt as if Mo Qian had seen through her.

He was merely playing along with her act!

Zhuang Xian looked straight into Mo Qians eyes, trying to find something that could confirm her suspicions.

However, she almost drowned in his gentle eyes.

Zhuang Xian returned to her senses and shook her head, trying to eliminate this strange feeling of being teased.

She didnt forget to reply, “Of course.

I, Zhuang Xian, am a woman of my word.

I will keep my promise to you.”

As she spoke, she took a deep breath and pushed the food box beside her toward Mo Qian.

Mo Qian understood Zhuang Xians meaning.

After a moment of surprise, he said in surprise, “Is it for me”


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