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“I didnt do anything, Sis!” Li Qin denied it.

After selling out the good girl, it was time to get down to business.

Li Qin said in a serious tone.

“Sister! Ive found out that two forces are investigating you currently, and I can confirm that one of them is from the Ye family! Theres another group that we cant be sure of at the moment.

Theyre very mysterious!”

 When Zhuang Xian heard Li Qins words, she stopped what she was doing and asked in surprise, “No way to confirm Why”

The only person the Ye family could think of to investigate her was Ye Xin.

 Who else could that mysterious force be Who would want to investigate her That was so strong that even Li Qin couldnt do anything about it!

 A few people flashed through Zhuang Xians mind, but she shook her head and rejected them all.

 Zhuang Xian was silent for a while, then ordered Li Qin, “Let them investigate! Give them my identity on the surface and dont worry about anything else.

 “I know, sister.

Alright,” Li Qin replied and chatted with her for a while before hanging up.

He looked at Zhuang Xians hacked database on the computer and pursed his lips.

“Check it! Check it! If you can find half of my sisters real identity, Ill take your surname.

 MingEn Corporation.

Mo Xi looked at his young master, who had eaten two boxes of CEO Zhuangs desserts, and helplessly wanted to hold his forehead.

How was he going to explain to CEO Zhuang when he returned later


 Mo Qian didnt care what Mo Xi was thinking.

He swallowed the last piece of pastry, wiped his hands, and said, “This pastry is really good.

Its sweet but not greasy, and its crispy and delicious.”

 Mo Xi continued, “Young master if you like it that much, why dont you just tell the fourth Miss directly Well ask her to cook for you at home.

 The image of Zhuang Xians beautiful side profile flashed across Mo Qians mind.

He smiled evilly.

“How can I accept that”

 Mo Xi was speechless.

 The next morning, when Zhuang Xian came back from her morning exercise, she suddenly noticed that there was a new group chat on her WeChat.

This WeChat number was Zhuang Xians backup number, and she only added people she was close to.

 The group chat named “My baby Zhuang Xians family support club” was still being refreshed.

Zhuang Xian clicked on it and read all the messages that popped up.

 “This will be our family chat group from now on! My precious sons, come out and welcome our familys little princess.

 The first to speak was the active third son of the Zhuang family, Zhuang Huai.

 “Im coming, Im coming! Welcome to our house, fourth sister! Im your third brother, Zhuang Huai!” He especially emphasized the wordsthird brother, and after the text was a row of neatly arranged emojis of scattering flowers and clapping.

“Welcome!” Zhuang Hang, who had been staying at home, was a little perfunctory.

 “Welcome home, fourth sister! Ill bring you a gift when I come back.

” Zhuang Bai was overseas, and it was already late at night there.

Even the huge time difference could not stop him from responding to his mothers call.


 Zhuang Xian smiled as she replied, “Thank you, brothers! Theres no need for gifts.

Everyone, hurry home.

Ill make delicious food for you all!”

 Zhuang Ming appeared just in time.

He sent a thumbs-up emoji as if he agreed with Zhuang Xians suggestion.

 Zhuang Xian smiled and sent a cute smiling emoji.

 Zhuang Bai looked at the message on his phone and a smile appeared on his face.

He thought to himself,This sister of mine is quite cute! Have Father and second brother, been conquered

 Zhuang Xian took the initiative to add her eldest brother and third brothers WeChat in the group chat.

This way, the WeChat accounts of the five of them were all lined up on her friends interface.

 It was a rare free time in the afternoon.

Zhuang Xian sat in the yard reading a book.

The sun shone through the shade of the trees and fell carefully and gently on her face.

 Lin En was holding a glass of orange juice in her hand as she looked at Zhuang Xian from afar.

She thought to herself,Isnt this child a little too boring

 It had been almost a week since Zhuang Xian came to the Zhuang family, but she had not seen her hanging out with her friends.

She had not even seen her on the phone with anyone.

 Lin En walked up and placed the cup beside Zhuang Xians hand.

She asked her softly, “Xianer! Dont you have any friends in City H Why havent I heard you mention your friends”

 Zhuang Xian was slightly taken aback.

Why would her mother suddenly ask her this question

 “I do, mom.” She sat up straight and smiled.

 If her many subordinates and business partners could be considered friends, then Zhuang Xian had quite a few friends.

 Zhuang Xian understood the worry in Lin Ens eyes.

Her mother was afraid that she would not have any friends by her side, and that she would be too lonely, which would affect her physical and mental development.

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