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184 Chapter 184.

Biological Father

Zhuang Xian glared at him and spat out, “Get lost.”

Li Qin grinned cheekily and returned to the room he was in just now.

He made an “All the best” gesture to Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xian looked at the door of the private room and let out a sigh of relief.

This was the first time she had seen herBiological father since rebirth!

In her past life, if Ye Xin and Shen Min were the main conspirators of the scheme, then Ye Zheng would be the biggest accomplice.

His evil deeds were not inferior to Ye Xin and Shen Mins.

When Ye Xin locked up Zhuang Xian in her previous life, she had already lost all hope for Ye Zheng.

Now, Ye Zheng was just one of her many enemies.

When Ya Jing opened the cubicle door for Zhuang Xian, Ye Xin stood up to welcome her.

Ye Zheng sat up straight and didnt stand up.

Zhuang Xian glanced at Ye Zheng indifferently.

There wasnt much of a reaction on her face.

She was like a proud and aloof super-writer who didnt care about the capitalist in front of her.

When Ye Xin saw Yan An for the first time, a strange sense of familiarity suddenly popped up in her heart, but this feeling disappeared quickly because Ya Jing had already started to introduce her and her father to her.

“Teacher Yan An, this is CEO Ye, Ye Zheng.

This is CEO Yes daughter, Miss Ye Xin.

Ya Jing said to Zhuang Xian respectfully.

Ye Xin reacted quickly and took two steps forward, smiling at Yan An.

Hello, teacher Yan An.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and listen to our Ye Groups suggestion and sincerity.

“Oh What suggestion” Zhuang Xian put down her exquisite Chanelle handbag, adjusted her glasses, and pretended to be interested.

Ye Xin, on the other hand, had an extremely high EQ.

After faking a deep chuckle, she sat back in her chair and raised her hand, signaling for Zhuang Xian to look at Ye Zheng.

“This is my father, the only person in charge of Ye Group.

The fact that hes here to meet with teacher Yan An is enough to show our sincerity.

As for the suggestion Ive mentioned, let my father explain it to teacher Yan An!

With just a few words, Ye Xin had elevated Ye Zhengs status, as if they werent here to beg Xian Du and Yan An to let them off and show them mercy.

Zhuang Xian found it funny, but she didnt expose Ye Xin.

Instead, she merely said with a faint smile, “Oh If you didnt introduce me like that, I would have thought you were his secretary.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Ya Jing and said, “After all, no one has ever come out to discuss such an important matter.

No one has brought anyone else but their daughter! Dont you think its strange”

Hearing this, Ya Jing nodded and smiled, her eyes full of ridicule.

Ye Xin understood the smile in Ya Jings eyes.

She didnt dare to offend Yan An, but her proud heart wouldnt allow a small department head to be so rude to her!

She smiled and looked at Ya Jing.

“Because Im the only daughter in my family, I often follow my father out to learn about the situation.

After all, the entire Ye Group will be mine in the future.

How can I not put in some effort Unlike Ms.

Ya Jing, her work is simple, and she doesnt have to do anything all day to get a salary of a few thousand Yuan.

Its so easy that it makes people envious!”

How could Ya Jing not hear the sarcasm in Ye Xins voice

However, she didnt care.

In front of Yan An, a mere daughter of the Ye family, wanted to have an advantage verbally.

How could that be possible

“Yup! Other people earn a salary of a few thousand Yuan with their abilities.

They cant compare to Miss Yes good father, who can make money!”

Zhuang Xian squinted her sharp proud eyes and said sarcastically, “However! One could not live by relying on others and living a shallow and narrow life.

Reading more and accumulating more, having some inner qualities is the most important thing! So what if she is the only daughter of the Ye family The world had changed.

What if, one day, this prefix suddenly disappeared Wouldnt that be blind”

Ya Jing looked at Ye Xins red face and felt very happy.

Yan Ans sharp mouth was indeed well-deserved.

Not only was she able to scold people, but she could also kill people without them noticing.

Didnt Ye Xin think that her status as the only daughter of the Ye family was imposing Yan An wanted to stab the knife directly into her soft ribs and let her feel pain, panic, and fear!

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