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185 Chapter 185.

Ye Zheng in Person

Although the Ye family was big, their foundation could not be compared to the Zhuang family.

Their strength and influence were also comparable to the Zhuang family.

Ya Jing couldnt understand why Ye Xin was so blindly arrogant.

Had she been a frog in a well for too long and couldnt see a bigger future beyond her

Ye Xin felt like she was about to be stabbed to death by Yan Ans dull knife.

Not only did she mock her for having no natural ability and only knowing how to rely on her family.

She teased her for being shallow and narrow-minded, without any inner knowledge, and even threatened her directly in the end!

No matter how afraid she was of Yan An, Ye Xin couldnt take it anymore.

She was about to stand up and argue with Yan An when she was interrupted by Ye Zheng, who suddenly spoke.

“Alright, alright! Teacher Yan An, youre also a senior master in the industry.

Why would you argue with a little girl We should make money in peace.” Ye Zheng had been observing Yan An the whole time.

When he saw that the atmosphere was not right, he hurriedly stopped Ye Xin from further fanning the flames.

They still had a critical mission today!

As he spoke, he turned his head and looked sternly at Ye Xin, indicating that she should not cause any more trouble and offend Yan An.

The success or failure of todays business depends on Yan Ans attitude.

“I can see that youre very interested in our suggestion, teacher Yan An.

Then, Ill cut to the chase! As Ye Zheng spoke, he suddenly took a folder from his bag and handed it to Masaharu beside her.

“Im sure teacher Yan An knows that the competition between our Ye Group and Ming En has always been very fierce.

Ming En is a rising star in our field.

His foundation is weak, and hes not worthy of being our leader! I think we had a slight misunderstanding before.

The reason why Xian Du spoke up for Ming En last time was that they deceived her!

This document contains the truth that Ive investigated with great effort.

Ming En is a parasite in the industry that has done all sorts of nasty things.

Theyve deceived countless consumers and even used unscrupulous means to attack their peers in the industry! I know that Xian Du has always pursued the most truthful news.

I admire your courage in speaking the truth.

Since Ming En is unbearable, why dont we work together to overthrow his hypocrisy This is for the good of City Hs economy and business circle; its the best act of righteousness!”

Ye Zheng spoke passionately.

If Zhuang Xian didnt know what kind of person he was, she might have been bewitched by his sophistry and lies.

Zhuang Xian flipped through the folder Ye Zheng handed over and was shocked.

She did not expect Ye Zheng to put in so much effort to destroy Ming En.

This was no longer straightforward business jealousy and internal strife but a real black-hearted and ruthless person.

He wanted to kill her parents!

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Fortunately, she had the foresight to come and intercept this vicious plan halfway.

Ye Zheng saw that Yan Ans hand stopped and pretended to laugh.

“Of course, I will not deny my selfishness! I want to use Xian Dus hand to advance the Ye Group.”

Zhuang Xian chuckled and flattered Ye Zheng at the right time.

“CEO Ye, youre a straightforward person.

Youre an open person.”

“Hahahaha …” Ye Zheng laughed loudly when he heard that.

“Yan An, youre also a temperamental person.

Look at the back of the plan.”

Zhuang Xian didnt comment and calmly flipped to the end.

When she saw the hugeRemuneration that the Ye Group would give her, she was slightly surprised.

Ye Zheng was so generous, but he was also planning well!

“I, Ye, have never mistreated my companions! On this matter, as long as teacher Yan An agrees, we will immediately sign the contract! Well also pay you the remuneration, so dont worry!” Ye Zheng said, pretending to be straightforward.

Zhuang Xian chuckled as she looked at him with a slightly curious expression.

She had to admit that Ye Zhengs plan was well thought out.

If it wasnt her who came today but someone else from Xian Du, they probably wouldnt be able to resist this considerable temptation.

What remuneration It was just a bribe to seal her mouth and pen!

What is win-win cooperation He just wanted to pull her into the Group and use her influence and background to attack Ming En and boost the Ye Group!

This was a brilliant plan!

Dont be fooled by Ye Zhengs benevolence, righteousness, morality, and righteousness words.

In reality, he was just a scum who was good at covering up his greed and schemes! He even thought he was brilliant and that others couldnt see through his various tricks and evil thoughts.

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