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189 Chapter 189.

Father And Daughter

Ye Zhengs raised hand paused before slowly replying, “Okay.

Well give you an answer as soon as possible.”

Zhuang Xian nodded.

She didnt even look at Ye Zhengs embarrassed hand as she turned around and left.

Ya Jing was still very concerned about the feelings and faces of her future partners.

She raised her hand and shook Ye Zhengs hand, politely saying, “Then well take our leave first.”

Ye Zheng nodded slightly, but his eyes looked in the direction Zhuang Xian had left.

Her back view swayed gently and was so beautiful that it pleased the eye!

Yan An looked like a proud and charming, beautiful writer.

She was rich, so she didnt show any of her scholarly temperament.

She should be particular about how she deals with people and do as she pleases.

So, his shirking words just now should have made her a little unhappy! Ye Zheng furrowed his brows deeply as he thought about this.

“Dad! Were already at this stage; theres no need to care about the procedures.

The most important thing right now is to eliminate Xian Dus constant attacks on us!” Ye Xin only spoke to Ye Zheng after Zhuang Xian and Ya Jing had disappeared entirely.

Ye Zheng furrowed his brows and turned to look at her.

He said coldly, “What do you know The more urgent the situation is, the more cautious we should be to avoid falling into the enemys trap!”

“I understand what youre saying! But look at Yan An, such a weird and proud person; how could the opponent send her to confuse us Thats too much!” Ye Xin felt that her fathers way of doing business was too conservative.

With this personality, he would never be successful in the business world.

Ye Zheng lowered his brows and thought about it seriously.

What Ye Xin said wasnt without reason.

Thinking back to Yan Ans various reactions just now, there was indeed nothing suspicious.

She scoffed at her means of temptation and wasnt afraid of offending them.

She helped her partner and directly rebuked Ye Xin.

Fortunately, he came to her rescue in time.

Otherwise, Yan An wouldve left on the spot!

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From what they said before they left, it seemed that they were not the only target of this cooperation.

The Chen familys Haotian group was also one of their targets!

Ye Xin had thought of this as well.

She furrowed her brows and said irritatedly, “They even asked Haotians people.

Are they trying to compare goods We cant miss this opportunity, Dad! We dont have a better choice.”

Ye Zheng picked up his briefcase and the letter of intent that Ye Xin had placed in front of him earlier.

“Lets not talk about this here.

Lets go back to the company first! As for Haotian, well find out what theyre up to after we ask someone we know!”

Ye Xin had no choice but to agree to Ye Zhengs suggestion for the time being.

However, this matter couldnt be delayed.

She still wanted to work with Xian Du as soon as possible.

While the father and daughter of the Ye family were still nervously guessing Yan Ans true intentions and style of doing things, in the black Maybach luxury car outside the door of the teahouse, Li Qin was already looking at his sister Xian.

His eyes had begun to shine, and the admiration in his eyes could not be hidden.

“Sister Xian, youre amazing! Youre my god forever! With such superb acting skills, it would be a loss for the entire entertainment industry if you didnt act! That best actress is called Ma; her acting skills cant even compare to yours.

If you were to enter the entertainment industry, you wouldnt even have to deal with those ordinary women!”

‘Imperial envoy Li was about to rush up and hug Zhuang Xian, but Zhuang Xian pressed a hand to his face and pushed him back to his seat.

Ya Jing sat in the front passenger seat and laughed as she listened to Li Qins teasing and flattery.

“Yeah! Li Qin, you dont know, but sister Xians reaction and counterattack just now made my heart race! Sister Xians initial disparaging of Ye Zheng scared me out of my wits.

I was afraid that Ye Zheng would turn hostile and leave.

Yet, Ye Xin acted smart and spoke up for us.

Im dying of laughter.”

As she spoke, she excitedly turned to look at Zhuang Xian, who was removing her makeup.

She asked respectfully, “Sister Xian, werent you afraid that the father and daughter of the Ye family wouldnt fall for our trap ”

As Zhuang Xian removed her makeup, she did not forget to answer Ya Jings question.

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