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192 Chapter 192.

A New Plan

Li Zhen was half a teacher to Zhuang Xian.

He could be considered half a boxing master.

Old man Li Zhen was a retired officer of the special-class combat force of country Zs Army.

Even though he was already almost 70 years old, he still held great power in his hands.

He was the big Shot who could shake the entire military with a single word!

“I think you, stinky brat, can climb the roof and tear down the tiles if you dont fight for three days! Im your grandfather.

Is it appropriate for you to talk to me like this” Li Zhen didnt care if he was on the phone or not.

Hearing Li Qins disrespectful words, he immediately cursed.

Li Qin gestured for Zhuang Xian to move the camera away.

He didnt want to listen to his grandfathers nagging.

Of course, Zhuang Xian would not be angry with Li Qin.

She had only done that to make the old man happy.

The old man had bathed in blood on the battlefield for decades.

He had outstanding military achievements and great power.

He seemed to have returned to his original state when he grew old.

He liked to hang out with the younger generation more and more.

In his own words, he felt that he was younger and more energetic by spending more time with the young people.

Zhuang Xian looked at her grandfather, who was still fuming in the video call, and a weak smile suddenly appeared on her face.

She coaxed him, “Alright, Grandpa, its not easy for us to have a video call.

Lets stop quarreling, okay What have you been busy with recently”

When Li Zhen heard this, he restrained some of his emotions and snorted softly before saying, “Whos quarreling with you two Im teaching you a lesson!”

“Good, good, good! We know we were wrong, Grandpa.

Please be magnanimous and let us off this time!” Zhuang Xian said, pretending to be obedient.

She had to go along with the old man when talking to him.

It was fun to tease her grandfather, but she had to be careful.

boxn ovel.


Li Zhen looked at Zhuang Xians obedient and ingratiating expression, and the smile on his face was almost impossible to hide.

Why would he be angry at Zhuang Xian and his grandson He couldnt wait to dote on these two precious things.

“I havent done much recently.

By the way, Xiao Xianer, I heard from Li Qin that youre preparing to go to Saint Capital University, right” As Li Zhen answered Zhuang Xians question, he suddenly remembered something important and quickly asked.

Zhuang Xian nodded.

“Yes, grandfather.

Well start reporting to Saint Capital University in three days.”

Li Zhen was shocked and surprised, “Youre going to school You have many graduation certificates from famous universities in your hands; isnt that enough Whats so special about this University that youre insistent on going”

Zhuang Xian exhaled slightly and said to Li Zhen with certainty, “Im going; I must go.

The Saint Capital is nothing special to me.

What attracts me are the people inside!”

Seeing Zhuang Xians cold expression, Li Zhen could already guess this had something to do with her blood feud.

He sighed slightly and worriedly; Zhuang Xian was a child with many ideas and plans.

From how she entered the Zhuang family to be their adopted daughter, it could be seen that Zhuang Xian had already made up her mind to leave.

No one could stop her.

Li Zhen looked up at Zhuang Xian on the phone.

After silence, he said gently, “Remember grandpas words.

If you need help, you must look for Grandpa immediately, understand”

The coldness in Zhuang Xians eyes had just flashed by.

She smiled faintly at Li Zhen and said, “I know; youve already emphasized it countless times! However, theres something that I need you to do right now.”

When Li Zhen heard this, he was indeed interested.

He asked happily, “Hurry up and tell me.

I can help you!”

“This matter is straightforward.

Saint Capital University has always had very high physical requirements for first-year students, and the first-year students military training has always been the most important thing in the past years.

Since thats the case, why dont we give them a hand”

As Zhuang Xian spoke, she smiled and leaned back in her chair, finding a comfortable position.

She continued, “Grandpa, I need you to inform the Principal of the University that youll be in charge of the military training for the new students.

Of course, you dont have to come personally.

Just one of your adjutants will be enough to cover for two days!”

Li Zhen didnt quite understand what Zhuang Xian meant by this.

With her excellent physical condition, any level of military training was childs play! Therefore, Zhuang Xian did not want to train herself.

She had other motives!


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