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193 Chapter 193.

Grandpas Great Help

Li Zhen couldnt understand, so he said bluntly, “The things youve said are all small matters when arranged.

What I dont understand is what youre trying to do.

Zhuang Xian laughed and explained, “I want to give my enemies a little bit of pressure when school starts! Since youve already agreed, Ill thank you in advance!”

Looking at Zhuang Xians obedient and gentle smile, deep in her eyes, there was a look of mischief.

Li Zhen shook his head helplessly and smiled.

He pretended to scold her.

“Stinky girl, youre the only one who can make me happy! When I ask you anything, you stammer and refuse to explain clearly!”

Li Zhen suddenly thought of something.

“Thats right! Why dont you let Li Qin go with you to Saint Capital University to gain some experience Hes always hiding in the house alone and doing all those messy things.

Im annoyed by him! Let him be with you.

His martial arts are not bad, so if anything happens in the future, you two can take care of each other!”

When Li Qin heard this, he said with some dissatisfaction, “Grandpa! Im already one of the top three hackers in the world.

Why do you still think that Im a person who does all sorts of nonsense Why do you have double standards!”

“Tell me, are you willing to go with your sister Xian” Li Zhen raised his sharp eyebrows and said in a calm voice.

Li Qins heart choked.

A few seconds later, he resignedly replied, “I want to.

I want to be with sister Xian.

Li Zhen smiled with confidence.

“Then isnt it settled ”

Zhuang Xian looked at this pair of grandfather and grandson bickering and shook her head helplessly.

She thought it was good to have Li Qin by her side to help her out.

He would be an excellent assistant!

If anyone else knew of Zhuang Xians current thoughts, they would probably be so shocked that their teeth would fall out.

What kind of person was Li Qin He was the youngest grandson of Li Zhen, the big shot in the military and political world.

He was the young master of the Li family! However, Zhuang Xian only wanted him to be her assistant!

He did not know if he should ridicule Zhuang Xians impudence.

It was time to complain about old man Li Zhens free-range policy.

boxn ovel.


Li Zhen had always felt that Zhuang Xian was an outstanding and different child.

He had placed Li Qin by Zhuang Xians side, hoping that Li Qin could learn more from her.

He also liked Zhuang Xian a lot, so this was killing two birds with one stone.

Not only could she influence Li Qin, but he could also take the opportunity to get an outstanding talent like Zhuang Xian to his side.

“Alright, its decided then.

Three days later, Li Qin will come with me to report to the Saint Capital, but you must hide your identity.

Zhuang Xian nodded slightly and said warmly.

Zhuang Xian did not expect that after a meal, she would gain a little follower who would follow her around from now on.

Li Qin patted his round stomach and turned to look at Zhuang Xian.

He was only a few months younger than Zhuang Xian, but he was already half a head taller than her.

He was carrying a cool laptop bag, and his youthful and energetic look attracted the attention of many passers-by.

Coupled with the equally beautiful Zhuang Xian, he looked like an eye-catching teen drama idol.

He asked Zhuang Xian, “Sister Xian, where are you going next Ill give you a ride!”

Zhuang Xian looked at him, thought for a moment, and said, “Alright, take me to the vast sea villa area.

I have something to do there.

Li Qin nodded and opened the back door for Zhuang Xian.

They looked very intimate when they spoke from a distance, and their postures were very close.

They were so well-matched that they looked like a pair of golden boy and jade girl.

Xiang Nan leaned on the car window, staring straight toward Zhuang Xian and Li Qin.

He wanted to take out his mobile phone to take a picture and send it to Mo Qian, but Zhuang Xian got into the car very quickly, so he couldnt capture it.

He could only take a few photos of the Maybachs side profile and the cars license plate.

He pulled at the photo on his phone, trying to zoom in on the face of the boy next to Zhuang Xian, but he realized that he had missed it and couldnt see it.

Regretfully, he muttered to himself, “I thought I could get a shot of the face and get a reward from brother Qian! Sigh, I was too careless! However, brother Qians methods of wooing people were not good.

It had been so long, and he still let fourth Miss out on a date with other boys I cant understand old brother Qians too.

He cant compete with the young hunks!”

As he spoke, he sent the photo to Mo Qian and his own interpretation of the gossip.

If Mo Qian were to find out about his disparaging remarks, he would probably smash his little head into pieces! He only dared to be bold because Mo Qians temper had recently improved!

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