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195 Chapter 195.

Sealed Loneliness

In Yan Zuos heart, Little Junior Sister was the best girl in the world, worthy of the best man in the world.

Feeling as if his thoughts had drifted off, Yan Zuo came back to his senses.

After a pause, he looked at Zhuang Xian and asked, “So, the reason mo Qian came to the auction that day was to find Saint Valley Medicine No, thats not right! I should say that he came to find you, Qing Yi, to treat his legs, right The one who has contracted this strange disease is Mo Qian, who has been in a wheelchair all this time, right”

Zhuang Xian knew she couldnt hide anything from her brilliant senior brother.

After sighing, she nodded and said, “Yes, I owe him a favor, and I want to return it to him!”

“Oh What kind of great favor would require a genius doctor like you to spend so much effort to think of a way to make up for it As far as I know, Mo Qians leg injury has been a problem that has troubled the Mo clan for more than ten years.

If you can solve it for them, Wont You Be the Mo clans great benefactor Dont you think youre exaggerating when you say that you only want to repay Mo Qians favor”

Yan Zuo looked at Zhuang Xian in a daze and asked a few questions that Zhuang Xian could not avoid.

Yan Zuo wasnt worried that Zhuang Xian wouldnt be able to treat Mo Qians leg.

As long as she wanted to, she could do anything.

There was something else that was more important.

A person who could make a genius like little Junior Sister treat him so carefully and cautiously was not an ordinary friend.

Zhuang Xian did not know why, but she felt a little guilty under her seniors teasing and curious gaze.

“Have you forgotten about Saint Valleys senior brother Gu Xun I want to accumulate some good deeds for our Valley! And dont you think youll have a great sense of accomplishment if we can cure this difficult-to-treat illness”

Yan Zuo looked at her and smiled helplessly.

“There arent many people who can make you so cautious, Junior Sister! When did you start explaining to me with such a guilty conscience Just admit it; youre guilty! Do you like Mo Qian”

Zhuang Xian raised her eyes and glared at him.

The words that she wanted to refute were stuck in her throat.

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After a while, she swallowed and said, “What nonsense are you talking about, senior brother Im being serious with you!”

Yan Zuo saw that she was anxious and stopped teasing her.

He chuckled and replied, “Good, good, good! Seriously! Since you already have an idea in your heart, do it boldly! With your strength, arent these things as easy as stretching out your hand You can tell your senior brother about your idea if youre worried.

Although the senior brother is not as powerful as you, hes more careful and thoughtful.

I can help you see if youve missed anything or need to perfect it!”

Zhuang Xian did not show it on her face, but she was shocked by Yan Zuos question.

‘Do you like Mo Qian

This was the first time someone had asked her about her feelings for Mo Qian so directly.

Of course, this also included her, who had been avoiding him.

She had never asked herself this question so frankly.

Zhuang Xian felt that her act of indifference in front of Mo Qian had wholly fallen through.

She had sealed her heart, turned heartless, and sealed her loneliness.

When you like someone, you cant hide it just because you say you want to.

It will be evident from your eyes, body movements, and expressions.

It cant be hidden.

Zhuang Xian suddenly felt a little tired.

She looked at Yan Zuo and did not forget to answer his question.

“Okay, Ill go back and draw up a detailed and complete treatment plan for senior.

Help me see if theres anything I need to add.”

Yan Zuo looked at his Junior Sister, who seemed to have suddenly lost her spirit, and comforted her.

“In ones life, there are times when one doesnt need to be so restrained.

Even if you dont like Mo Qian, you still have a good impression of him.

This is a very precious feeling, so dont waste it! Even if you find out that youre not suitable for each other after you get together, youre not the one who cant afford to lose! Youre so young, beautiful, and talented.

He should be the one whos nervous and afraid.”

Zhuang Xian was helpless.

“Senior, youre too good at associating! Things arent even certain yet, and you can already think about the future.

Why didnt I realize that you have such a rich imagination”

Yan Zuo laughed when he heard that.

He seemed to have seen through her and said, “Alright, I wont tease you anymore.

Ive finished what I wanted to say, and youve already taken the clothes.

You should go back quickly!”


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