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197 Chapter 197.

Lucky No Can do

“I just called your brother.

He said he had no idea that Lanwei gave us the membership cards! Hes very close to Jason, but he never heard Jason say that he wanted to give our entire family blue Weibo as members.

This gift is too expensive!”

Lin Ens eyes were fixed on Zhuang Xian as she spoke.

She was trying to detect any unnatural expression on Zhuang Xians face.

When Zhuang Xian heard Lin Ens words, her brows furrowed slightly, but they immediately relaxed.

“Mother, why did you suddenly ask this ”

Lin En could not understand Zhuang Xians reaction.

Was this true or not

She couldnt understand, so she said, “Xianer, tell me the truth.

Did you make the pastries we had at Lanwei the other day Are you the chef of Lanwei Whats your relationship with that world-famous teacher Jason Did you get someone to apply for those membership cards for us”

Zhuang Xians heart tightened.

She knew that she could not avoid today.

It looked like she did not pass the game entirely this morning.

She should not have had that kind of wishful thinking!

Zhuang Xian looked into Lin Ens eyes and knew she could no longer hide it.

She pursed her lips and looked at Lin En obediently before nodding her head.

Lin En looked at Zhuang Xians actions and exclaimed softly, “Really Xianer, youre Lanweis chef”

“There was a period in the past when I was.” Zhuang Xian said honestly.

She looked at Lin Ens expression and saw that there was nothing but surprise.

She asked, “Mom, are you not angry this time”

When Lin En heard that, she smiled gently and reached out to hold her wrist.

She said warmly, “Why should I be angry I cant be happier that youre so outstanding!”

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As she said this, she seemed to have suddenly thought of this type of word.

She had said this many times before, so she laughed and ridiculed, “These words sound very familiar! But its also your fault, you stinky girl, you have so many abilities, but youve been hiding them from us!”

Zhuang Xian held Lin Ens hand and smiled obediently, “I was afraid that you guys wouldnt be able to accept this, so I thought of telling you one by one in the future.

I never thought of hiding it from you guys.”

Lin En reached out her free hand and gently pinched her face.

“Ill give you a chance to redeem yourself.

Tell me everything.

Otherwise, Im going to get angry!”

Zhuang Xian chuckled and said to Lin en, “Mom, if you were angry, you would have given birth earlier.

Why would you still be angry now Alright, I happen to have time today, so Ill tell you everything, okay”

We hear that; Lin En nodded in satisfaction.

“Thats more like it.

Hurry up and tell me.”

The breeze brought along the fragrance of osmanthus flowers as it blew between Zhuang Xian and Lin En.

The two were of different ages and appearances, but they were both beautiful women.

Under the warm sunlight and the fragrance of the flowers, they gathered together and talked about Zhuang Xians past.

Zhuang Huai was leaning on Zhuang Mings right, but his eyes were fixed on Zhuang Xian and Lin En in the pavilion.

He asked, “Dad! What do you think Mom and sister are talking about Why did mother start to attack my sister as she spoke What did my sister do to get caught by Mom Should we go up and save her”

Zhuang Ming took a sip of tea and looked at Zhuang Huai.

He pretended to be profound and said, “Now, Dad will teach you the first trick for a good man to survive at home.

If your wife doesnt want you to interfere, youd better not!

But it would help if you stood up when it is time for you to interfere and support me.

Also, your sister wont do anything wrong, but youd better be careful!”

When Zhuang Huai heard the first half of Zhuang Mings words, he felt a little disdainful.

He didnt even have a wife, so why did he have to learn this survival trick

He didnt know that Zhuang Mings actual combat experience would endlessly benefit him in the future.

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