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200 Chapter 200.

The Second Female Leads Kill

Bai Nings manager looked at Bai Ning with disappointment, but she still comforted her with a warm heart.

Bai Ning smiled, but her eyes were fixed on the brother and sister behind the camera.

She said softly, “Im just saying it to express my feelings, understand Dont you know how to ridicule”

The next second, the police officer, played by Zhuang Huai, opened fire at the beautiful violinist.

After a loud bang, a bright red flower bloomed on the violinists chest.

She was wearing a red dress, and when the blood sprayed on it, it only deepened the color.

Zhuang Xian fell into a pool of bright red blood.

Her long, soft hair was stained with blood.

In her hand, she held the violin that she regarded as her life.

However, as the blood flowed out, her hands that held the violin and bow slowly lost their strength.

In the end, she did not have her violin.

In this empty room, there was a deathly silence.

At the last moment, before the violinist closed her eyes, crystal tears fell from the corner of her eyes.

Her thin lips, covered in gorgeous lipstick, opened slightly, showing her resentment for the despair in the world.

“So it was just a dream; no wonder it was so preposterous.”

Zhuang Huais hand that was holding the gun trembled slightly.

He didnt understand why his heart was so painful that he couldnt breathe when he had just killed a suspect.

In the end, the male lead finally puts down the gun.

The director, sitting behind the monitor, quickly shouted, “Cut! Congratulations, sister Xianer!”

The scene was silent at first, but after the producer and director took the lead in clapping, people slowly responded.

“Congratulations! Xianer is too amazing!”

“Heavens! Im crying! What kind of god-like acting is this”

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“Little sister is too amazing! I like it!”

“Argh! My little angel! You were born at the wrong time!”

Of course, the one who cried the most was the movies scriptwriter.

When everyones attention returned to the scenes main character, they saw Zhuang Huai hugging his sister tightly in his arms.

Zhuang Xians body was trembling slightly.

She was happy, but the tears in her eyes were like a broken dam.

She lifted her hands and hugged Zhuang Huais firm back, her voice trembling as she called out, “Ling bei! Third brother!

Ling bei was the name of the male lead in the movie.

Zhuang Huai knew that Zhuang Xian was not entirely out of character yet.

He quickly hugged his sister tightly and comforted her with a warm voice, “Im here! Third brother is here!”

It took Zhuang Xian nearly five minutes to recover slowly.

The tragic scene of this character almost made her recall the past.

Zhuang Xians last line resonated with her.

She reached out to take the bouquet from Bai Ning and thanked her with red eyes and a smile.

Zhuang Xian saw Bai Ning secretly glance at her third brother, then lean closer to her and say in a serious tone, “Youre better at acting than your brother.

He was completely suppressed by you just now!”

As she spoke, she took out a red packet and handed it to Zhuang Xian.

“I havent even had a good chat with you, and youre already returning to school! Seven days of filming were done in three days.

This sister is convinced! This is a red packet for you; take it!”

Bai Ning looked at this beautiful girl.

She didnt know why, but she always had a very inexplicable sense of closeness to her.

‘She likes this girl, Bai Ning thought, and a smile bloomed on her face.

When Zhuang Huai turned around, he was just in time to witness this pleasing scene.

The two most beautiful girls on set were together.

They seemed to be whispering to each other, and when they talked about something funny, they looked at each other and laughed.

They were as beautiful as flowers, and their smiles were even more eye-catching!

Zhuang Huai passed Zhuang Xian an ice pack and pretended to be relaxed as he teased, “Seeing how you cried just now, I was apprehensive that you wouldnt be able to get out of the character! ThatLing bei made my scalp tingle! Hurry up and put it on, or youll have to report to school tomorrow with swollen eyes! Hahaha.”

Zhuang Xian looked speechlessly at her brother, who gloated at her misfortune.

She said to Bai Ning helplessly, “Sister Ning, please dont take offense.

My brother isnt always this crazy.

Hes very kind, gentle, and considerate!”

As she spoke, she took the ice pack from Zhuang Huais hand and gestured for Bai Ning to look over as if she was praising her brother.

Bai Ning was taken aback.

She felt that Zhuang Xian was acting strangely, as if she had realized something!

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