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201 Chapter 201.

‘Fang Shi

Zhuang Xian didnt think that her acting was that good.

She just tried her best to replicate such a role.

Just like what Bai Ning had felt just now, Zhuang Xian was someone who was chased by the heavens!

“Director, youre overpraising me.

As long as I dont let you down, its fine.” As Zhuang Xian spoke, she smiled gently.

Her beautiful face was like a dazzling flower that had bloomed.

In the movie “Cloud of doubt,” the screenwriter was a slightly famous screenwriter teacher in the entertainment industry.

Her name was Fang Shi! Yes, it was the same name as the violin musician that Zhuang Xian played in the movie!

Therefore, it was easy to imagine how much Fang Shi loved theFang Shi in the movie.

Fang Shi was a lovely woman.

When Zhuang Xian was killed on the set, she was the one who cried the most.

She looked at Zhuang Xians face and forced a smile.

“Thank you, Zhuang Xian.

Youve perfectly replicated theFang Shi I imagined!”

Zhuang Xian looked at her and smiled.

“No need to thank me.

MeetingFang Shi might also be my fortune!”

When the scriptwriter heard this, her eyebrows relaxed, and she smiled.

It seemed that they all resonated with and liked the role ofFang Shi in this script.

“I know you only decided to come and help at the last minute because of your brother Zhuang Huai.

We are very grateful to you! If youre still interested in acting in the future, I have a very mature script in my hands.

I think its very suitable for you and would like to invite you to be the female lead! Look at Yingluo.”

The scriptwriter looked at Zhuang Xian expectantly as she spoke.

If it was three days ago, someone had come over to invite Zhuang Xian to film a movie; she would have thought that the other party was just playing with her and there might be something wrong with her eyes! However, after three days of fulfilling a rich acting life, Zhuang Xian had a new understanding of the wordacting.

In her past life, other than persistently searching for her biological parents and dating Gao Peng, Zhuang Xian had never really liked anything! In her previous life, she did not have many opportunities to work with others in movies.

boxn ovel.


Zhuang Xian looked at the scriptwriter and already had an answer in her heart.

If possible, Zhuang Xian also wanted to do something meaningful amid her revenge.

For example, she wanted to develop her interests.

Before she could say anything, Zhuang Huai, standing anxiously at the side, had already spoken up impatiently.


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