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202 Chapter 202.

Wrap Party

“Miss Fang!” Zhuang Huai said.

My sister is interested! If its possible, we can reach an oral agreement now! If you think its convenient, you can let us have a look at the script brief first!”

As he spoke, he smiled at Zhuang Xian, cleared his throat, and continued, “I can temporarily act as my sisters manager!”

The director and Bai Ning watched from the side.

They both felt it was exciting for Zhuang Huai to say these words with such a handsome and determined face.

The scriptwriter excitedly looked at Zhuang Xian and Zhuang Huai and said, “Of course, you can.

I can send you the script now.

The director calmly reached out and stopped the excited scriptwriter from reaching for her bag.

He smiled and said, “Alright, alright, no need to rush! His sister wouldnt run away! Lets go to the hotel to eat first.

We cant be late for your sisters celebration party.”

Zhuang Xian smiled as she looked at the director and scriptwriter, then glared at Zhuang Huai.

She nodded and said, “Theres no hurry with the script; lets take it slowly! Ms.

Fang, can you add me on WeChat later Well chat in detail.”

Screenwriter Fang nodded vigorously, thinking that there was nothing better than this.

At nearly 10 pm, the “Cloud of Doubt” production team, which had just started filming three days, magically welcomed their first wrap party.

The producer was very generous, and the hotel he booked wasnt cheap.

The food was good, and the wine was rich.

Zhuang Huai was in a good mood today and had a good drink with the director and producer.

Even in such a situation, he did not forget to remind his sister Zhuang Xian not to drink.

“Xianer! You can only drink when youre an adult! Burp good! Big brother is doing this for your good!” Zhuang Huais alcohol tolerance wasnt excellent, so he was already drunk.

He hiccuped as he spoke, and his handsome face was red.

Zhuang Xian was helpless.

She apologetically looked at the director and producer and smiled, “My brothers alcohol tolerance isnt good; Im sorry to have embarrassed you.

I have to return to the city later so I wont stay any longer.

My brother is drunk, so Im sending him back first!”

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Fortunately, the director and producer of “Cloud of Doubt” were people who would drink at a table.

They smiled and waved their hands, saying that it was nothing.

They even wanted to stand up and walk the siblings out, but they were all pressed down by the assistants beside them.

Zhuang Huais alcohol tolerance wasnt good, and the directors and producers didnt seem particularly good either!

A person who could be a producer should not have such a low tolerance for alcohol.

He was happy today.

It was easier to get drunk when people were happy.

His many years of experience in the film industry told him that their show,Cloud of Doubt, would be a big hit! With the support of a dark horse like Zhuang Xian, he was even more powerful.

Zhuang Xian naturally didnt know what the producer was thinking.

She moved Zhuang Huai to the hotels underground parking lot with Zhuang Huais assistant.

As they stuffed him into the nanny van, Bai Ning and her assistant came from behind.

Seeing that Zhuang Xian and Zhuang Huai had not left, Bai Ning happily shouted, “Zhuang Xian!”

Zhuang Xian turned around and saw that it was her third brothers future wife.

She smiled and replied, “Whats wrong, sister Ning-ning Whats the matter”

Bai Ning walked two steps away from Zhuang Xian and said, panting slightly, “I want to hitch a ride from your brother.

He shouldnt have any objections, right”

Hearing this, Zhuang Xian looked into the car, blinked her big eyes, and said teasingly, “I dont think hell have any objections,”

The third young master of the Zhuang family, who had fallen into a sweet dream, naturally had no objections!

Zhuang Huais meticulous assistant started to look around worriedly.

He couldnt be blamed for being so cautious.

The paparazzi in the entertainment industry was a pervasive and disgusting lot!

‘ Cloud of Doubt had just started filming.

He didnt want to make any mistakes now.

If that happened, his brother Xu would skin him alive.

Because brother Huai and his sister were here today, he had to give Zhuang Xian some face.

In the past, no woman would be able to sit in brother Huais car so late at night.

Of course, the two beautiful women sitting together and chatting softly did not know what the young assistant sitting in the front passenger seat was thinking.

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