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203 Chapter 203.

Old Moon

Bai Ning glanced at Zhuang Huai, who was sleeping quietly.

She took a deep breath and whispered to Zhuang Xian, “I wont be able to see you at the set tomorrow.

Im a little reluctant.”

Zhuang Xian smiled tiredly.

She had just taken a sip of fruit wine and seemed to be very drunk.

“Didnt we add each other on WeChat We can still keep in touch!”

Zhuang Xians eyes lit up, and her smile became more sly.

“Besides! When my mom left yesterday, she told me to keep an eye on my brother and not let those women with bad intentions get close to him.

Unfortunately, my part is over, and I have to leave in a while! I think we get along well.

Sister Ning-Ning, why dont you help me with this”

Bai Nings heart skipped a beat.

She pretended to be puzzled and asked, “What”

“Naturally, Im looking after my silly brother! Dont let the little demon remember him.” Zhuang Xian said jokingly, but her beautiful eyes were filled with seriousness.

As far as she knew,Cloud of doubt would have many more extras, most of which would be young and beautiful women.

It was just a pretense that Zhuang Xian wanted to match them together!

But Zhuang Xian couldnt reveal her true intentions, so she devised this plan.

Bai Ning was also a brilliant woman.

She would understand her attitude.

Zhuang Xian hoped to have a beautiful sister like Bai Ning as her sister-in-law!

Bai Ning looked at Zhuang Xian for a long time, then nodded gently and said to Zhuang Xian, “Thank you.”

The day the male and female leads forCloud of Doubt were finalized was not the first time Bai Ning and Zhuang Huai met.

Their first encounter was much earlier than now.

When Bai Ning saw that Zhuang Huai had forgotten entirely about her, she felt slightly disappointed.

However, it was only a little.

After all, she was the one who had stubbornly liked Zhuang Huai.

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When Zhuang Xian heard Bai Nings thanks, she turned her head in satisfaction and looked at the night view outside the car window.

She sighed slightly without changing her expression.

It was a little funny, but more than that, she was relieved.

This act of being the matchmaker was quite fun.

Zhuang Xian felt relieved because she had already accepted it in her heart.

She could change many of her misfortunes in her second life and receive some good returns.

Everything could develop in a good direction.

Perhaps, she could also transform into a whole new her without getting caught in her cocoon.

Besides fulfilling her wishes, she could also get those precious things!

As she thought of this, a name suddenly appeared in Zhuang Xians mind.

She felt that she must have been drunk.

Otherwise, why would she suddenly think of that man

However, how could a mouthful of fruit wine be intoxicating Its just human emotions! Or perhaps, it was because of Bai Ning and Zhuang Huai!

Somehow, there was an inexplicable sense of destiny that was guiding Zhuang Xian forward.

Perhaps the pity God had for her was not only to let her live again but to take revenge and repay the kindness of others.

There was a more profound meaning waiting for her to discover it earlier.

After Zhuang Xian watched her assistant send her brother back to his room, she bid farewell to Bai Ning and walked out of the hotel where the crew was staying.

She had asked the driver to wait at the hotel entrance ten minutes ago.

The night wind was slightly chilly.

Zhuang Xian raised her hand to look at her watch.

It was almost two in the morning.

Even though she had to report to the University this afternoon, she did not have much time to rest.

However, Zhuang Xian did not care.

The night breeze only made her more awake!

However, when she saw Mo Qian by the roadside, she felt she was still in a dream.

Looking at the man under the streetlight, Zhuang Xian felt like she was dreaming.

Mo Qian was sitting in an intelligent wheelchair, wearing a long brown windbreaker, and his shoes were so clean that there was no dust on them.

However, perhaps it was because he had been waiting for a long time; the hair on his forehead that had been tidied up had slightly collapsed, making him look cuter!

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