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207 Chapter 207.

Agreed to Sign The Contract

Lin Ens hands paused for a moment, and she looked up at Hang.

She asked, “How do you know When I returned earlier, I left a chauffeur at the set, thinking that Xianer could use him!”

“Does anyone in our family drive a black Maybach” Zhuang Hang looked at Lin En and asked in a dark tone.

Before the mother and son could finish their exchange, they were interrupted by Zhuang Xian, who came down from the second floor.

Lin En turned around to look at her precious daughter.

She could see the slight fatigue in her eyes.

“Xianer, why didnt you sleep a little longer Its only seven oclock now, youre going to report to school in the afternoon, so theres no hurry.” Lin En said as she reached out to grab Zhuang Xians wrist.

Zhuang Xian smiled and replied, “Im fine! I still have other things to do, so I cant waste my time sleeping.”

Lin En said in disagreement, “Kid, no one is whipping you behind your back.

Whats this about a waste of time If only your Dad had your awareness!”

Zhuang Xian held Lin Ens hand and sat down on a chair.

She smiled and said, “I have something to do.

Okay, okay, dont worry about me, Mom! I know what Im doing.”

“Our Xianer isnt the child that makes people worry! I say, Mrs.

Zhuang, the next time you want to slander me, cant you consider that Im here” Zhuang Ming came down from the second floor and laughed as he denounced his wife.

Lin En didnt care about Zhuang Mings presence! She glanced at Zhuang Ming, then turned back to her baby daughter and said, “Im not wrong! Every day you work, you have to come back and cry to me, saying that youre too tired and want to retire early at home to spend the rest of your life with me! Why dont you take a look at how old you are Youre not like our Xianer! After rushing three days of filming, the moment she came back, she didnt even dare to sleep enough and only thought about doing things!”

Zhuang Ming raised his hands in surrender halfway through Lin Ens sentence.

As a wife slave, Mr.

Zhuang was no match for his wife!

boxn ovel.


“Yes, yes, yes! Im wrong.

Ill learn from my precious daughter.” As Zhuang Ming spoke, he looked at Zhuang Xian, eating silently at the side.

Zhuang Xian smiled faintly and looked up to exchange glances with her second brother.

She shook her head helplessly as she looked at her parents and teased them.

Zhuang Hang took a sip of his milk and looked at Zhuang Xian.

“Xianer, what time do you plan to go over in the afternoon Ill give you a ride.”

“Four oclock, ” Zhuang Xian replied after some thought.

“We can avoid the crowd if we go later.”

Zhuang Hang nodded.

“Sure! Ill go to the company with dad first and return later.”

At the tea house by the door.

Masaharu had been sitting in the tea room for half an hour.

She glanced at her watch and saw that it was half past eight.

She took a sip of the top-quality Longjing tea in front of her and managed to suppress the excitement in her heart.

When Zhuang Xian pushed the door open and entered, Ya Jing immediately stood up.

She looked at her boss with excitement in her eyes.

“Ive become the boss! Ye Zheng has already agreed to our collaboration.

He asked me to come to Ye Group this afternoon to sign the contract.”

Zhuang Xian casually placed her bag on the tea table.

She did not seem to be very excited when she heard this.

After she sat opposite Ya Jing, she said, “Whats their offer”

Ya Jing smiled and took out a folder from behind her.

She opened it and handed it to Zhuang Xian.

“Its within our calculations.

After all, our actions over the past few days have made them uneasy.

Theyre afraid of missing out on a big fish like us!”

Zhuang Xian flipped through the documents and smiled, “Well done! It seems it was the right decision to leave this matter to you.”

Hearing Zhuang Xians praise, Ya Jing laughed happily and quickly replied, “Boss, your plan was great.

You accurately predicted Ye Zheng and Ye Xins thoughts and grasped Ye Groups bottom line, allowing us to enter the Ye Group at such a low price officially!”

As Ya Jing spoke, she seemed to have just remembered that she had asked Zhuang Xian out.

The joy on her face faded slightly, and she continued, “I asked the boss out today to discuss the signing of the contract.”

Zhuang Xian had already guessed it.

Of course, she also knew the reason behind Ye Groups decision.

When they went over, it might not be as simple as signing a contract!


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