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209 Chapter 209.

Press Conference

They were dissatisfied with some of the ways Ye Zheng, the leader, did things.

They felt that Ye Zheng lacked the courage to innovate.

The contract with Ya Jing was a warning and declaration from them!

If Ye Zheng couldnt develop a plan to revitalize Ye Group and promote Ye Groups decision-making, he would further break the trust of the entire board of directors.

At that time, the consequences might not be something Ye Zheng could bear.

Helpless against Ye Xins stubbornness Ye Zhengs brows were tightly knitted together.

He sighed and thought with a tired heart if only Shen Min and I hadnt abandoned that child back then! In any case, it seemed like he, Ye Zheng, would never have a son.

Having a daughter was also an additional choice and opportunity.

As Ye Zheng thought of this, he couldnt help but recall her tiny figure.

He sighed in his heart and nodded helplessly.

“You can attend the press conference, but promise me that you wont delay your reporting!”

Ye Xin smiled in satisfaction when she heard this.

“I know, dad.

I know what Im doing.”

At 12 oclock in the afternoon, the conference hall of the Ye Corporations office building was full of City Hs economic reporters.

They had been waiting here the whole morning because the press conference the Ye Corporation held today would significantly impact the entire news industry and City Hs economic business circle.

The economic reporter, who was looking straight at the camera, was holding a microphone and recording.

“Dear viewers of the economic express, good afternoon! Im todays stand-in reporter, Xiao Yang.

As everyone can see, Im at the signing ceremony of Ye Group and Xian Du!”

“According to this report, Xian Du Economic Newspaper Offices branch office in City H (referred to as Xian Du branch office in the future) has been making frequent business movements in City recently.

According to the Ye Groups internal staff, the cooperation between the Xian Du branch office and the Ye Group this time is actually to compete with the Ming En Group for the leading position in their respective business industries! Please follow Xiao Yangs footsteps and pay attention to todays City Express!”

The reporter had recorded a lot of similar news broadcasts that fanned the flames and whetted the publics appetite.

After signaling the cameraman to turn off the camera, he turned around and looked at the staff of Ye Group at the main table.

He pouted and said, “Whats going on with the Ye Group Yesterday, you told us about it, but whats the result Even now, we still havent seen any sign of Xian Du! They couldnt be having a holiday.

Im still waiting for this news to blow up so that I can complete this months target!”

His colleague looked around at the other media present and then at the people on the stage.

He shook his head and said, “I dont think so! Theyve made such a big scene; it doesnt seem fake.”

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“Thats the best! Otherwise, Ill scold them to death.

Theyve left us hanging the whole morning.”

As soon as the reporters scolding ended, Ye Xin led the companys relevant person in charge onto the stage.

Her makeup was exquisite, and her mannerisms were very elegant and grand.

Standing at the organizers seat, she raised her hand to signal everyone to look over with a smile.

“Welcome to our Ye Groups press conference today, friends from the media.

Im Ye Xin, the main person in charge of this shareholders ceremony with Xian Du.

Here, on behalf of the Ye family, I welcome teacher Yan An to be a new friend of the Ye family!”

After Ye Xin finished speaking, she faced the spotlights below the stage in joy.

The smug smile made her look like an incomparably dazzling existence.

“Miss Ye, do you mean that teacher Yan An will personally attend the press conference ”

“So, by Yan An becoming a new friend of the Ye Group, does that mean Xian Du will work with the Ye group Then how do you explain Yan Ans attack on the Ye family”

“Thats right, Miss Ye, were curious about teacher Yan Ans attitude towards Ye group and Ming En now! Can you answer a few of our questions before the people from Xian du arrive”

“Isnt the contract signing ceremony between your company and silky soft scheduled for 12 oclock in the afternoon What do you think of Xian Dus delay”

Ye Xin wasnt afraid of the reporterstricky and ruthless questions.

She smiled and slowly took her seat in front of the many cameras.

“My friends from the media, please calm down! Since our Ye Group is holding this press conference to answer everyones doubts! We can sit down first and slowly chat.”

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