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215 Chapter 215.


An Ye did not expect Zhuang Xian to be so direct today.

In front of so many people, she did not care about her image at all.

This aggressive and vicious look was really like a wolf protecting its food!

At the same time, An Ye also knew that Zhuang Xian had something against her.

If she continued to argue with her, it would be of no use to her.

Her plan would be in vain, but An Ye did not feel discouraged.

Instead, she thought this might be an excellent opportunity to fight back against Zhuang Xian.

An Ye still didnt know that the last person who had such thoughts was still cleaning up the mess because of her little schemes!

An Ye was a person who knew when to retreat, but Zhuang Jie, who was standing beside her, was not willing to give up!

Hearing Zhuang Xians arrogant words, Zhuang Jie was immediately unhappy.

She stepped in front of An Ye and said sternly, “What do you mean by that What do you want to do to us Let me tell you, Zhuang Xian, Im not afraid of you! Youd better be careful!”

When Zhuang Xian heard Zhuang Jies warning, the corners of her lips slowly curled up into a smile.

However, before she could refute Zhuang Jie, she was interrupted by her second brother.

“Zhuang Hang! Mind your words! Who are you telling to be careful in front of me Xianer saved your lives at the restaurant last time.

Is this how you plan to repay her” Zhuang Hang looked at Zhuang Jie with a frown and said in a cold tone.

As he spoke, he turned to look at An Ye, who was pretending to be wronged and weak, and a look of disgust appeared in his eyes.

“Ill also give you a piece of advice, Miss An.

I dont like you! Please dont stick to me for no reason.

In the future, please pay more attention to your words and actions! Is that ok”

Zhuang Hang wasnt a stupid person.

He didnt expect An Yes actions to have such a layer of calculation.

However, after his sisters reminder and the incident at Lanwei, he knew this girl wasnt as simple as she appeared to be.

As a man and an older brother, how could he let his sister protect him repeatedly

Zhuang Hang felt that such a brutal and disgusting person was extraordinarily childish and disgusting! That was why he didnt care that so many people were in the office and directly said those impolite words to An Ye!

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Firstly, he wanted to get things done once and for all so An Ye would no longer bug him.

Secondly, he wanted to announce his attitude to those watching the show.

He didnt want to hear any more gossip in the future!

If it were any other girl who heard Zhuang Hangs words, they would feel unfortunate and hurt about their self-esteem.

After hearing it, they would probably run away in tears.

However, An Ye was not that kind of girl.

Her eyes turned red, and large drops of tears fell freely.

An ye initially had a very pure and charming appearance, but this aggrieved and pitiful look immediately won the pity of all the men present!

An Yes acting skills had always been superb.

Zhuang Xian had always felt she should be in the acting department, not the Dance Department! What a waste of talent!

“I just like brother Zhuang Hang; why do you have to say that about me Is it because I like you that you can humiliate me unscrupulously” An Yes big eyes were filled with tears and grievances as if Zhuang Hang was the scumbag who had abandoned her.

The girls voice choked with sobs as she continued to cry, “I know! At most, I wont like you anymore, and I wont bother you anymore!”

Finally, someone in the office couldnt stand Zhuang Hangs behavior.

A boy with a cold face shouted at Zhuang Hang, “I say, brother, are you a man The young lady likes you.

You dont have to go so far! Would you die if you rejected her tactfully”

“Thats right! I couldnt stand it from the start.

Isnt this bullying Shes talking to you nicely and wants to ask for your forgiveness.

Cant you be more generous and say something nice You think youre so charming by not letting go”


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