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 An Ye came back to her senses and lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

She softly said to Zhuang Huai, “Hello, brother Zhuang Huai, Im Zhuang Jies good friend.

My name is An Ye!”

 When she said her name, she raised her head slightly and looked shyly at Zhuang Huai.

Her eyes were full of love and she wanted to say something but didnt.

An Yes actions were smooth and perfect!

 Zhuang Huai looked at her with a faint smile and greeted, “Hello, Sister An Ye.”

 Zhuang Xian looked at Zhuang Huais frivolous expression and gently shook her head.

In her heart, she even mourned for An Ye for a second.

 For Zhuang Huai to be able to do so well in that mixed social circle, what kind of woman had he not seen


 An Yes flirting and seducing methods were all seen by him.

In her previous life, An Ye had suffered a lot from him.

 Seeing Zhuang Huais friendliness towards An Ye, Zhuang Jie was very happy.

An Ye was her best friend.

If she wanted to be with her second brother in the future, it was very important to have a good relationship with her family.

 Zhuang Xian looked at the two of them secretly rejoicing and felt that it was a little funny.

Zhuang Jie was really stupid.

 Zhuang Huai only sat there for a while before returning to his room to take a shower.

Zhuang Xian was too lazy to argue with them, so she turned around and left, not forgetting to grab her laptop.

 She had originally wanted to use last nights incident as a warning to Zhuang Jie, but now it seemed like she could take it slow and slowly manipulate her in the future.


 Zhuang Jie looked at Zhuang Xians back as she left and said hatefully, “She wont be arrogant for long.

When she goes to the old mansion, Ill see how my mom and the old lady will deal with her! Well just wait and see!”

 Seeing Zhuang Jies confident look, An Ye asked, “When will your grandma call Zhuang Xian over We cant let her bully us like this.”

 Zhuang Jie turned to look at her and patted her shoulder.

She smiled and said, Dont worry, the old lady is on my mothers side.

What happened last night was just a mistake.

She wont be so lucky next time.” Zhuang Jies eyes were filled with ferocity.

 She had been too careless.

She had not expected Zhuang Xian to be so skilled and fight so well.

 “But she already knows that were the ones behind it! She wont complain to your uncle, will she” An Ye thought of Zhuang Xians appearance just now and asked worriedly.

She didnt want the elders to know about this.

 “So what if she did she doesnt have any evidence anyway!” Zhuang Jie said fearlessly.

She guessed that the people from yesterday had no choice but to reveal their information to Zhuang Xian after being tortured by her.

 It wasnt a big problem.

Zhuang Xian still didnt have any concrete evidence to accuse them.

 An Ye relaxed slightly.

“When is she going to the old residence”

 “Its tomorrow!” Zhuang Jies lips curled into an evil smile as if she could already see Zhuang Xian being tortured to death by the old Madam.

 An Yes plan for the day had been ruined by Zhuang Xian.

After Zhuang Xing left, she did not return.

The two of them left not long after.

 During dinner, Zhuang Huai looked at the rice bowl filled with food in front of him and said helplessly, “Alright, Mom! Are you raising a pig Im the National idol, I need to manage my figure!” He looked at Lin En in distress, his handsome face scrunched up.

 Lin En smiled and touched his handsome face.

He said softly, “Aiyo, Mom hasnt seen you for a long time.

I miss you! Eat more.

 Zhuang Huai glanced at Zhuang Xian, who was snickering at the side, and said, “Give it to my sister.

Look at how skinny she is.”

 “Of course, your sister has one too.

Hurry up and eat!” Lin En said to Zhuang Huai, pretending to be strict.

 She hadnt seen her youngest son for a month and felt that he had lost weight and grown a little taller.

 Zhuang Ming looked at the harmonious and beautiful scene in front of him and thought about what would happen tomorrow.

He pinched the corner of his eyebrows because of a slight headache.

“Since third brother is back, come to the old residence with us tomorrow! In our family, your grandma likes you the most.”

 ‘If you come, you might be able to cure your grandma.

 Zhuang Ming didnt finish his sentence, but everyone present, including Zhuang Xian, understood what he was trying to say.

“Im not going! I get so tired when I see aunty.” Zhuang Huai lowered his head and drank a mouthful of soup as he spoke.

 Every time they went to the old mansion, they would meet Zhuang Jing.

This aunt of theirs was like a lunatic.

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