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Mo Xi looked at Lan Lings reluctant posture and looked at her for a while with every step she took.

He lowered his head and asked Mo Qian curiously, “Is Miss Lans cooking that bad”

 Mo Qian glanced at Mo Xi and said honestly, “It cant be compared to what she does.”

Mo Xi nodded in understanding, a smile in his eyes.

He had grown up with Mo Qian and had never seen him praise anyone.

Recently, he had been hearing him praise Zhuang Xian a lot.

Mo Qian praised her for her delicious desserts, and her driving skills!

 Zhuang Xian seemed to be becoming more and more special to Mo Qian.

 As Mo Qian thought of Zhuang Xian, he could not help but recall her familiar smile.

He turned to Mo Xi and asked, “I asked you to investigate Zhuang Xian.

Hows it going”

 At the mention of this, Mo Xi felt very uncomfortable.

He frowned and reported to Mo Qian respectfully, “Weve already sorted out all the information on Miss Zhuang Xian, but we still felt that there were some strange areas, so we asked Zhui Feng and the others to continue investigating.”

 Mo Qian leaned back in his chair when he heard Mo Xis words.

He turned the ring on his hand and looked at Mo Xi with interest, asking, “Oh What do you think is strange”


Zhuang Xians resume doesnt match her character.

Its too simple.” Mo Xi concluded.

 “She went missing when she was three years old.

Then, she was picked up and sent to the Tian Xin orphanage.

She spent most of her life in this orphanage.

In the three years between the age of ten and thirteen, she was adopted twice, but she was sent back both times.

Those people said that she had dirty hands.

We still need to verify this statement.”

 Mo Qian looked at Mo Xi and nodded, indicating for him to continue.

 Maxi recalled the contents of the information and continued, “When she was 13 years old, she was sent back and fell seriously ill, almost died!”

 When Mo Qian heard this, a bold guess suddenly flashed through his mind.

He sat up and urged anxiously, “Three years ago, she was seriously ill.

What happened after that”

 “After that serious illness, she changed a lot.

She doesnt remember much about her past.

She studied hard and had excellent grades.

Not long after that, she was adopted by the Zhuang family.

Thats all the information in the file.”

 Looking at Mo Qians silence, Mo Xi spoke his guess, “Young Master, you also encountered that accident three years ago.

I think there must be some involvement in it, so I asked Wind-chasing Wolf to continue investigating with people.”


Mo Qian had returned after meeting Zhuang Xian at the Zhuang family and ordered a re-investigation of the incident.

Mo Xi had taken note of that day.

 Seeing how excited his young master was just now, he had already guessed that Zhuang Xian and his young masters Savior must have had some sort of connection.

 Mo Xi had said so much, but only the middle part was useful to Mo Qian.

 No wonder he felt so familiar when he saw Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xian was most likely the girl who had saved him back then.

 “When she was 13, did she go to Kyushu Harbor” Mo Qian asked.


 Maxi shook her head slightly and said with some shame, “I havent found anything yet.”

 He looked at Mo Xi and solemnly instructed, “Continue to investigate! Find out everything that happened when she was 13 years old, no matter how big or small!”

Mo Xi lowered his head with a respectful expression and replied, “Yes, young master!”

 Lan Ling, who had just been sent home, didnt know that her avatar was about to fall off.

 The house in Dingcheng District was very big and spacious.

Lan Ling liked it very much.

Mo Qian had never been stingy with her material things.

It was also because of this that she was so afraid of losing the title ofSavior.

Without this thing, she would be nothing in Mo Qians place.

 Lan Ling wasnt a person who would sit and wait for death.

She had to think of a way to retain Mo Qian and consolidate her current position.

 Thinking of this, Lan Ling sat in the living room and made a phone call.

 When the phone rang, Lan Lings hands were clenched tightly.

She was a little nervous because she knew that this was a risk.

If she was not careful, she would be crushed like an ant to death by Mo Qian.

 “The medicine you mentioned to me last time, are they still on sale” Lan Ling asked the person on the phone nervously, her palms full of sweat.

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