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 The security guard seemed to have finally seen Zhuang Huais face.

He hurriedly bowed and yawned, “So its young master Zhuang Huai! Im sorry, I didnt recognize you.

Is this a new car No wonder I didnt know you! Haha, dont worry, Ill open the gate for you!”

 “Next time, when you see my car, you have to open the gate for me from 200 meters away, understand If you dare to stop my car again, I wont be so easy to talk to.

” Zhuang Huai put on his glasses and softened his cold tone.

 Seeing the security guard open the gate with a bow, Zhuang Xian gave him a thumbs up.

My brother is amazing!

 After entering the main entrance, Zhuang Huai parked his car in the courtyard.

As he waited for the servant to come and park his car, Zhuang Xian took the opportunity to look around the place.

It was still the same place as in her memory! It was just that in her previous life, her third brother did not come with her.

 Zhuang Jie had been waiting in the courtyard for a while.

When she saw Zhuang Xian, who was beside Zhuang Huai, her eyes glowed with a fierce light.

She squatted down and touched the German Shepherds that were guarding the house.

With her other hand, she pointed at Zhuang Xian and said, “Go! Bite that woman to death and Ill give you more food!”

 Zhuang Jie was a frequent visitor to the old house, so she was very familiar with these German Shepherds.

German Shepherds were good at guarding the house and were also very intelligent dogs.

They could understand some simple orders from their owners.

 As Zhuang Jie raised her hand, the three German Shepherds suddenly rushed out.

When they heard the dogs barking, Zhuang Xians body trembled.

Zhuang Huai noticed that something was wrong with her and asked worriedly, “Whats wrong Are you afraid of dogs”

 Zhuang Huai turned around and saw three big dogs running toward him.

He shouted, “Who let the dogs out Someone help!”

 As he spoke, he grabbed Zhuang Xians hand and wanted to get into the car.

 Zhuang Xian had already composed herself and restrained the fear that had flashed in her heart.

She knew who was behind this.

It was the same as in her previous life.

Zhuang Jie had not improved at all.

These were only a few tricks to make fun of people!

 She held Zhuang Huais hand and said calmly, “Theres no need to run.

I have a way to deal with them.

 “These dogs are very fierce.

I cant do anything about them, so what can you do” Zhuang Huai said anxiously.

 As they were talking, the German Shepherds had almost reached them.

Zhuang Xian broke away from Zhuang Huais hand and ran in the other direction, whistling in a strange tone.

 Zhuang Huais heart almost stopped as he watched her leave.

If anything happened to her, he would F*cking swallow her alive!

 Zhuang Huai quickly looked around and wanted to call for help.

When his eyes swept past a flower bush, he saw a girls figure.

He shouted, “Hurry up and find someone to help!”

 However, the more he shouted, the faster the woman ran.

Zhuang Huai cursed, “F*ck!”

 He turned around and quickly chased after Zhuang Xian!

 The yard of the old house was very large, with all kinds of lush vegetation decorating it.

Zhuang Xian ran very fast, but a human couldnt outrun a German Shepherd, and she had no intention of competing with these German Shepherds in running!

 The whistle she whistled seemed to have some kind of magic.

When the German Shepherds ran up to her, their attitude took a 180-degree turn.

They even started wagging their tails at Zhuang Xian.

Their cute and obedient looks were the complete opposite of their fierce and evil looks just now.

 When Zhuang Huai caught up and saw the scene in front of him, he thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

His beautiful eyes widened and he asked in confusion, “Oh my God! How did you do it”

 Zhuang Xian patted the heads of the German Shepherds and looked up at Zhuang Huai.

She smiled gently and said, “Its just training a dog.

Ive learned it before.

 “Then why were you running” Zhuang Huai walked over and squatted down beside her, still panting heavily.

 Zhuang Xian touched the German Shepherds back, her eyes shining.

She didnt answer Zhuang Huais question, but instead asked him, “When you came here just now, did you notice anything wrong”

 Zhuang Huai was stunned for a moment.

After a few seconds, he seemed to have understood something.

He frowned and said, “Other than the security guard at the entrance, theres no one else in the front yard, not even a servant!”

 It was almost ten in the morning, and the sun was shining brightly, but Zhuang Xians heart was cold.

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